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  1. Susan Peacock

    Walk to Rubiases (CP)

    If you started in SJPdP the walk to Zubiri is hard because it follows the day(s) over the Pyrenees. I would definitely recommend staying in Ponte de Lima the night before Rubias. It is a delightful town and you won't be doing a long day along with the climb. I have walked it twice and my...
  2. Susan Peacock

    Botafumiero Schedule

    6 Camino's arriving in Santiago, twice in May, once June, once July, once Sept and once in Oct. and saw it every time. It seems that more often than not, one of the tour companies is paying for it.
  3. Susan Peacock

    COVID Refuge Orisson Refund Policy

    I was happy to donate my deposit to help ease their losses. My prior stays at Orisson have provided me with invaluable memories and provided the start of beautiful relationships with fellow pilgrims.
  4. Susan Peacock

    COVID Getting the "run around"...

    I had no problem dealing with American Airlines or Delta and was able to get a refund as my flight times had changed significantly. I also wrote Orisson and told them to consider my deposit as a donation. They were very grateful. If we want the Camino "to provide" when all this is over then we...
  5. Susan Peacock

    Virtual Camino Walking a Virtual Camino with my 2016 Camino family during Coronavirus

    During this difficult time my Camino family from across the world is reuniting to walk a virtual camino. Everyday, we will combine our daily distances to see where are get. We might even get to stay in new towns (I've walked many times so have stayed in most towns.) Everyday everyone will send...
  6. Susan Peacock

    Camino on a Wheelchair

    My advice comes not from walking the coastal route but from being part of a team pushing/pulling a young man in a special trekking chair on the Camino Frances. Whatever the route you take, you will need a team and/or a committed Camino family. This is certainly a rewarding and wonderful...
  7. Susan Peacock

    HELP! (Shoe advice) April 2020

    Stinson ATR
  8. Susan Peacock

    Parador in Leon

    Yes when you are leaving León you walk right by the Parador
  9. Susan Peacock

    Parador in Leon

    I stayed at the Parador in Leon on my first Camino and regretted it. It is too far from the Cathedral and the old area of town. After a long day of hiking I didn’t walk to walk over a mile back and forth.
  10. Susan Peacock

    HELP! (Shoe advice) April 2020

    7 Caminos in Hokas and I wouldn’t go without them. They have a new waterproof boot that is based on the Stinson, which I love. Feels like walking on clouds. I didn’t even notice all those cobblestones everyone complains about on the Portuguese route. As for waterproof, nothing really is but I...
  11. Susan Peacock

    Cancelation Insurance due to Coronavirus

    Many companies have put out statements which are easy to find by doing a google search. I found this one for Allianz a major provider in the US https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/coverage-alerts/2019-novel-coronavirus.htm
  12. Susan Peacock

    Where to stay the first night in SJPDP

    Don’t be in a hurry. SJPdP is a quaint town. I would have missed my short time there.
  13. Susan Peacock

    American pilgrims may be interested in this page...

    I am one of the Jacksonville coordinators for American Pikgrims on the Camino and will be giving the comprehensive presentation on walking the Camino. I will be walking my eight Camino this summer. While I have had your same experience when buying gear, most presentations (all of ours) are given...
  14. Susan Peacock

    If You Only Had Time To Spend In One City: Porto vs. Lisbon

    Definitely Porto. I highly suggest you stay in the Ribeira area close to the river. From there you can walk to all the sights and enjoy the festive nature of the river. You can find a reasonably priced apartment on the river on both booking.com and airbnb. If you do port tasting I highly...
  15. Susan Peacock

    Footwear for afternoons and evenings after walking.

    You are wise to consider that the weather will be different in April. My first Camino was in September and I took sandals. The second Camino was in April and it was wet and cold and my sandals didn't work. My feet froze. My boots needed to dry out so I couldn't wear those either. I ended up...
  16. Susan Peacock

    Camino Must See

    When in Navarette go in the church and put a euro in the box to see the beautiful gold alter light up.
  17. Susan Peacock

    Difference of fare

    Looks like you are going on. Feb Camino. Express Bourricot is closed until mid-March I believe. Also, remember the Napoleon route from SJPdP will be closed and you will need to walk the Valcarlos route which could also have snow in Feb. You might want to consider starting in Pamplona and using...
  18. Susan Peacock

    Difference of fare

    I'm not sure about rates, but I don't believe that Roncesvalles has a post office.
  19. Susan Peacock

    Foz do Douro or Matosinhos?

    We stayed in Matosinhos at Fishtail Sea House and it was very nice. They have bunks and private rooms. Keep in mind that the walk from Porto will not take long and you might not be able to check-in until the afternoon. Porto is such a wonderful city, you might like spending 1/2 day there before...
  20. Susan Peacock

    Best Camino "tour operator"?

    I would encourage you not to use an organizer. It is likely that they will book you in accommodations that while very nice are not normal pilgrim accommodations possibly off route and only with those using the organizer. They will also charge you $$$. It is really quite easy using the resources...