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  1. peterhore

    Let's get rid of plastic on the Camino

    Plastic bottles are the commonest item of litter on the Camino - could we all make a resolution to carry a durable bottle and to refill this on the way? For those with delicate stomachs, Brita even make a heavy-duty but lightweight (139g) bottle with a filter in the cap and it's made in Spain...
  2. peterhore

    Replacement knee joint

    I've suffered from a torn meniscus for many years and most recently arthritis in my left knee. It hasn't ever stopped me walking the Camino and last year when I volunteered at a hostel I walked there to get myself into the right frame of mind. I only have to be careful going downhill or over...
  3. peterhore


    I am beginning to suffer from arthritis which affects my big toes and my ankles. Sometimes the pain can be excruciating, and I find the best thing is to walk this off when, after about 5miles/8kms and I have warmed up, the pain is tolerable. Is there another cure? I have tried external...
  4. peterhore

    The Ultimate Boots ...

    I have only ever had three pairs of walking boots in 50 years of walking/climbing/peregrination, and they have always been proper ankle-high, ‘leather’ boots. The first pair (I do not remember the manufacturer) had screw-on commando soles and I used these for 20 years until the inner-soles...
  5. peterhore

    Thank you, Santiago

    I have written, obliquely, about this before but I caught the Camino (not bed!) bug in 2007 when, on a day break from conference in Ferrol, I visited Santiago and wondered what drew so many people there. Then in 2010, when I was researching for a book by exploring the routes over the Pyrenees...
  6. peterhore

    Easter 2015 on Via de la plata

    I am beginning to plan the Via de la plata in April/May 2015. Having spent Holy week in Madrid some years ago I'd like to witness it en route - but Sevilla sounds very crowded - does anyone have (a) suggestions for where else to spend Holy Week (or part thereof) on the Vdlp in 2015. (b) other...
  7. peterhore

    Foix - St Girons

    Does anyone know if there is a pilgrim route over the Pyrenees from Foix or St Girons directly into Spain and NOT via Lourdes, Somport etc?
  8. peterhore

    A metaphor for life

    When I did my first Camino in 2011 and crossed the Pyrenees in April in snow, I remember my pack weighing in at the airport check-in, despite my self-deception about how much baggage I was carrying, at 17 kilos. Later this year I'm going back for my third Camino and hope to reach Santiago via...
  9. peterhore

    Buying equipment in Sevilla

    Is there, please, a shop in Sevilla where I can buy a good, old-fashioned, wooden, bastón?