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  1. Walli Walker

    Women over 60 who DON'T take a sleeping bag...

    I didn’t take a sleeping bag last year on the Norte & Primitivo (June-July) and regretted it. I found myself booking private albergues as I was cold and knew that they would have blankets. The Municipal albergues in Galicia don’t have blankets.
  2. Walli Walker

    Epicamino has come to an end - fellow pilgrim and forum member David passed away

    So very sad to hear of David’s passing. I felt as though I knew him through his posts and now feel like I have lost a true friend. RIP.
  3. Walli Walker

    Newbie in Need!

    I left the Norte for the Primitivo 10 days ago (11th July). Because the towns are summer tourist spots beds could be very hard to come by and, in some places, booking ahead was necessary. I didn’t enjoy that & am loving the Primitivo which is much more relaxed and ‘camino like’.
  4. Walli Walker

    Camino Primitivo Guidebooks....

    I’ve got both the Wise Pilgrim Guide & the Village to Village Map Guide. I start from Oviedo on Friday. I’ll let you know how they are. Jacki.
  5. Walli Walker

    Starting El Norte in Irun this Saturday, June 22

    Hi Dave, I arrive in Irun on Saturday afternoon & will start walking Sunday morning. If you’re really slow I might catch you! Jacki.
  6. Walli Walker

    Meet Me in the Alps: Tour du Mont Blanc

    I’ll check this out tonight. I’m off to do the TMB in August after warming up on the Norte. Very timely. Thank you, Hank.
  7. Walli Walker

    Long Haul Flights - How Far Ahead Do You Book?

    Hi Robo, coming from Australia hurts. Both in terms of money & jetlag! It usually costs me about $1350 - $1550 Aussie dollars return. I like to book about 8 months in advance (I love the anticipation of a Camino) and go with whichever airline has the best deal that suits at the time. By the time...
  8. Walli Walker

    Albergue in Irun

    Good luck. Let us know if you succeeded. I’d like to know how busy that albergue is. Buen Camino.
  9. Walli Walker

    Leaving the Camino

    Get well, Lucy. You’ll be back. X
  10. Walli Walker

    Hearing aid found

    My husband has worn two hearing aids for years. I read Andy’s comment out to him and he cracked up laughing. It is a joke he often uses.
  11. Walli Walker


    Probably not busy but hot, hot, hot! Buen Camino.
  12. Walli Walker

    San Juan - your best experiences

    I only just found out about this festival this morning. I will start the Norte in Irun on that date & was wondering why I was having so much trouble finding an affordable bed in San Sebastián. I want to book that first night as I know that it will be a tough first day. So happy that I have a bed...
  13. Walli Walker

    LIVE from the Camino Boots mix up! Help needed

    Oh Rachel, I feel for you. This happened to my husband’s boots in Tui on the Portuguese Camino. Thankfully he was reunited with them at the end of the day. I hope you are as lucky.
  14. Walli Walker

    Advice re my packing for June Frances from Leon? Esp. from ladies! ta :-)

    Holhum, a hint from one Aussie to another: tape your charger plug to the adaptor -it’s very easy to unplug it and leave the adaptor still plugged in the wall. Something I did somewhere on the Via de la Plata. Not good.
  15. Walli Walker


    Andy, fill in the details yourself and get your first stamp at either the albergue in Pamplona or the Cathedral. Buen Camino.
  16. Walli Walker

    Aussie camino

    Hi Anamya, I’m a member of the Sunshine Coast Camino Group in Queensland. Quite a few of our group have done this Camino. Check them out on Facebook. I’m sure that you’ll get lots of help. Jacki.
  17. Walli Walker

    I admit, I can't remember!

    I can remember all the words to the Beatles’ songs but have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast.
  18. Walli Walker

    Narrow margin changing flights in Barcelona Airport.

    And we all wait to find out what happened............................
  19. Walli Walker

    Which Camino - Portugues, Norte, Frances or Other?

    If the potential crowds on the Camino Francés bothers you don’t do the Everest Base Camp Trek which, by the way, is anything but barren.