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  1. TMcA

    Poll Which Camino are you planning next?

    I have to get through an ankle surgery and rehab before being able to assess what kind of distances and elevations gains will be possible for me...but I have been thinking about: The Francigena - short segments combining battlefields of the world wars. I would especially like to see one or two...
  2. TMcA

    Porto area options

    I agree with you 8 days in Porto is about 4 too many. This despite the fact that I have been there 3 times and love the city. The problem is that if you were to fly into Madrid in order to spend 3-4 days there before heading to Porto, you are going to have to purchase plane tickets for more $$$...
  3. TMcA

    Entertainment ... "How to look at a painting."

    Couple of thoughts... The rhythmic relationship that roughly circles from the young man's outstretched hand on the table, up his sleeve, across his shoulder, to the young man's gaze, then to the globe highlights for the viewer the most important elements of the composition. More on this later...
  4. TMcA

    How the Via Francigena is Different from the Camino de Santiago

    @Kevin considine Was curious about how much hardscape you encountered on the Via Fr. Walked the coastal route from Porto north in 2019 and it was way too much asphalt, concrete, and cobblestones for my feet. Maybe just a rough estimation or comparison with the Camino FR. Thanks.
  5. TMcA

    New Low-Cost High-speed train company in Spain

    I used Ouigo several years ago...Paris to Hendaye. Here's what I remember: Reservation was in a Ouigo-only car in a regular TGV train. Low priced, but high cancellation penalties. It was administered completely online.
  6. TMcA

    Wimpy Merino Shirts, Or Is It Just Me

    Maybe marino wool cannot hold up to abrasion? I have worn Smartwool tee shirts on my last four Caminos, the longest of which was just over two weeks. Carried a 20lb pack on the first of these, then just lighter day packs. No problem with excessive wear by pack straps. The shirts, I carry three...
  7. TMcA

    A detour in Cathar Country: myth, mystery and lost treasure.

    You missed the part about the annihilation of the Cathars. :) ;)
  8. TMcA

    For those struggling with French on the way to SJPdP

    As an American, I'd say we are the leaders of the mono-lingual pack. Don't know about those from Oz and NZ. During my own Peace Corps experience I learned a first foreign language and I also learned that it is possible, with just a bit of effort and the use of a phrasebook, to learn a small...
  9. TMcA

    For those struggling with French on the way to SJPdP

    I don't think that's the reason. But I can't be sure. Will follow the thread...maybe someone will know.
  10. TMcA

    Good resources for would-be expats? (US citizen in ES or PT)

    I was told Portugal is welcoming immigrants...what I seem to recall is that they need to come with funds. A sticking point for me would be healthcare - how to manage if I didn't qualify for, say, the Portuguese system. I do know two American citizens who lived in Spain in homes they purchased...
  11. TMcA

    News Related to the Future of Credencials

    Just read the original post and...I am sorry to say this, but it seemed a little brusque. Hope I am wrong about that. Thanks to the many people who later posted how to translate the article into English. Or to just read the article using the English language option.
  12. TMcA

    Trenhotel Lisbon to Hendaye

    Ask the folks at Capitaine Train. Whoops, they have become Trainline. Have been very responsive to my emails and the pricing has, for me, always been competitive or the cheapest. I admit it has been a couple of years since I last used them, tho. https://www.trainline.eu/search/
  13. TMcA

    New York Times article

    I am kind of wrestling with this book... And I'm trying to keep this post short. After 200+ pages the author finally meets a collection of fellow hikers (maybe cyclists, also) with whom he enjoys a nice evening. In earlier pages almost nothing about interactions with other walkers/pilgrims...
  14. TMcA

    Easy Spanish radio?

    I have used a free conversation exchange site for about 5 years to connect myself with French speakers to improve my French language skills. You can do the same with Spanish. Not every partner has worked out but a couple have lasted 3 or more years. The conversations naturally take you beyond...
  15. TMcA

    Did you frame your credential?

    Perhaps I am in the minority...my credencial from 2013 rests in its mailing tube somewhere in my office. It has always seemed to me to be an inadequate summation of the many wonderful experiences I enjoyed on my first Camino.
  16. TMcA

    Can you camp along the Camino?

    @davebugg Based on your own post, in Navarra and Galicia it is prohibited. And people do camp, with permission, on property adjacent to some albergues and perhaps in the occasional, rare campground. I don't think that is what the op was asking about...
  17. TMcA

    Can you camp along the Camino?

    I am not an expert on European norms, but I think Western Europeans are more compliant with norms and regulations (like prohibitions against wild camping) than Americans. So it kind of boils down to can you do this and get away with it or get away with it most of the time? Even if the answer to...
  18. TMcA

    Booking directly

    In 2013 my wife badly sprained her foot several days into our hike on the Le Puy route. We were forced to conclude our hike and to kind of treat ourselves we spent a couple of nights in a nice hotel in Aumont-Aubrac. When we returned two years later to continue our hike we again stayed at this...
  19. TMcA

    Your opinion is greatly appreciated on our first Camino

    Many people, myself included, find that meeting people from all over the world, breaking bread with them after a long day's walk, and sharing each other's life trajectory, are a major element of why we enjoy walking the Camino routes. Social distancing makes these things a little more difficult...
  20. TMcA

    Recommended men's trousers please

    My favorite - the CIMALP brand from France. But probably too hot for a June Camino. https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/best-mens-hiking-pants-for-any-camino.62339/