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    Discouraged in Florida

    I have done the Camino Frances one time and the Camino Portuguese two times since retiring at age 65 y/o. I can walk 3 miles at a time then need a break. Doing this, I am able to walk 12 - 15 miles a day. One time I got lost and miscalculated the distance and ended up going 28 miles in one Day -...
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    A reminder of the Portugués

    I've walked the Cami o Portugues twice. The second time I walked the Varient Espiritual. Your movie was well done and brought back many lovely memories.
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    Was this cheating?

    I really believe that there is no right way or wrong way to do the camino. Any way you do it will give you a different experience. My suggestion is to do what is right for you. There are things you must do in order to get a certificate. If you don't care about a certificate then do it your way...
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    Wandering from the straight and narrow

    I did the Varient Espiritual way in 2018. The walk is beautiful most of the time. There is a flyer, which you can get in Pontevedra, which gives you a rough map. The distance are much more than stated in the flyer. At age 67y/o I was still able to make the extra distances. When you get to...
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    Camino Must See

    When I walked th Camino Frances the things which stood out for me were the little surprises. Those things which you see coming around a corner, walking past a charming yard, having a plesant conversation with a local or another pilgrim. Yes of course, visit the cathedrials but don't forget to...
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    My first Camino Portugués - newbe questions

    I am 68 y/o and have walked from Porto to Santiago 2 times. Both times have been on the central way. I think thaqt the "official" start to that part of the camino is at the church where you can get your first stamp. While I have not walked the costal route, I'm told it is beautiful with little...
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    If you set out as a walker, did you become a pilgrim?

    I think that there is a big difference b etween being religious (following rituals) and being spiritual. I am a spiritual person and have done the camino 3 times. I go to the Methodest Church. Each time my piligramage turns out very different. My take on a pilgrim is as follows: One who...
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    Of Camino, My Wife, and Once-In-A-Lifetime Pressures

    I understand what you mean about getting the caminos bug. I am 69 y/o and plan on doing the camino for the 4th and last time next year before I turn 70 y/o. Remind Jill that while there is no right way to do the camino, there is no wrong way. I suggest that each of you walk alone at least one...
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    How to get to Camino Ingles

    It looks lik,e you can fly from the USA into Frankfurt. If you catch just the right flight you will be able to make connections to A Coruna by Iberia, Air Europa and others. I think that if you fly into England you can catch flights into A Coruna also.
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    How to get to Camino Ingles

    Thank you for your suggestions. Will I need to fly into Madrid or is there a flight which goes to A Coruna?
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    How to get to Camino Ingles

    I am considering walking the Camino Ingles next fall. I am coming from Denver, USA. Any suggestions on the easiest way to get to A Coruna? I guess that you can take a bus or taxi from A Coruna to Ferrol.
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    Which route to choose, from so many good options?

    I walked the Camino Portugues from Porto to Santiago. It is 150 miles and took me 12 days with a day off in Tui. I met people who did that walk in 6 days. This route is the second most walked camino and gives lots of opportunity to walk alone or with others. Out of Punta de Lima is a hill with a...
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    Poll: Best time to walk

    When to go depends upon what experience you are looking for and any time constraints. I have walked the Camino in March, July and September. - In March there are few people and you have time to walk alone (that can be a big bonus.) It is also a time when it is cold and...
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    Spiritual Variant- Question on Armenteira lodging?

    I Just after walking the Varient Espiritual Camino, don't forget to go to the Information Office to get your certificate called a "Padron."
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    Variante Espiritual

    Well I only go by what my step counter said. My husband's step counter was close to mine. I know that everyone who stayed in the Albergue in Armenteira was complaining that the distance indicated in the pamphlet was way off. Any way, for me it was a long but beautiful day of walking.
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    Careful while walking on the highways.

    There are plenty of arrows. If you don't see one by the next intersection back track to the last one you saw. Sometimes the arrows are small, in unexpected places and in one spot 1/2 way down the block. I have done the Camino Frances once and the Camino Portugues out of Porto twice. If you are...
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    Careful while walking on the highways.

    The local groups which maintain the camino are very careful in trying to keep you on the safest route possible. While the local groups will change the routes peroidically and thus making a longer section, it is likely safer than any alternative. I met some pilgrims who thought that they were...
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    Variante Espiritual

    So I walked the Varient Espiritual way out of Ponteverdra. This is what I found out: - You can get information with a map in the Information Office in Pontevedra - This is a two full day walk with the third day of an early morning boat ride to Padron - The distances are way off on the maps...
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    Variante Espiritual

    I am thinking of walking the variante espiritual in a year or two. Is there a book I could order which whould show me maps, distances, places to stay, etc.



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