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Silver Oxide Camino de Santiago pendent
Camino de Santiago pendent that has a shell on the front, and "Camino de Santiago" engraved on the back. Comes with a black cord. Pendent is slightly larger than a 50 euro cent coin, about 25mm.
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Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.

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  1. gloria lowe

    Train Madrid to Sarria

    I’ve taken the train twice from Madrid to Sarria and really enjoyed it. Easy walk from train station to where I was staying.
  2. gloria lowe

    Four Categories of Pilgrims

    And you met such fun Americans😊
  3. gloria lowe

    Travel from US to Spain during COVID

    If you are in the US register with STEP at travel.state.gov They send info out all the time when you sign up and put in what countries you are going to visit.
  4. gloria lowe

    Powder shampoo - this looks like it would be great for the Camino

    I figured I was only out $5 if I didn’t get. I received a confirmation right away and within 30 minutes I received an email saying it had shipped. Hope it is as good as their service.
  5. gloria lowe

    Sleeping in a dorm room where there's someone with a CPAP

    My husband uses a CPAP and it makes no noise at all. When he first started using it I was awake all night checking to see if he was breathing because I was so used to hearing him breathe. So much better than the snoring.
  6. gloria lowe

    Albergue opening and Forum member first pilgrim!

    For us uneducated members where is this?
  7. gloria lowe

    Images from Brierley Camino Frances Handbook.

    Ivar has the 2020 guides in the store
  8. gloria lowe

    "Don't Cry for Me"...Portugal!

    My very favorite meal.
  9. gloria lowe

    Video Camino Status as of June 29th 2020

    Thanks for all the updates. Nice to see people out and about. Time for everyone to make a new donation to the forum for all the wonderful work Ivar is doing. Hope to visit again soon. Haven’t cancelled my flight in September yet.
  10. gloria lowe


    I received an email this morning that Correos is again transporting on the Camino.
  11. gloria lowe

    COVID The Cathedral and Public Albergues in Galicia opens July 1st

    Do you know when US citizens can enter Spain?
  12. gloria lowe

    COVID Foreigners are allowed to travel to Spain starting July 2020

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. Just don't know what is correct anymore. Are you allowed out and about in Santiago now? It seems that you were much more restricted than where I live in the US. Stay healthy.
  13. gloria lowe

    John Grisham book

    I don't care what the title is I Love John Grisham and was 1st on the library list to get his new book. Reading it now.
  14. gloria lowe

    Footwear advice

    I had the same problem with them. I will admit my walking is very hard on any shoe I wear. I have found that Brook's shoes seem to last thru a whole Camino. 4 done and was leaving in Sept but who knows now.
  15. gloria lowe

    COVID Santo Domingo de la Calzada Suffering

    Very sad to read, especially to see how high their death rate is. Such a beautiful place to stop and explore. They say they will be back and wonderful to hear they are ringing the bell twice a day.
  16. gloria lowe

    COVID Cherish the elders

    I was amazed at how the younger family members took their elders out to the plazas every afternoon and evening. They just had such a happy look on their faces as they sat in the sun.
  17. gloria lowe

    Arriving in Santiago at fiesta time

    I’ve already been looking for 2021 and have called the Parador and San Martin and they say they are not taking reservations over the Holy Days as they are booked.
  18. gloria lowe

    Update on my orthotic/foot pain issue

    Did they not make the orthotics to fit your shoes? Mine were made to fit my shoes.
  19. gloria lowe

    Travel from Lisbon to Porto in September

    The train ride from Porto was beautiful. Also the walk from the Cathedral down to the river is shirt and simple. I found the walk out of Porto along the river to the sea beautiful.