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Silver Oxide Camino de Santiago pendent
Camino de Santiago pendent that has a shell on the front, and "Camino de Santiago" engraved on the back. Comes with a black cord. Pendent is slightly larger than a 50 euro cent coin, about 25mm.
Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.

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  1. Bridget and Peter

    Getting from Santander to Pamplona

    Help please. I have decided to cycle the Frances from Pamplona this March. (My husband and I have previously cycled and walked in stages from England via the CdeNorte so a) Santander and Bilbao are familiar territory and b) I want to experience the Frances route). I have booked the ferry from...
  2. Bridget and Peter

    Feb or March on the Frances with a bicycle?

    I am thinking about taking myself on a solo pilgrimage next year, late winter or early spring. My husband and I have cycled/walked from home (UK) to S de C in stages via the Vezelay and Norte routes, and also walked the Ingles in the first week of March, so not new to pilgimaging, or indeed to...
  3. Bridget and Peter

    Alberges and passport stamps in Holland?

    I am going to be cycling along the Pelgrimspad in two weeks time. I am struggling to get information about it - even when I translate the Dutch site via Google translate it is still baffling me! I think I have discovered that there are some pilgrim alberques/refugios/gites in some places, eg...
  4. Bridget and Peter

    Cycling the Pelgrimspad - a solo adventure

    The idea is to take my bike and tent across to the Netherlands (ferry, Harwich - Hook of Holland), connect with the Pelgrimspad somewhere south of Amsterdam (by train probably) and cycle as close to the Pelgrimspad as reasonable, for as far as possible in about 10 days, then train back to the...
  5. Bridget and Peter

    Tarte de Santiago - recipe and origins

    Interesting item on Womans Hour on BBC Radio Four about Tarte de Santaigo, with Claudia Roden, who traces it back to the medieval Sephardic Jews who emigrated from Andalucia to Galicia. Fascinating. You can listen on line, (and get to the recipe by clicking on 'cook the perfect...')from here...
  6. Bridget and Peter

    El Norte at Christmas

    We are wondering about completing our (mostly) cycling pilgrimage before the end of the Holy Year, which means San Vicente de la Barquera to Santiago. What is the likelihood of finding (some) albergues open? Or even pensiones etc over Christmas? Are we likely to be pedaling through driving...
  7. Bridget and Peter

    Supplement with Saturday's Daily Telegraph

    Supplement on Northern Spain with plenty of Camino stuff in Saturday's Telegraph. Worth a read. The picture on the front is of San Vicente de Barquera, and the albergue (Le Galleon) is the garage door underneath the big ship! Made me camino sick. Sponsored by Brittany Ferries who offer a air...
  8. Bridget and Peter

    Live and kicking on the Norte

    Thought I'd report in to the forum as we have wifi here and I'm comfortably stretched out on a bed with a cup of tea....(I'm with Sil on the absolute necessity of a thermoplongeur mug water heater) We are in Portugalete almost out of the Basque country. As novice walking pilgrims we have...
  9. Bridget and Peter

    The eternal sleeping bag question....

    I know this gets asked all the time - but every time the question gets such a variety of answers that I have been left with doubt. When we cycle we always take two ancient down sleeping bags as well as sheet sleeping bags, and have only used the down ones once in an albergue (Benevent L'Abbaye...
  10. Bridget and Peter


    Just had a thought - are we likely to see storks nesting along the del Norte in April? I've always wanted to! Bridget
  11. Bridget and Peter

    Norte this April . . .

    A plan is beginning to form. To return to the Norte this April, and to walk this time, not cycle, for a couple of weeks. This means we will take the ferry from Portsmouth probably to and from Santander and return to Gernika where we finished last October to walk from there. So some requests...
  12. Bridget and Peter

    Browser problems

    Ivar, I have been having problems getting to the virtual albergue for a couple of weeks - whether I click on a link or try to get in via the address bar it doesn't load, or it takes ages to get in and then ages to go to another page. Is this a problem others are having?
  13. Bridget and Peter

    Ryanair tightens the screws again

    The Electron card concession by Ryan Air which means you don't have to pay the surcharge for using a card when booking (£5 per leg, I think) is ending on 1 Jan. After that the only way to avoid the fee will be by using a pre-paid card which usually involves a fee in itself. Ryan Air, the...
  14. Bridget and Peter

    Decisions: Bike / Walk; March / later? And some personal st

    We are thinking ahead to our final stage of our pilgrimage from home to Santiago. As people probably know, we have been cycling by stages from home in Cambridgeshire in 2 or 3 weekly stints since 2007, through Holland and Belgium, the Ardennes and Champagne region to the Vezelay route and then...
  15. Bridget and Peter

    Blog for Vezelay route

    Our blog for our camino along the Vezelay route (and England to Vezelay) is now complete up to Bénévent L'Abbaye. I still have to add the journal from there to Limoges where we finished last year. There are more photos to be added too but it should still be a good read, I hope. On Sunday we...
  16. Bridget and Peter

    A week to go....

    In a weeks time we will be on our way to Paris by train, to travel on to Limoges and thence to cycle to Santander on the next stage of our segmented pilgrimage. As always, as we get nearer previously unconsidered queries pop up. So does anyone have anything helpful to say about the...
  17. Bridget and Peter

    A possibly unwise idea...

    This idea came upon me, probably the result of a manic mood swing due to work stress and the exciting feeling of being about to get away from it all for a while - I have asked for and received sponsorship to shear off my hair (with clippers!) before we leave for our cycling camino on 19 Sept...
  18. Bridget and Peter

    Where can we get the Guia 2009?

    Having seen pages from the Guía 2009: Camino del Norte (o Costa), Camino Primitivo y Camino del Salvador on here: http://www.jacobeo.net/index.php?modulo=16 I realize this would be extremely useful - does anyone know if can I get hold of it in England or send for it (in time for it to come...
  19. Bridget and Peter

    The Two Marias

    Sil has directed us to this article: http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/co ... 62077.html at the end the journalist revealed the answer to something I have been wondering since being in Santaigo in March: My friend, Cristina, said: "Meet me in Alameda Park, by the Two Marias." Searching...
  20. Bridget and Peter

    On line Pilgrims' Almanac - do explore!

    http://www.pylgeralmanak.nl/afbeeldinge ... Psyuvm.jpg I have just discovered this site - a dutch pilgrims' almanac with lots to explore for each day of the year. Although it's mostly in Dutch not speaking the language doesn't seem to hinder my understanding much! I recommend paying a visit!