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  1. Rod Murray

    Trekking Pole Research

    This recent article sheds some science on trekking poles. It’s a roundup of scientific studies related to the use of poles over the last 40 years. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32980249/
  2. Rod Murray

    Transportation suggestions Redondela to SdC

    We are walking the Coastal route this September from Porto and have only enough time to get as far as Redondela but want to spend a few nights in SdC since we only spent 1 night there after the CF in 2016. What’s the best way to quickly get from Redondela to SdC? Train, bus, taxi? Any...
  3. Rod Murray

    Jobi Talbot’s “Path of Miracles” choral composition

    Many veterans of the Camino would be familiar with this extraordinary piece of choral music. I was not until this past week. Let me explain. I live near the small town of Elora, Ontario, Canada, which is also the home of the world renowned Elora Singers, a Grammy award winning choir. I...
  4. Rod Murray

    If you haven't heard about the film/book "I'll Push You"..

    Stumbled on this TED talk via their TED's email newsletter about two friends who do the Camino Frances, one in a wheelchair who wanted to do the pilgrimage and the other, who said "I'll Push You!" Apparently the film is to be released in early November across the USA. Here's the Ted Talk to...
  5. Rod Murray

    New Anglican Centre proposed for Santiago de Compostela

    Here is a link to an article appearing in the Anglican Church of Canada Journal from earlier this year about a proposal for an Anglican Centre in SdC. http://www.anglicanjournal.com/articles/new-anglican-centre-proposed-for-santiago-de-compostela In it the Secretary to the Anglican Bishop of...
  6. Rod Murray

    Post Camino Question- Route from Cacabelos to Villefranca

    Its been almost 5 months since our Ponferrada to Santiago Camino in June and I've had lots of time to digest the experience. Having a fascination with maps, I've also explored numerous online Camino maps, many linked here in the forums. My question is this- what is the most used route from...
  7. Rod Murray

    Best place to get a new Credencial after Sarria

    New members of our group are missing their Credencials. We've left Sarria and need 3. Where can we likely to get some?
  8. Rod Murray

    Renfe Train Schedule for mid June and beyond

    Does anyone know when Renfe posts its summer schedule? I was able to book at train to get me to my starting point on the CF but not for my return to Madrid from SdeC in late June. I've read that it's posted 60 days before the summer schedule begins on June 15. Anyone have first hand experience...
  9. Rod Murray

    Scientific Study shows benefits of hiking

    This article, which has a link to the actual scientific journal, explains the benefits of hiking. I've linked both below: Article Journal Link
  10. Rod Murray

    Are there any Labyrinths to Walk on the Camino?

    As if the walk on the Camino is not enough, are there any Labyrinths to walk in any of the Churches or Towns along the Camino Frances? I've not read about any in the guidebooks but perhaps other walkers know of some?
  11. Rod Murray

    Flying in Spain on Vueling Airline

    Has anyone had experience using Vueling Airlines to travel to/from their Camino? If so, please add your positive/negative/neutral comments to the thread.