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  1. OzAnnie

    Can walk 800k but cannot figure this forum.

    Great find C. I like both yours and treciles banner. I might be a while getting to it myself (looking for a nice one 😂).
  2. OzAnnie

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    I agree with this comment. It’s often in the appreciation of how nature gives us a completely different picture when we experience ‘the seasons’. You know there is hope for return to colour at some point. Xx
  3. OzAnnie

    Gronze screenshot happy days Roncesvalles

    Wow - I have same Question as above? Are you in spain now? Or is your pic from a newspaper ? Michael - we know you live in Dublin ... Merry Christmas and Covid free new year Annie
  4. OzAnnie

    Santiago de Compostela - Help to Help My Neighbours

    Christmas is nigh Sybille -You are an angel ... I hope the PayPal thing worked ! so that you can help some more of those around you in need of Christmas cheer ... 😃🤗 Annie
  5. OzAnnie

    Can walk 800k but cannot figure this forum.

    I ‘believe’ you can select to ‘watch’ an entire sub-forum /. I have done this with the sub forum ‘zoom meetings’ so I’m aware when a post is made of a new zoom. I personally don’t select that for other sub-forums eg: Camino Francés... as I can go in any time and choose what threads I want to...
  6. OzAnnie

    Can walk 800k but cannot figure this forum.

    Hi @BombayBill A couple of things which may help too -when you are reading a post /if you are interested in following that post and think you may lose track of where it is - ‘you’ll notice beside the title of any post -WATCH- Click on that ... then any additional posts on that thread will be...
  7. OzAnnie

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    I love the grey heron Kirkie. They are so fine looking & stand so proudly . The 2nd pic comes up a little too dark on my iPhone to see detail though.
  8. OzAnnie

    "A Different Christmas" - Christmas 2020 Song in Galego

    Thanks Wendy for sharing your cheerful link. It brought a bounce and a smile to my day. I will share the link with some family (& grandchildren ) in USA 🎄😀🥰🙏🌲🎄
  9. OzAnnie

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    Hi Bob How difficult was that stretch?. I might recommend it to my sons’ in-laws who like to walk and live near you. X happy Christmas
  10. OzAnnie

    Lacing - Try preventing blisters, or the dreaded black toenail, with a “Heel Lock” or “Lace Lock”.

    Very illuminating Gerard. Most helpful for even local walking at present. thankyou
  11. OzAnnie

    UK residents could be banned from travelling to Europe after 1st January

    @Kathar1na thank you for your interpretation.. you make sense.
  12. OzAnnie

    UK residents could be banned from travelling to Europe after 1st January

    @Jeff Crawley Is this news definite , definite , definite? or just until COVID numbers are better? I just haven’t understood the link post entirely. it just seems quite unbelievable. I do understand your grief. X
  13. OzAnnie

    Architecture for beginners - curriculum planning

    Well done you @C clearly for taking this on. I can see this being a great way to expand the mind and to appreciate the architecture more as we walk through spain. I’m a super duper beginner - happy to take your lead. This should draw out the scholars among us. Since many of the routes are...
  14. OzAnnie

    Good Old Days, my first Camino 2014.

    Hi @JP You’ve created some beautiful memories to hold onto.(43 minutes ) I had to skip thru a lot as I was heading to an appointment.... but well done.
  15. OzAnnie

    Report about Cathedral Renovation

    Hi @sopranocorry Did you see the video posted a few days ago by @ivar Showing the cathedral right now. Link to it here: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/a-walk-through-the-cathedral-in-santiago.68818/#post-882057
  16. OzAnnie

    we have to get emotionally fit!

    Hi Mónica You sound very sad and I am sorry that it is so difficult right now for you. I agree that this time with few pilgrims walking and needing to stay distant from others must feel like ‘a very heavy stone ‘ indeed. I’m glad that this forum gives a bit of comfort to you and lets you know...
  17. OzAnnie

    Video Piotr from Poland just finished the Camino Frances

    Great interview Ivar @PMA you have a great smile 😀 It was interesting to hear of your experience on the CF. The numbers you met walking sounded similar to a day on the VDLP (Enough for camaraderie but not too many ).
  18. OzAnnie

    I am leaving. Not Forum just yet, but Camino.

    David Sad to read but I’m with @grayland If I understand your msg correctly - I think you still mean to be around on the forum - I hope so. with respect to taking your trailer to Spain. I guess we all have to decide how much we can physically do and be safe too. Stay strong. I hope to meet...
  19. OzAnnie

    Who's for a Virtual Lana?

    Looking forward this dinner date. I need to keep walking so I hope to join the group - I’ll be part of the peanut gallery. Annie
  20. OzAnnie

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    He is beautiful. I ‘heard’ the European variety when I walked the Vdlp last year. I have just looked up the varieties... they are all such pretty birds. Lucky you to get so close for this picture.