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  1. tomnorth

    Wonderful Vlog Series

    Below is the link to a wonderful vlog series from Angela Morelli Carpenter, a Canadian/American who walked the Camino Frances in the fall of 2018. Her vlog series beautifully captures the spirit of the Camino. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLIgYtAT4qhUmSyHrj_5wrfymI6XzlKPy
  2. tomnorth

    What was the biggest surprise of your Camino?

    One of my favorite questions to ask someone who has experienced something new is to ask what the biggest surprise was. The answers usually lead to an interesting discussion. The biggest surprise of my first Camino was how addicting the walking became. I absolutely loved it. I feared I would get...
  3. tomnorth

    Torn Meniscus Experience

    A year ago I was diagnosed with a torn lateral meniscus on my left leg. At that time I received a cortisone shot and have been having no issues up until a couple weeks ago. I’ve been averaging over six miles walking a day. Apple Health tells me I’ve walked about 1300 miles so far this year. When...
  4. tomnorth

    Compostela or Passport: Which Means More to You?

    With all the talk about the long lines at the Pilgrim’s Office, I’ve been thinking about which document carries more meaning for me, my Compostela or my passport. The passport is a tactile reminder of the journey. I like to take it out once in awhile and look at all the selos. I had thought I...
  5. tomnorth

    Apple Watch on the Camino

    I'm curious if anyone out there has had experience wearing an Apple Watch on the Camino. Was the daily charging requirement an issue? How did you use the Watch on your Camino? Was weather sealing an issue? Would you wear it again on a Camino? I've been debating getting an Apple Watch, but...
  6. tomnorth

    71 year old man dies at albergue in Tricastela

    Such sad news, an American pilgrim walking from Leon to Santiago passed away, apparently in his sleep. I have linked to the article below. http://www.radiocaminodesantiago.com/muere-un-peregrino-de-71-anos-en-un-albergue-de-triacastela/
  7. tomnorth

    Why walk the same Camino again?

    Next Spring I plan to walk my second Camino Frances. Today I got the question of “why would you walk the same exact route and have the same exact experience a second time?” My off the cuff answer was that it won’t be the same exact experience as I had the first time. I’m curious how others have...
  8. tomnorth

    Sweater/base layer recommendation (Merino wool)

    I’ve been on the hunt for a lighter weight Merino wool sweater. My Smartwool sweaters are getting long of tooth and for some reason I’ve been unable to find the exact replacement from Smartwool. Everything I’ve found has been too heavy. I finally found a sweater from Minus 33. It’s a midweight...
  9. tomnorth

    Mar/Apr 2019 Camino Frances–It’s a go!

    It’s a year away, but I’m already updating my packing list and ordering small items for my next Camino. Knowing that I will walk again, and when that will be, is enough for me right now. This Camino addiction certainly is tough to explain to those that haven’t walked it. My wife is supportive...
  10. tomnorth

    The Camino Frances is calling me back

    I walked the Camino Frances in the fall of 2015. I have read of many who take a different route on subsequent Caminos. I find that the CF is calling me back. I know that I will walk it again. I'm interested to hear from those that have walked multiple CFs. How did your later Caminos compare to...
  11. tomnorth

    How to use trekking poles--video

    Here is a link to an excellent short video on how to use trekking poles. The vast majority of pilgrims that I saw on the Camino Francés this fall were using their poles in a manner that gave them no propulsion or shock absorption. This video explains what is effective and why it works. When...
  12. tomnorth

    What I will leave at Cruz de Ferro

    My father died this past Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at the age of 93. On Tuesday, I leave for my first Camino, setting out from SJPDP on September 24. For the longest time, I couldn't decide what to leave at Cruz de Ferro. In my Dad's last days it finally came to me. My Dad was a virtuoso...
  13. tomnorth

    Got My Pack to 22 lbs./10 kilos!

    I've been working hard to get my backpack down to 22 pounds/10 kilos. Right now, my backpack is at a net weight of exactly 22 pounds. This is just under 10% of my body weight. I'm leaving on the Camino Frances from SJPDP on 9/24/15. I'd be interested in feedback on my packing list. Have I missed...