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    UK residents could be banned from travelling to Europe after 1st January

    Sorry to say this, but I do not believe a single word from the Gaurdian. And yes it make sense for the European Union to impose stricter travelling meassures on non-Eurapeans, I also suffer from that very same regulations being a non-European.
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    Video COVID Update from Santiago, September 21st

    Thank you Ivar for keeping us informed. Hopefully things will be better next year and would it be possible for us to visit Santiago again during spring or summer. Keep safe
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    Video Join me for a walk through Santiago old town

    Thank you Ivar, how we miss Santiago, maybe next year.
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    COVID When would you consider going back to the camino?

    I was supposed to be on the Camino right now, but was forced to abandon plans. At first I was thinking in a delay of six months, then changed to next year Apri/May, but according to what is happening in Africa right now, I am not sure if our borders will be open at that time allready. Maybe 2022...
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    COVID New start dates?

    We were to start in Madrid on the 16th and walked to Ponferada, deviate on the Invierno to Santiago. Well everything had to be cancelled, or rather postponed to a later date, which is still unclear at this moment in time as we do not know what the future holds. According to what I read in the...
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    COVID Can we please stop using the word "devastated"?

    I feel devastated by the fact that native English speaking individuals criticise us non-native English speakers for using a specific word for the lack of the "correct" English word. I am also not a native spanish speaker, but I was never ever repreminded by any Spanjard for using the "incorrect"...
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    RIP Megumi Shiozawa

    May her spirit rest in eternal peace
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    Spain at 22.00 (10pm) last night...

    Thanks Ivar, stay safe. Viva España
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    COVID Helping cafes, bars, albergues and Camino businesses during COVID shutdown

    Just my humble opinion, would it be possible to establish a data base with all the private/danativo albergues and vulnerable businesses on the various routes and take this fund raising campaign from there.
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    Tomar to Coimbra over Easter Weekend

    You wiil be able to get a meal in Alvaizere if you sleep at albergue Pinhero with Carlos
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    leaving from Porto Covo April 1st

    Hi Jenine, you will be infront of us, me and my wife will start from Porto covo on 17 May. What guide books are you going to use?
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    Camino de Madrid April 2020

    We did San Salvador last year, beautiful but tough. Buen Camino
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    Camino de Madrid April 2020

    Buen Camino
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    Camino de Madrid April 2020

    Anyone walking the Camino de Madrid starting 17 April? Me and my wife planned to walk from Madrid to Santiago via the Invierno.
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    The Crux of the Camino

    With an exchange rate of nearly 17 to 1 to the Euro, I will still do as I did on the previous 9 Caminos and walk on my own, carry my own pack and sleap in albergues.
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    COVID Cornonavirus Question

    Hi Chrissy, are you going to walk the Camino de Madrid and when will you start? Me and my wife will leave Madrid on 17 April
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    First credencial stamp in Irun

    Please go to this tourist office, very friendly and helpfull people, they gave us a pocket guide of the route as well as a pocket guide with names and Addresses of all albergues on the Camino del Norte. Buen Camino
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    What is a pilgrim?

    I think you've got your head right in the centre of the hornets nest. You just don't ask that question on this forum, only my opinion.
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    My (leisurely) stages on the Camino de Madrid

    Hi Laurie, I love your guidings, have walked the Portugese from Lisbon on your instructions without any problems. I tried to open the link to Johnny Walker's guide and got the following response " Oops! We ran into some problems. You do not have permission to view this page or perform this...