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  1. Rich1

    COVID Traveling from UK - where to go?

    So Spain has announced that people arriving from the UK will not face period of quarantine, and I am sorely tempted to walk. However, it seem likely that France will maintain its 14 day quarantine until we stop ours! Therefore getting to SJPdP is "problematic" and flying to Biaritz not really...
  2. Rich1

    Winter Camino

    Considering a first time winter Camino, almost certainly on the Frances. Just interested to know when those that have previously walked in the winter would chose to start. I’d rather walk in cold and snow than the wet etc - so I’m sort of assuming Jan/Feb is (on average) colder and drier than...
  3. Rich1

    Post-Camino blues already starting

    I’ve been on Camino 6 times I’ve finished in Santiago 3 times I love the Camino, it is a wonderful place, a wonderful experience. I am never happier than when I am on Camino. But now I am feeling sad :( Yesterday, we arrived in Burgos, the endpoint of this year’s Camino. I’m now sitting in Bar...
  4. Rich1

    LIVE from the Camino A new threat to my pilgrim tolerance and zen-like state of relaxation

    So... I'm fine with snoring - it gives me the giggles People going to the loo in the night - well that's me too Alarms going off - some pilgrims just like to leave early and don't like the heat Alarms going off for the 2nd time - I've learnt to take a deep breath Noisy packers - we're not all...
  5. Rich1

    Albergue Lamas, Pradela

    Arrived in Villafranca just after 3pm on a stinking hot afternoon, having set out from Molinaseca this morning. Contemplating my next move over a Magnum, I decided to strike out for Albergue Lamas in Pradela. Good decision :D:D It's wonderfully peaceful here and I've got the place to myself...
  6. Rich1

    Top tip for using RENFE trains in Spain

    Top tip for using trains in Spain - don't always trust the RENFE website for train times. The website stated first train from Segovia to Leon today was 10.03. I thought I'd check other possibilities on Rome2Rio which said earliest train was 7.08 arriving in Vallodolid at 7.45 and then on to...
  7. Rich1

    Be Still for the Presence of the Lord...

    Tomorrow I arrive in Madrid to walk Madrid/Salvador/Primitivo broke meeting my daughter in Lugo/Sarria and walking the last section of the Francés together. The last few weeks have been tough. One of my closest friend took his own life in July and I have been in shock since - such a terrible...
  8. Rich1

    Public transport on Primitivo?

    Leave tomorrow for the Madrid/Salvador/Primitivo triad which was all fine. Have now arranged to meet Miss Rich in Lugo/Sarria and walk the last bit of the Francés together. If I end up short of Lugo (for bus to Sarria) is there any public transport from further north on the Primitivo? Cheers
  9. Rich1

    Off I go...

    So after months of dedicated planning, I fly out to Madrid on Monday...without much of a plan :) Camino Madrid onto Salvador, then Primitivo as far as time permits, before meeting daughter in Lugo, bus to Sarria and walking the last section to Santiago together. Feels like my first Camino...
  10. Rich1

    Next year's Camino and where to start

    Jenny (my wife) saw the pictured article in, of all places, the Easyjet magazine. She has decided that this is going to be next year's Camino which is absolutely fine with me :) Having done some preliminary research, there seem to be a few start points - the article suggest Malaga (presumably as...
  11. Rich1

    My plan for August/September

    Ok...after much procrastination over the past couple of years which have seen me walking my 2nd CF with my wife, I’ve taken the plunge and booked flights for a Madrid, Salvador and Primitivo Camino :) Will get to Lugo and then meet my daughter in order for us to from Sarria to SdC together...and...
  12. Rich1

    Camino fate or coincidence?!

    When I did the Camino de Santiago in 2015, I met the fabulous Marty from Arizona. An ultra runner like myself, Marty ran races such as Badwater, Western States and Leadville in the 1990’s. A real trail blazer. We talked for hours. Today I went to the English speaking mass in Santiago...
  13. Rich1

    Off to Finisterre today

    Jenny and I arrived in Santiago yesterday after our 3 year Camino de Frances - SJPP to Burgos 2016, Burgos to Ponferrada 2017, and onto SdC this year. We celebrated Jenny’s 50th birthday in Camino style on Tuesday. Anyway, our journey continues this morning onwards to Finisterre and Muxia. I...
  14. Rich1

    LIVE from the Camino Graffiti...and meaness

    My wife and I are currently walking through Galicia and have noticed that virtually every distance marker has graffiti spoiling it - who does this?! I particularly noticed the one shown...how mean and judgemental...and ridiculous. I am pretty sure that Jesus didn’t start from SJPP either...or...
  15. Rich1

    Finisterre or Muxia first?

    Quick question hopefully. If walking from Santiago to Finisterre and Muxia is there a general opinion on whether to go to Finisterre or Muxia first? Is one easier to get back to Santiago from? And do you need to book the bus back or can you just turn up? Cheers Sitting in the sun drinking beer...
  16. Rich1

    Camino Sahagun-Liebana

    Anyone heard of this route? Or even better done it? Not sure if it's a new route or not. Looks rather fun though :) Would work very well with my planned Camino Madrid.... http://www.caminoliebanaporpicoseuropa.com
  17. Rich1

    August Camino

    So looks like I'm on for my August Camino starting in Madrid. Camino de Madrid to Sahagun, then either Salvador/Primitivo or Invierno (haven't decided on that bit yet!) May even do a cheeky Ucles first ;) Major concern is the weather - just how hot will in be especially on the Madrid? Am I...
  18. Rich1

    Which Camino?

    I'm sure this comes up a lot but looking for advice on which Camino to do next. Did the CF on my own in 2015. Walking CF with my wife in 2 week blocks over 3 yrs - St Jean to Burgos last year, and on to Ponferrada recently. I love the CF, both on my own and with company - the atmosphere, the...
  19. Rich1

    Back on the Camino

    Hi. I have experienced the Camino in 2 different ways :) I am an ultra marathon runner and ran the Camino Frances in just over 12 days in May 2015 in celebration of my 50th birthday. I did note a little negativity on the forum prior to leaving. Apparently, I wasn't doing it "right", I wasn't...
  20. Rich1

    Choosing a camino starting mid-September.

    I have a few weeks spare, starting mid-September. Would love to spend it on a camino. Did the Frances last year, and in May this year I did walked from SJPP to Burgos with my wife (we'll be back next May to do some more). I love the Frances or do I pick a different one? Which camino would people...