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  1. Finisterre

    The things I have grown to appreciate about this forum

    It's a nice idea. I'll stick a forum patch on my rucksack next time.
  2. Finisterre

    COVID When the Camino again has Pilgrims...

    Being held back makes me want to go forward. Maybe when I can go I won't want to? I'm making no bookings.
  3. Finisterre

    lost photo journey site

    Doug Fantastic, that is the one, the same photos. I think they must have changed the layout. I'm feeling quite emotional after browsing this. (probably due to civilisational stress.) A godsend. Thank you.
  4. Finisterre

    25 Habits of Successful and Happy People

    though I'm not massively outwardly successful I have to agree. I do all those things. And I'm happy with my lot.
  5. Finisterre

    lost photo journey site

    I am fancying a virtual walk. some favourite days from the past. Many years ago, 10 or 20, I am not sure, there used to be a site on the net that had a day by day guide for quite a few camino journeys. You would click on a day and it would be a sequence of photographs from that day. Lots of...
  6. Finisterre

    Barefoot hiking shoes/boots?

    barefoot as in zero rise trainers? Inov-8 terroc with added sorbothane double strike footbeds worked quite well for me. The inners were essential for the Portuguese granite cobbles. I could feel how soft tarmac was after a hundred km of cobbles. But essentially - my advice is to use your...
  7. Finisterre

    Rain protection - ( Overkill ? or cut back to save some weight?)

    jimavro this is a cold weather version of your ventilated jacket that doesn't even try to keep out the rain instead it creates a tropical microclimate next to the skin I think you would like it http://www.buffalosystems.co.uk/products/special-6-shirt/
  8. Finisterre

    A 'One Word' Why?

  9. Finisterre

    Explain your forum Avatar (name and picture).

    Me on the quay at Fisterra having walked some distance.
  10. Finisterre

    What is a pilgrim?

    I was a pilgrim. Now I am an online dilettante. Progress cannot be assumed.
  11. Finisterre

    Walking through cancer. A thread for inspiration.

    I crashed and burnt on my post chemo Camino. (Neck lump). I was walking on adrenalin, the treatment had destroyed my thyroid functionality. I didn't know that. I'd suggest not rushing into hard walking after the severe poisoning that is chemotherapy. It's six years ago now and it was my last...
  12. Finisterre

    Outdoor Gear, Backpacking Consumerism, and the Marketplace

    Ethics are important Paramo pretty much supports a village of rescued vulnerable women. And their coats work. I've a few of their garments ( understatement ) https://www.paramo-clothing.com/en-in/ourethics/manufacturing.php
  13. Finisterre

    There is no such thing as bad weather...

    Or an alternative to base layer management. Don't bother. No base layer = no sweat because you are cold all the time. Saves washing, weight and money. And should the worst happen, and you get smell anyway, then that is in the great tradition of pilgrimage too. :)
  14. Finisterre

    El Camino de 8 Compostelas- The Way of 8 Certificates

    my strongest memory evoked by your post is the Parador in Monforte de Lemnos. The cloistered interior glassed in and overlooking their cistern roof. And their church. We once spent a week there for a local wedding. If your choice of starting point is a consideration and you have a few...
  15. Finisterre

    Is Camino Frances a Rat Race in April/May?

    I will expand with another question. Is being slow and old a good reason to not join a lifetime pilgrimage because there may be a shortage of beds? I hope you see where I am going with this. On mass transit it is common to give up your seat to pregnant women, the disabled, the elderly. I...
  16. Finisterre

    Is Camino Frances a Rat Race in April/May?

    is being young and fit a good reason to get a bed? just wondering
  17. Finisterre

    Sara talks about her assault on the Salvador

    A very tough day. Well managed. I found your testimony quite upsetting. Best wishes for the rest of your camino. The speed the Spanish dealt with this is exemplary. I wish our courts were so efficient. And a daily fine, if missed leads to a period in jail. Justice indeed.
  18. Finisterre

    Camino with PTSD

    Gwaihir - I suspect you may not feel this but actually you are quite inspiring. And the Del Norte? Fantastic, if you have such choices you are in a good place. Stick with it mate.
  19. Finisterre

    Winter Camino Equipment Dilemma.

    the down blanket Personally I find buffalo to be very cost and weight effective. Does the USA have Buffalo stockists? http://www.buffalosystems.co.uk/