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  1. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Ingegerdsleden (The Ingegergd pilgrimage trail) in Sweden (Plus S:t Botvid and Erik pilgrimage trail)

    Last week I decided to do a small pilgrimage here in Sweden as I couldn't go to Spain. I have heard of short trail between Stockholm Cathedral and Uppsala Cathedral called Ingegerdsleden. To make my walk a bit longer i decided to combine it with 2 other trails. First S:t Botvid's pilgrimage...
  2. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Maybe Levante for 2020, guidebook?

    Is it still The Way of St. James from Valencia to Santiago GR 239. With case maps (last copies) (in English) from Asociación “Amigos del Camino de Santiago” de la Comunidad Valenciana, that is the best (only) guide available? I'm aiming for a September/October Camino but if I get get my...
  3. BeatriceKarjalainen

    LIVE from the Camino When you find yourself on the camino in high heels and pen skirt

    Visiting Tours for work. Went to the cathedral found the shell marker. If it wasn’t for the foot wear I might have just started to walk. Would be nice to pass here again sometimes with a pilgrims passport in the backpack.
  4. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Upcoming exhibition (Free wall)

    June 10 and 1 month forward I'll have an exhibition in the café of the region's art museum with some of my photos from my latest camino (Mozarábe). It will be called "What a pilgrims sees" and have 21 large prints of camera photos and a lot of more "everyday life for a pilgrim" snapshots in...
  5. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Will help a group of ladies

    Tomorrow I will meet up with a group of 5 ladies 70+ who has decided to walk from Sarria to Santiago. They wants to ask me a thousand of questions as they put it. I’m so excited for them. Love to talk about the Camino and sharing my experience with others.
  6. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Stages and photos Merida to Santiago de Compostela in 20 days

    Today I finalised my editing of camera photos and adding all mobile photos to an album. I also wrote down my stages in the albums so I can post them here as well. My stages are albergue to albergue and can include a detour, a visit to one or several bars/restaurants etc. on the way. The time is...
  7. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Stages and photos Almería to Merida in 18 days

    Today I finalised my editing of camera photos and adding all mobile photos to an album. I also wrote down my stages in the albums so I can post them here as well. My stages are albergue to albergue and can include a detour, a visit to one or several bars/restaurants etc. on the way. The time is...
  8. BeatriceKarjalainen

    All those decisions

    I hadn't planned to go to Fisterra again but then I realized that I could do sea to sea in 40 days and the legs was up for more walking. So yesterday I left SdC after getting my compostela at around 13:15 and walked out to Negreira in 3 h and 44 min. Last time I walked here I was so tired due to...
  9. BeatriceKarjalainen

    This and that from VdlP from a long distance peregrina

    So my first day on VdlP was over really early as I had an early start. Another pilgrim got up at 5, couldn't sleep again as 3 persons was snoring and it was about 35 degrees in the albergue. Got up 0520 out 0545 after breakfast. Easy walking out of town and a lovely walk. Stopped in Aljucén at...
  10. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Struggling a bit on Mozárabe and seek advice regarding bookings

    Hi I'm in a hotel bed (need to get up I know) in Pinos Puente and have to decide if I want to do a really short stage to Moclin or a longer double stretch. I have a huge problem with this call ahead for accommodations. I understand that it is important so I do have a place to stay but it takes...
  11. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Silk liner or sleeping bag, sun hat or umbrella?

    I'm currently looking over my stuff and don't know if I shall bring my light sleeping bag (440 g) or a silk liner (151 g) for Mozarábe/VdLP/Sanábres in September/October. I guess I'll be fine with the liner in mid Spain in September but how for the northern parts in October? I have brought the...
  12. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Seems like I'll walk another camino (Mozarábe-VdlP-Sanabrés)

    I will most probably not get any vacation until October so I'm thinking of going back to Spain and do VdP then. First I thought that I could only get a couple of weeks off but now it looks like I can have 5 weeks. I might be lucky and be able to go on vacation in September instead will have to...
  13. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Have to go back next year

    4 summers on the camino and now one summer with just being home (in bad weather). I was miserable and was longing for those long lonely days. I must go back next summer. Will not have 5 weeks vacation though so a route that will take me approximately 20 days or so (700-800 km then). So now the...
  14. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Do another camino when I can?

    I left my job last week after an reorganization and got a deal where I still have salary for a couple of months and I got the crazy idea to do another camino for instance Via de la Plata that I dream of doing and haven't been able to do as my vacation time has been 5 weeks somewhere in...
  15. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Photos and blog from Camino del Norte

    If someone is interested I have posted all my photos från Camino del Norte here: Camino del Norte photos. It's a mix of my mobile shots and camera pics. Most of them have GPS-position that you will find if you click on the "i" in the upper right corner. I have written journal every day (in...
  16. BeatriceKarjalainen

    My albergue

    When I was walking I was compiling a list of how my own albergue would look like. In a minor village with at least one bar/restaurant and grocery store and an open church. Somewhere in the middle of the route. In an old stone house. 10-16 beds some extra spaces for mattresses on the floor if...
  17. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Panik: Where to print my boarding card in Santiago?

    Ciber isn't there anymore and library is closed due to holiday tomorrow. Saw an old post about another place but can't find it on Google maps and if it is a business place it will probably be closed tomorrow. Does anyone know of a friendly hotel that can help me or if it is possible to print...
  18. BeatriceKarjalainen

    My stages on camino Norte (from Bayonne) 24 days

    I started in Bayonne instead of Irún as my flight landed there and there was a marked route from Bayonne. The distances are what my GPS-watch showed in the end of the day sometimes I got lost took a detour or took a shorter option. 3 ferries and 1 train ride is also included so some long days...
  19. BeatriceKarjalainen

    The official credentials are really bad

    I got the new credential for this camino and it is not any good at all. The paper is so glossy that it takes for ever for stamps to dry. Hospitalieros closes the credential and then you have a mirror copy on the next page as well. This made the hospitaliero in Castro Uridalis to think that I...
  20. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Best guide features?

    Today I have been reading The northern caminos and i really miss, distances, albergues , bars, fountains etc in the maps as JB do in his guides. I also miss town maps. Clear distances between places is really useful, should I stop here for a meal or is there something quite nearby. I realized...