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  1. Roger Hogstrom

    Documentery on Netflix

    I don´t know if this is news or not.At least new to me :) Yesterday I saw an american documentery about a priest and ten men walking Camino del norte. Saw it on Netflix. Really good. The documenterys name is Footprints:The Path of Your Life.
  2. Roger Hogstrom

    Albergue in Aljucen

    This summer I stayed in the Albergue Rio in Aljucen. It seems to be closed now. How is the Albergue situation in Aljucen ?
  3. Roger Hogstrom

    How many?

    I have walked Via de la Plata from Sevilla to Astorga in 3 different years always in june. This summer I walked from Sevilla to Fuenteroble de Salvatierra ( see under "Via de la Plata blogs) where I couldnt walk anymore, bad leg. So in 4 different years with not many pilgrims I plan for next...
  4. Roger Hogstrom

    Via de la Plata in june 2019

    From Sevilla to Fuenteroble de Salvatierra in June 2019. Have a look :):)
  5. Roger Hogstrom

    More pictures

    Pictures from my third Camino from Madrid. Search for "Camino de Madrid 2016" on Youtube
  6. Roger Hogstrom

    Happy Christmas

    Year 2000 I walked Camino Frances from Roncesvalles with my son. He was 14 years old. Next year I will walk Camino de Madrid with him. Now he is 33 years old. The Camino was important to both of us. Never forget the importance of walking and spending time together. Happy Christmas all walkers ...
  7. Roger Hogstrom

    New place to sleep

    A new place to sleep in Colmenar Viejo. Found it on Booking.com Habitaciones con WiFi 6 Calle de Juan Miró 1º A, 28770 Colmenar Viejo, Spanien
  8. Roger Hogstrom


    IF yo want to follow my 2015 walk from Madrid to Sahagun search for " roger hogstrom " ön Instagram. I started today from Madrid
  9. Roger Hogstrom

    Starting june 29 from Madrid

    I love this part of the camino and starts my third walk from Madrid to Sahagun June 29. I agree with someone that said "don´t talk so much about it " . Keep it the way that it is.Agree. Roger from Sweden
  10. Roger Hogstrom

    Spanish documentary

    Watched this 2 hour long documentary from the Camino Frances. It`s in spanish but beautiful even if you don´t understand it. Roger from Sweden
  11. Roger Hogstrom


    I will start camino de Levante arriving Valencia 7 june. Does anyone know if/where you pic up the key to the albergue on a sunday? Is there alternatives hostals or hotel? In my guide there is no hostals/hotels and on the internet there is 2.
  12. Roger Hogstrom

    So right so beautiful, I loved it !

    Can you tell me a bit about how, in your words, “the walking became the praying?” [Note: This is an excerpt from Andy's article The Walking Becomes the Praying, first published in the Fairacres Chronicle, Vol. 43 No. 1, Summer 2010. You can read the entire article on Andy's blog, Pilgrimspace.]...
  13. Roger Hogstrom

    New videos on Camino de Madrid

    I watched this guys videos yesterday and they are fantastic. If you haven´t seen them do :-) You find them at: Roger
  14. Roger Hogstrom

    Pictures Camino de Madrid 2013 part 1

    For you that haven´t seen our photos from CdM 2013 you can find them at Part 2 is there to. All the best Roger and Daniel
  15. Roger Hogstrom

    Valsain again this time with link

    http://youtu.be/lDCctTk6jGs forgot the linkadr, sorry :-) Some topics ago there where a discussion about where on the camino between Cercedilla and Segovia you have to get of and go to Valsain to shorten this long day. If you look at this youtubeclip you can see in the beginning of it where...
  16. Roger Hogstrom


    Some topics ago there where a discussion about where on the camino between Cercedilla and Segovia you have to get of and go to Valsain to shorten this long day. If you look at this youtubeclip you can see in the beginning of it where you get of and go you Valsain. All the best Roger
  17. Roger Hogstrom

    Final version of my pictures 2013

    Same pictures but now in HD and with beautiful music, Look at http://youtu.be/S81g6ifJrio and http://youtu.be/TczHlVv-u1A Roger
  18. Roger Hogstrom

    2013 walk on Camino de Madrid , nice pictures

    Me and my frienf Daniel walked Camino de Madrid+ 3 days on Camino Frances to Leon in june 2013. I love Camino de Madrid and the way it avoids asphalt. We didn´t get lost at any point. The signing are better than last year. If you would like to see nice photos from this years walk go to ...
  19. Roger Hogstrom


    I need to take an INR-test (I take anticoagulation meds for a heartcondition) on my pigrimage once a week. Where can I do that. In a Centro de salud? Roger
  20. Roger Hogstrom

    Special Credencial for Camino del Salvador

    This summer me and a friend will walk camino de Madrid from Madrid to Sahagun and from there to Leon. In Leon we will walk further on along Camino del Salvador to Oviedo. Is it possible to buy the special credencial for Camino del Salvador in Leon? Roger from Sweden.