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  1. nreyn12

    Your favorite little bar on the Camino?

    I have often thought that if I were to write a book about my walks in Spain, it would be called 'Bar Hopping Across Northern Spain.' Alas, it remains unwritten. But here are some of my favorites (sorry no photos, just links to google maps): Vizkarret: Bar Juan, you won’t necessarily pick this...
  2. nreyn12

    Your favorite little bar on the Camino?

    Sadly that bar - A Casa Verde - has closed permanently. The proprietess, Sonia, would hand-draw her sello into your ceredencial, after pouring a line up of wicked yellow shots. She was known as 'la Reina de los Chupitos' - the Queen of the Shots. Good memories.
  3. nreyn12

    Are there albergues with private rooms?

    I just wanted to add that you don't really miss out on the pilgrim community by staying in places with just private rooms. On the Camino, those are full of pilgrims, too! And many of the 'hostales' (small hotels) have a common room, terrace, or dining room where pilgrims can gather. And then...
  4. nreyn12

    Samos Recommendation

    I also stayed at Casa Lucerio in Samos last week and will enthusiastically second Emily's recommendation. Shared dorms aren't for everyone, and if that's you, Ashley's place is a perfect choice. She has four comfortable and spotlessly clean private rooms and offers a delightful welcome...
  5. nreyn12

    Safety Tip - Walking on the Road

    Safety Tip!!! Hi all from Samos where I am enjoying a stop on my Camino-en-Coche (road trip!). I want to share an observation from the trail and make a request / suggestion for those of you headed to the Camino. Please (please please please) be alert and vigilant when you walk! The trail is...
  6. nreyn12

    Pilgrim Passport and transport

    The Pilgrim's Office in SJPP stays open until 20:00 hours (8:00pm) or until the last train or bus of the day, whichever is later. (You want to go to the Pilgrim's Office, not the Tourist Office.)
  7. nreyn12

    Buying Walking Poles in Bayonne?

    In addition to the pilgrim shop mentioned above, there is in SJPP a full-on sporting goods shop. It is called Maya, and it is located just out of the center next to the large Carrefour supermarket. Here is a map showing where it is located relative to the Pilgrim's Office, a 600 meter walk away...
  8. nreyn12

    Are there albergues with private rooms?

    This is my favorite website for a comprehensive listing of albergues. It shows which ones have private rooms - doubles, triples, quads, and those with 'cama matrimonio' (double bed). http://caminodesantiago.consumer.es/albergues/#camino-frances They also have an app, easy.
  9. nreyn12

    Alsa buses at Madrid airport

    Dottie, assuming you are arriving on an international flight, when you exit baggage claim you need to go up one floor, then exit the building, and turn to your right. There you will find the (free) bus to take you to T4. When you arrive at T4, enter the terminal and follow the signs to the bus...
  10. nreyn12

    My First Camino starting in Pamplona

    So exciting to be starting in Pamplona! That is where I started my first Camino in 2005, and it is my home away from home. You can easily get your pilgrim credencial at the municipal albergue, Jesus y Maria, but I would direct you to the English-speaking shop around the corner, Caminoteca. The...
  11. nreyn12

    Public transport along the Camino Francés

    Excellent resource! I am just going to add an opinion on traveling into and out of Burgos. Personally I prefer the bus, since the bus station is just a few minutes' walk from the center. The train station is located about five kilometers from the center. I have heard there is a bus from the...
  12. nreyn12

    A\lbergue San Juan De Ortega on July 18 2016

    I don't think 'musty' and 'bed bugs' necessarily go together. I stayed at that albergue in 2007 and it was musty and bed bug free.
  13. nreyn12

    Where to restart?

    I will add my vote for Estella. One, for continuity. Two, because it's a lovely little town with beautiful architecture and a lively promenade on the Plaza Mayor in the evenings. And three because there are super easy, regular, inexpensive, convenient bus connections from both Pamplona and...
  14. nreyn12

    2016 September/October Peregrinos Departures

    I will be leading a group from SJPP, starting on Sunday, September 11 and staying in Orisson for our first night. The group will be together until Pamplona, then everyone will continue on without me, at their own paces. Look for a bunch of fun ladies from the US, Canada, and Australia!
  15. nreyn12

    Late arivial at SJPD

    When will you be walking? If it's the first weekend or week of the month, especially September, you may have some trouble finding a bed that late. In that case, you may want to book in advance. Hotels and hostels stay open late enough to receive those who arrive on the last train of the day...
  16. nreyn12

    Napoleon route heads up

    Further clarification on location of the food truck - it is usually parked approximately eight kilometers after Orisson, or about 16 kilometers from SJPP. It is run by the gracious Michele and his son Sebastian. My favorite thing about that stop is that they sell sheep's cheese from their farm -...
  17. nreyn12

    Restaurants in SJPP?

    Jennifer, if your train is on time you will have no trouble fitting in a meal. The walk from the train station to the center of the town is about 15 minutes. The Pilgrim's Office is open late enough to receive all the pilgrims on the last train of the day. They are also open at 7:30am the next...
  18. nreyn12

    reserve bus from Madrid?

    The bus to Burgos leaves directly from the airport, Terminal 4. You can get to Terminal 4 by taking the shuttle bus from your arrival terminal, one floor up from baggage claim, outside to the right. The journey between terminals takes about 15-20 minutes, depending on how long you have to wait...
  19. nreyn12

    We can't get hold of the Orrison

    Sorry...just saw your request. If you haven't already, yes, of course, do copy and share. ~ Nancy
  20. nreyn12

    We can't get hold of the Orrison

    Some facts about Orisson, current as of October 2015: Capacity They have five dorm rooms, three with six beds each, and two with 10 beds each. They also have two smaller rooms that they do not book/assign in advance - one sleeps two in twin beds, the other sleeps three in a full-size bed and a...