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  1. DJ King

    Anyone done a Camino Frances with someone with limited mobility

    You may want to see if you can find the video "I'll Push You." A heartwarming story of two friends, one with a neurological disease, who did the Camino together. Buen Camino to you both. I admire your courage and your family member's tenacity.
  2. DJ King

    If the Camino Frances stays crazy...

    You've gotten so much great advice, but thought I'd chime in with a few more cents worth! You can get caught up in the 'bed rush' if you choose, or you can trust the Camino to provide -- and then stay away from the guidebook end stages. Those towns/villages were the places last year (which was a...
  3. DJ King

    Day One - Survived!

    Congratulations, Mariam! You did it! What an accomplishment. And just the beginning of what will be a magnificent Camino, I'm sure. Already it's showing you how much you can trust in being taken care of. :-)
  4. DJ King

    Mentoring others so I can relive my Camino and awaiting the day that I can do it again!

    Mentoring others so I can relive my Camino and awaiting the day that I can do it again!
  5. DJ King

    Lodging reservations needed on Camino Frances?

    For me, a lot of the experience was being able to be spontaneous. To go as far as I wanted or needed to go. To stop when something felt right (or when I was too tired to go on). If you book, you can't do that. Also, if the distances you choose are too far apart, you will push yourselves to go...
  6. DJ King

    Camino Day 1 From Sjdp. A Bit Scared !!!

    I understand your worry, Karen. Like you, I was most worried about crossing the Pyrenees. Last year when I walked my first Camino, I was a 60 years old solo woman and hadn't trained. I spent the first night at Orisson (highly recommended!!!!) and day 2 crossed the Pyrenees in 30 degree...
  7. DJ King

    booking.com charging a cancellation fee

    I had a similar experience with one of my Booking.com bookings. I thought I was going back to O'Pedroso, but ended up back tracking nearly the entire distance I had walked that day. The cost of the taxi both ways was more than the cost of the pensione. Definitely check locations before booking!!
  8. DJ King

    Looking for Daniel from England...walking with crutches

    Thank you SO much t2Andreo!! I am thrilled to find out that Daniel did arrive in Santiago and received his Compostela. He was an inspiration to me at the very beginning and it makes my heart soar to hear how much he inspired others all along the Way, and that he completed this daunting journey...
  9. DJ King

    Camino Voices-new book

    I stayed at Albergue Verde in Hospital de Orbigo and that was one of the books in their Camino library. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Of all the books I've read on the Camino, it is the one that most closely articulated my own Camino experience. Like Milliemid, I highly recommend it.
  10. DJ King

    Just been Told off

  11. DJ King

    Looking for Daniel from England...walking with crutches

    Thank you!!! That means he made it within his 90 day window!! He started in SJPP in early May. I started on the 7th and met him on my second day. I think he had already been walking for about 5 days at that time.
  12. DJ King

    Did you see the Botafumeiro?

    I arrived in Santiago in mid-June and was there for a few days. (I was there at the same time as Myr) I went to the pilgrim's mass twice. The botafumiero was swung both times. I get the sense that what Alan Pearce said is accurate. I had the same thought. Tour planners who are bringing groups of...
  13. DJ King

    Dangers in the Pyrenees?

    Hi Matt I get out of breath going up hills, too!! :-) I understand your nervousness, I was, too. I didn't find the first day (from SJPP to Orisson) all that difficult. There were only a couple of kilometers that were particularly steep. As for the rest of the crossing to Roncesvalles, I...
  14. DJ King

    I can't believe it's already come and gone. Years of planning and 2 months of walking. Although...

    I can't believe it's already come and gone. Years of planning and 2 months of walking. Although I know the Camino is now in me and it truly never ends.
  15. DJ King

    Dangers in the Pyrenees?

    Thanks for sharing (again), Mark. Wow, only 3 minutes to cross the Pyrenees! But even at that speed, it was a great reminder that it wasn't all that steep or that hard!;)
  16. DJ King

    Dangers in the Pyrenees?

    Hi Matt The only part of the Camino I was truly worried about before starting was crossing the Pyrenees. I am not a big hiker. And I hate climbing hills (much less mountains!) The weather when we crossed was 30 degrees with a 50MPH head wind and freezing rain. It wasn't easy. But it wasn't all...
  17. DJ King

    It is with a heavy heart....

    So sorry to hear about your losses, Lee. One thing I learned on the Camino is that the experience of it begins long before arriving "in country" and actually never ends. I have only recently returned from my first Camino and I know that now is when the actual practice of putting the learning...
  18. DJ King

    Pilgrim statistics June and July 2016

    I was on the Frances in May and June. Even after Sarria when the pilgrims walking just the last 100K arrived, there were still plenty of times when I was walking completely alone. Not a single other pilgrim in sight. There was more than enough time for solitude and reflection. Don't let the...
  19. DJ King

    Looking for Daniel from England...walking with crutches

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my thread. I have tracked Daniel down, he's still walking!, got a last name, and have connected with him on Facebook. I am so grateful to everyone for the help. As one pilgrim said: The Camino provides!
  20. DJ King

    How busy is it on camino del norte now?

    My Camino was the most extraordinary thing I've ever done in my life. I'm already looking forward to the next one. So envious that you live so close and can make last minute decisions to hop over for a short holiday. Sending positive thoughts that everything works out for you this time! Buen camino!



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