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  1. Lupita Tequila

    Boots / Jacket

    Thanks! Dear Lillian, Oh yes! very, very true!.... I carry many encargos every time I go, I place all of them in a special plastic bag and then when I go and see my "compadre Santiago" after I have finished with my litany of things I had to say and all the other ones I forgot, I place the...
  2. Lupita Tequila

    Boots / Jacket

    Thanks Lillian! Dear Lillian, Thanks a lot for your kind thoughts! Yes, it is my third time on the Camino. I love it, that is why I keep going back. I was going to suggest rei.com as well, but I see you have been on that site as well. One thing that has worked great for me by the way...
  3. Lupita Tequila

    Boots / Jacket

    Boots and Jacket Hey Lillian, Well, Mother Nature can always play a joke, but here is my take on it.... I did the Camino in late May 2001... It was quite comfortable for me (I live in Arizona currently, so pretty mild to hot weather) and a fleece jacket did the trick (with a scarf either...
  4. Lupita Tequila

    Lice or bed bugs on the Camino

    a little spray goes a long way! Greetings everyone, I finished the Camino the end of October, and yes, there was a bit of a bug problem... some pilgrims took offense when arriving at some refugios and were asked to spray their mochilas with desinfectant....as if it was meant as a personal...
  5. Lupita Tequila

    uses for a walking stick

    pick up sticks.... Hi everyone, Yes, some of us are quite fond of our walking sticks.. and yes, Sil, was right, the sticks find us.... Just yesterday, I had to go downtown and was walking by the square and found myself moving my arm and making with my hand the movements of holding my stick...
  6. Lupita Tequila

    uses for a walking stick

    walking stick I got bitten by a dog outside of Samos (dog came from behind and my daughter and I never saw him/her coming) but I turned around with my walking stick in hand ready to strike if necessary to protect both of us.... never had to use it like that before. I have had my walking...
  7. Lupita Tequila

    Looking for Tiago from Brazil

    Greetings everyone!... I was wondering if anyone has Tiago's e-mail .... He arrived in Santiago around the 20th of October.... He has a most beautiful and abudant head of curly hair.... Tiago is from Brazil.... Also, Nicola from France and with a nice big, bushy beard and Henry from England...
  8. Lupita Tequila

    Camino in November?

    Camino in Nov. Mundicamino has a great website for the albergues... Many of them are open and if not, the option is to stay at a private refugio as well who charge an avg of 6 euros or so...... There is also a wonderful guide in many languages that you can find at the Corte Ingles (if you are...
  9. Lupita Tequila

    November pilgrims?

    10 days..... Just got back from there (when it was still raining hard).... you could always start from O Cebreiro... or otherwise from Samos (the Benedictine Monastery/refugio is wonderful) and really enjoy Galicia.... then you could always have a bit more time to enjoy Santiago or go further...