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  1. WolverineDG

    Interesting interactive map

    http://www.sightsmap.com/# It's made by combining Google Maps with Panoramio. If you zoom in, you can see the Camino Frances.
  2. WolverineDG

    I've got TIX to "The Way"

    OMG, I can't believe it!!!! I had a feeling I needed to check out the movie's FB page & did so right when they announced they had 10 pairs of tix to the Austin, Texas screening AND the Q&A following with Mr. Sheen & Mr. Estevez!! I am *SO* pumped it's not even funny!!! I'm hoping a friend can...
  3. WolverineDG

    Ibis Hotels in Spain: 45 Euro (book 3 May to 24 May)

    Planning to be in Spain during June, July, August? If you book an ibis hotel from the website during the above dates, the cost is 45 Euro. http://www.ibishotel.com I stayed at the Ibis hotel in Barajas. It was clean & comfortable, plus they had this offer that if something was wrong with...
  4. WolverineDG

    In Santiago & sick of the pilgrim's menu?

    If the thought of yet another ensalada mixta is not appealing to you, head for Asian Express on Rua Franco (walk away from the cathedral.) It will be on your left shortly before you get to a very busy street. They serve Turkish & Thai food. I had the doner kebab meal every time I went & it...
  5. WolverineDG

    Brand new albergue in Rabe (outside of Burgos)

    Just a quick note to let folks know that there is a brand spanking new albergue in Rabe de las Calzadas, which opened in August 8, 2009. Liberanos Domine (I think) It is a nice, clean, comfy albergue, 8 euro for bed, 8 for a home-made dinner, & 2 for breakfast. Holds about 24 people. The...
  6. WolverineDG

    And I'm off

    Or rather will be in a few minutes when my friend picks me up for the drive to the airport. I hope I've packed the right things & that my pack is not too heavy. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: I'll be in SJP on Monday afternoon, & start off the next day. :shock: :shock: :shock...
  7. WolverineDG

    Orisson---they want a bank transfer to confirm

    and I can't find a bank locally who will tranfer dollars to Euros. Do they take Pay Pal? Or Ivar, can you help with this? Hopefully, I stil have a reservation.... Kelly
  8. WolverineDG

    750 pints to Santiago

    My new blog for this particular Camino! http://750pints.blogspot.com/ Still putting it together, but please follow me on my camino there. The other blog is still "live," but I'll be posting from the 750 one for the time being. :) Kelly
  9. WolverineDG

    Another bad review from Rabe (outside Burgos)

    I was asked by elzi to edit out the post. She has updated her blog so you can see her review there. Just a word to the wise that the albergue in Rabe continues to get bad reviews & it might be worth your while to either stop in Tardajos or continue on to Hornillos. Kelly
  10. WolverineDG

    Tipi on the Route Napoleon

    Anyone have any further information on this? Was it just for last year or only during the summer? I've never heard of it, until Sil mentioned it in a post to me & I thought she was talking about the stone shelter that's been there for eons. :lol: Any information would be great. It's not in...
  11. WolverineDG

    Camino Frances May & September 2007

    SJPdP to Logrono, then Logrono to Leon. :) Kelly
  12. WolverineDG

    Interesting entry in my journal from last year

    I re-read my journal from last September's trip. Hard to believe that this time last year, I was in Ventosa. Anyway, I noted in my journal an interesting thing about the church bells in some of the smaller towns. In Zubiri & Azofra, the bells have a "snooze alarm"--they ring the hour once &...
  13. WolverineDG

    Bus schedule--Sto Domingo del Calzada-Burgos

    Anyone know where I can locate this information online? Last time I walked the Camino, the friends I was walking with got the schedule in Sto Domingo. Because of time contraints due to work, I'm having to work in "rest days" by using the bus to keep moving forward. IIRC, there are daily...
  14. WolverineDG

    New entry on my blog

    http://kellyonthecaminofrances.blogspot ... amino.html I've decided that when I walk the Camino again, I will start once more from Roncesvalles & walk all the way to Santiago. Because of my recent illness, I would like to try to do what Gareth did on his walk, but instead of your money, I want...
  15. WolverineDG

    Bus between Puente la Reina & Logrono?

    Okay, I'm getting this really wild idea to walk more of the Camino, especially the parts I missed out on the last 2 go-rounds. Tenatively (based on the amount of time I actually have), I'll walk from Pamplona to Puente La Reina, stopping by Eunate. Since I really didn't care for the route...
  16. WolverineDG

    Update: I'm not going in May

    :( I've had to use too much annual leave to campaign (it's presidential wacky season in the US :lol: ), so now I don't have enough to take off for 3 weeks in May. :( I'm still planning to go sometime this year, probably in September from Leon or Virgen del Camino. Kelly
  17. WolverineDG

    Bus from Leon to Virgen del Camino

    I came across a reference to a local bus from Leon (Plaza Sto Domingo) to Virgen del Camino & was wondering if anyone knew which route number it was & when it runs? I'm making some tentative plans for my 3rd excursion to the Camino & while I would like to see this church, it's not fitting into...
  18. WolverineDG

    Part II of my Camino now up on YouTube!

    Finally got my pics together. I hope you enjoy them! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqfAtN05P44 Kelly
  19. WolverineDG

    I've finished my albergue reviews

    I've updated my blog with the albergues I stayed at this last time. I've got some pics of them up too, but not all of them yet. As always, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment. :arrow: Kelly
  20. WolverineDG

    Sept 12 pics & blog updates

    I know you guys are making your way home by now, so I'd like to remind you to please forward me your pics from Sept. 12. Please try to get them to me by the end of October. :) My email address is kbeafitz@gmail.com . Thanks to those of you who have already sent them! I can't wait to put this...