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  1. Jay Es

    Why do pilgrims carry on when it is really hard?

    There are many harder things in life for the average pilgrim. Religious or not.
  2. Jay Es

    COVID Wave of pilgrims when lock down is over?

    We came home from A Gudina at the begining of March. We will certaiy complete our Sanabres at another time.
  3. Jay Es

    COVID When can we walk again? (March 2020 version)

    If you are asking it probably means you've heard what the experts are saying. Just Concentrate on staying well and helping people through this. Wether that's in your local community or by self isolating or social distancing depending on your circumstances. so you and others are here to enjoy 2021.
  4. Jay Es

    Post-Camino life changes

    Awesome. Good Luck with your new life.
  5. Jay Es

    Nordic walking vs. Trekking Poles

    On the VdlP last month the most popular pole was the €4.95 from Decathlon. As you can buy it when you arrive. Second most popular seemed to be Black Diamond.
  6. Jay Es

    Shoes to relax in

    A pair of Croc like things from the Internet. Lightest I could find.
  7. Jay Es

    COVID Corona Virus Discussion Thread (continued)

    Wild camping in Scotland is free and not bookable. Just watch out for the Haggis.
  8. Jay Es

    via del la plata vs. camino portugues from Porto with kids

    Mérida is fascinating loads of Romans. The extra madura through oak belota and pigs. Before Caparra was a day of beautiful easy single track through woods. After Salamanca isn't so interesting. The early part from Seville to Castilloblanco has a bit more road that are busier. There seemed to be...
  9. Jay Es

    via del la plata vs. camino portugues from Porto with kids

    I cycled down the Portuguese a couple of years ago, going home from SdC. There were a couple of sections I recall not being great for kids. Quite a few roads to cross although the lanes next to the road were nice. Also the Portuguese drivers are not as good with cyclists as the Spanish. I've...
  10. Jay Es

    Sanabres - Is it possible?

    It's not all on hard shoulder, but yes you are quite correct. I did it last week and the diversions before Lubian is actually very nice. I'd also miss out the bit out of Zamora too as it's pretty boring.
  11. Jay Es

    Sanabres - Is it possible?

    Why not just start from either Requejo oe Puebla?
  12. Jay Es

    Drinking water availability on the VdLP

    We have just come off the VdlP. It's been a very dry spring so far and the only time any fonts were running was after this weeks rain and snow in Galicia. We carried the days water from each albergue.
  13. Jay Es

    COVID Opening a coronavirus thread for forum discussion

    That's new cases today. There's 110 cases
  14. Jay Es

    COVID Opening a coronavirus thread for forum discussion

    It's not the risk of virus but the risk of the Camino being closed, or worse being quarantined for weeks in Spain. I personally can't see the point in being here when it all goes awry and pilgrims aren't welcome any longer.
  15. Jay Es

    COVID Opening a coronavirus thread for forum discussion

    Once in Spain and on the Camino, you are also reliant on small business good will to take bookings, and carry on taking in pilgrims. If I was a casa rural or private albergue would I want to have 1000s of the great unwashed traipsing through my house?
  16. Jay Es

    ATM fees - which ones are a rip-off?

    Santander charge €5. BVA charge €2 Caixa €5 Best is Liber Bank is free. Iber Caja is free.
  17. Jay Es

    COVID Opening a coronavirus thread for forum discussion

    We have reached Ourense from Seville. There has been a big jump in cases in Spain this morning, so have decided to fly home. We think that it would be foolish and selfish to carry on. Even if we don't catch the virus it seems that soon Spain will have to close the Caminos. The thought of two...
  18. Jay Es

    Opinions--new safety system for hikers being trialed in Portugal

    Give freedom over safety. I'd rather die in nature than be forever tagged by society. Thanks. Everytime you want safety and agree to this sort of nonsense you become less free. Control by fear....
  19. Jay Es

    Fisterra and the mystique of death

    If you take that the winter Solstice sun sets in the SW then in Northern European Neolithic terms the Finistere sun set is, where its all going on.
  20. Jay Es

    Camino in April with two 8 yr olds

    Madrid and train. Its far better than British train travel. Easy, comfortable fast. Go on Rome to Rio Web site and it will give you options on how to get where ever you want, when ever.