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  1. Silus

    Lisbon - Santiago (via Fátima): Day 1

    In Fatima we found the way of the cross/way of the little shepherds very contemplative. We were there at sunset and it was very peaceful. Well worth a visit if you have time.
  2. Silus

    Advice on stages - Porto to Santiago in 8 days

    We got credencials at Lisbon Cathederal - Largo da Sé, 1100-585 Lisboa, Portugal.
  3. Silus

    West Australian Camino meeting

    Hi kanga, if this is a go, please put it up on the forum.
  4. Silus

    Sunshine Coast Camino Group - Quarterly Meeting - 15th March, 2020

    Hi Jennifer, is there an update on the meeting?
  5. Silus

    Breakfast in St Jean Pied de Port

    For an indulgent breakfast try Hôtel des Pyrénées. The plates just kept coming. Only don’t tell them you don’t drink coffee! They were still talking about ”no cafe” as we were leaving.
  6. Silus

    Autumn Camino Frances Pictures

    Not strictly on the Francés but just outside Santiago, taken November 2019, autumn colours that we don’t get in my part of Australia.
  7. Silus

    Autumn Camino Frances Pictures

    Pamplona 22 Sept 18Ermita de la Virgen del rio 6 Oct18 Acebo or Riego de Ambros 15 Oct 2018OCebreiro 19 Oct 2018OCebreiro 19 Oct 2018Tricastella? 20 Oct 2018Foncebadon 15 Oct 2018 Hi Jeanne, Some photos from 2018 Autumn Camino to give you some idea - didn’t stop at one. These are fairly typical...
  8. Silus

    Muxia to Santiago

    We did santiago-Finisterr-Muxia in early November 2019, many pilgrims were coming back the other way so it won’t be lonely. There were waymarks for both directions pretty much at every turn (ie also marked back to Santiago). The route is fairly straight forward - we had no difficulties...
  9. Silus

    Refilling Prescriptions

    I can’t speak for US but I was able to fill Australian scripts in Spain. As we were there for 50 days and my medications came in 28 or 30 pill lots I had taken a second set of each. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way I lost all the spares. i had with me the prescriptions and a letter from my...
  10. Silus

    Explain your forum Avatar (name and picture).

    Like Iriebabel I’m laid up at the moment - in my case a post-Camino knee replacement. I left for Portugal with a torn meniscus but no time for surgical repair. I did have an injection of synthetic gel that is meant to provide some degree of cushioning. On my return I had an arthroscopy to repair...
  11. Silus

    If You Only Had Time To Spend In One City: Porto vs. Lisbon

    We had a few days each in lisbon and porto before commencing our cp from Porto on 8 October last year. We loved Lisbon, but once we reached Porto it quickly became our new favourite. You will see in other threads a recommendation to walk from the cathedral along the river, out to the ocean and...
  12. Silus

    Where is the steep and lengthen rocky (pebbles) descent?

    Looking back up towards alto de Pedron.
  13. Silus

    Camino Yellow Arrow Pin and shipping to Australia

    We’re returning to aus 4 November and can get one for you and post in aus (Qld)
  14. Silus


    Dropped my picture of the “Camino angel”
  15. Silus


    Did anyone see these? Another periogrino told me her farther told her these were Camino angels. He told her that when she saw these they were him come to watch over her. I saw them a few times when times were tough. They never seemed to be in a hurry to move on, no matter how close I got.
  16. Silus


    Mum and 5 chicks. Loved this, reminds me of home.
  17. Silus


    Tricastella to sarria
  18. Silus

    Will I Be Disappointed?

  19. Silus

    Pilgrims Pass

    So sorry, good luck!
  20. Silus

    Planning my first Camino in Sept 2019.

    Not much, exercise out = food and drink in.