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  1. NomadBoomer

    Recommended men's trousers please

    I've walked 2 CF, and half a Vdlp, hoping to do norte starting June 2020, virus permitting. By now I think I am happy with everything I bring on the way, except my pants. Living in Australia I am one of those who tend to walk in shorts regardless of the weather and have a couple of Columbia...
  2. NomadBoomer

    Getting Pilgrim Credential starting in Bilbao

    I'll be starting the Norte June 9 2020 in Bilbao. I fly into Bilbao evening of the 8th so probably book a room somewhere central? I read that the municipal alburge is the only place to get a credential but it is quite far from the city centre. Does anyone know if this is accurate? I presume...
  3. NomadBoomer

    Numbers from SJPP August

    I started from SJPP September 2nd 2017. There were huge numbers walking. The first week or two, lots of alburgues even whole villages got full. There was definitely a bed race and lots of people were booking days ahead. This year I chose to come a little earlier thinking many people wait...
  4. NomadBoomer

    What's the craziest thing you have done to save weight?

    Getting ready to fly out and start walking tomorrow (yeah :)) This morning I decided that the smallest toothpaste tube I could get at the supermarket was too bulky and heavy so I spent several minutes fiddling around to partially fill a smaller empty tube I found. I found myself thinking I...
  5. NomadBoomer

    Osprey Backpack Rubbing

    I have an Osprey Exos 48 which I have used for two camino. It is a little bit too big for what I carry but I am happy with my choice on the whole except the bottom corners rub slightly on my lower back. This was not noticeable for the first few days but gradually (probably in conjunction with...
  6. NomadBoomer

    Best treat Menu del Dia?

    Hi Starting another CF Orisson August 21. My favourite meals on the Camino are the big social communal diners in an alburgue or a popular pilgrim menu spot, or a tapas night orgy. However I do like a break from the pilgrim menu and to treat myself to a nice lunch or dinner every now and then...
  7. NomadBoomer

    Santiago to SJPP travel

    Hi I am considering doing the Camino Portuguese from Porto followed by the Camino Frances(again) back to back this year. I would be grateful for some help on options for travelling between Santiago and SJPP in late August Cheers Paul
  8. NomadBoomer

    Numbers leaving from SJPP in August

    I walked my first camino last year and had such a magic time that I walked on the Vdlp in April and will walk the Frances again this year. I walked from St Jean starting September 2nd as I had read that avoided the peak times on the Camino of July and August. However I discovered that is a...
  9. NomadBoomer

    Vdlp from Salamanca April 2018

    Currently in Fontanillas de Castro after walking 4 days since I started in Salamanca. The weather has been fantastic sunny without being too hot. The forecast is looking reasonable too. Excess water on the paths here from the wet weather earlier mostly gone. No problems with diversions for...
  10. NomadBoomer

    Salamanca Credential

    There was a recent thread which suggested that you could get a credential at the municipal albergue in Salamanca. When I arrived today I discovered that they did not supply them. Fortunately you can get a credential at Edificio Calatrava on Calle Rosario a few minutes walk away. The office...
  11. NomadBoomer

    Outdoor gear shops on the Vdlp

    How common are shops with outdoor gear on the Vdlp, in particular between Salamanca and Santiago via ourense? Probably starting in two weeks and if I bring what I used before I may be a bit light on for cold and wet weather gear. On the Frances I was able to easily adjust a few things on...
  12. NomadBoomer

    Still not sure if vdlp is a good idea April 2018

    Hi After a fantastic frances Camino in September 2017 , I am lucky to be able to fit another 3-4 walk in April-Early May this year before heading back to Australia. I posted before about which route to pick and after some great feedback decided on the Vdlp from salamanca via ourense...
  13. NomadBoomer

    Norte/Salvador/Primitivo vs Vdlp/Sanabres in April

    Hi I walked the Frances in last September from and now having caught the bug I plan to do a second one in April for 3 to 4 weeks. Too many choices means that I am having a hard time deciding which way to walk. At the moment I am leaning towards the vdlp/Sanabres from Salamanca, or some...
  14. NomadBoomer

    Second Camino advice

    Hi I walked the frances in September 17 from sjdp. I absolutely loved it and now having caught the bug I plan to do a second one in April this year. I want to walk a different way this time and I like the thought of a quieter route. After a fair bit of reading I am uncertain of which way...
  15. NomadBoomer

    Frances Sept/Oct 2017

    I finished my first camino yesterday from SJPP. It was a truly special wonderful time I will treasure in my heart forever. I got so much useful help and inspiration from this forum and in particular the regular posters, I thank you all. The following is my personal experience, everyones camino...
  16. NomadBoomer

    Best time to get into Santiago?

    I guess anytime of day is a good time to finish your camino in Santiago but.. I am currently(Weds 5th) in Palas de Rei 70km from Santiago. I thought I would be arriving in Santiago on Monday the 9th and I have booked that and Tuesday night before travel on the Wednesday. It now looks like I...
  17. NomadBoomer

    LIVE from the Camino Meseta Sept 2017

    In León now after just walking the section from Burgos. I understand a lot of people skip all or part of this section. I am very glad that I did not. The past week or two has been cool glorious weather for walking. Down to 3 when starting walking at 7- 7:30. The lack of shade has not been an...
  18. NomadBoomer

    LIVE from the Camino September from SJPP

    I got so much help from this forum I wanted to give an update from the Camino even though I have been avoiding the net otherwise on my way. It is peak season from SJPP and it is very busy. Accommodation is in high demand but only the walkers arriving after 3 or 4 without reservations have had...
  19. NomadBoomer

    Good kickoff dinner in SJPP?

    I will be in SJPP this Friday night. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good place to eat dinner? I am booked into orisson the next night so can enjoy a good late meal without worrying about an early start. I am sure that any excess calories will be burnt off walking. Cheers
  20. NomadBoomer

    Identifying / misidentifying gear

    About to head off on my first Camino next week. I think my walking shoes (salomon), poles(black diamond) and backpack(osprey) are going to be pretty common items. Are there any problems with people accidentally taking the wrong gear when you have to leave them in a common area or outside? I...