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  1. viajero

    Via de la Plata in March

    In 2012 I walked the Via de la Plata starting from Sevilla in late February. I had no problems finding albergues that were opened. I think I stayed in a pension in one or two towns but apart from that the albergues were opened. (Again, this was in 2012 so I'm not sure if that would still be...
  2. viajero

    Camino del Norte: Good or bad?

    I was surprised to see the Camino del Norte described as "ugly". I thought it had more natural beauty than the Frances. The first week, between Irun and Bilbao was stunning as were later stages. The industrial bit around Bilbao, is, admittedly, not so nice. I did not walk the entire route...
  3. viajero

    Drying hair in winter

    I walked starting in early March...so winterish. When I arrived in the afternoon I would shower, wash my hair, and put on clean clothes. I think it usually dried by the time I went to bed (my hair is thick and usually takes awhile to dry). I don't remember it being a problem. I don't know of...
  4. viajero

    camino via de la plata starting from sevilla in february, 20

    I walked from Sevilla last year starting in late February. For warmth I brought a fleece jacket and a very light weight long sleeved wool shirt. I also had silk long underwear. I may have brought a lightweight wool hat but I don't remember having to use it. I brought a very lightweight rain...
  5. viajero

    Buses and bed bugs

    I always worry about putting my luggage in the luggage hold on buses, airplanes, etc. as I fear that's where the little devils can get into my things. Unless you see the actual bed bugs (which I have) it is often hard to tell where the bug are/where you were when you got bitten. My bites...
  6. viajero


    A dog bit me on the Camino del Norte which, subsequently, made me nervous when I saw dogs or heard them barking. I don't use a stick for walking but I started to carry a stick, it made me feel a bit more protected. Also, a lot of the dogs in rural areas seem to respond if you bend down to pick...
  7. viajero

    Need help with socks!!!

    I have always used Smartwool brand socks...a hiking sock. I did not use sock liners. These worked well for me.
  8. viajero

    Sleeping Bag vs Silk Liner

    I would think a liner would be fine. My friend walked in March from Ponferrada and brought only a liner. Blankets were available when it was cold. I would think in the summer it would be very warm.
  9. viajero

    ten/twelve days??

    I'd probably start in Irun. I thought the first part of the walk (from Irun to Bilbao) was really beautiful and would not wanted to have missed it. There are not so scenic parts on either side of Bilbao but otherwise gorgeous.
  10. viajero

    US to Spain - What Airline?

    I've always had good experieces on Iberia. I flew on Ieria for all of my caminos because they had the best rates (I was flying in the off season each time). I have always flown from Washington DC and Iberia used to have a direct flight to Madrid from Washington (I don't think they do any...
  11. viajero

    List your shoes

    Hiking: Vasque ion mid xcr Evening wear: crocs
  12. viajero

    Flying to Spain for El Camino del Norte

    I flew to San Sebastian. There was a bus that passed the San Sebastian airport that went to Irun.
  13. viajero

    Food and costs on the VdlP

    I walked in March this year. Several of the albergues (at the beginning) cost 10 euros/night...some 7. In a couple of towns where there are not albergues a pension was about 18 euros in a single room. I ended up spending less than I thought...the previous post about costs seems pretty...
  14. viajero

    Which German guidebook for Norte: Yellow or Red

    Hi, A German couple that I walked with brought both the yellow and the red. Among the others, it seemed to be an even mix of red and yellow. Either one of them seemed better than the other VDLP guidebooks that I've seen.
  15. viajero

    Silk Sleeper Mummy Optimistic? - Route Info Advice?

    Hi, I can't remember if I used blankets at albergues on top of the liner or if it was just warm enough at night. I tend to remember it being warm enough to just use the liner wihtout a blanket but I can't remember. I don't remember it being hot in the evenings but nor do I remember it being...
  16. viajero

    Silk Sleeper Mummy Optimistic? - Route Info Advice?

    I walked part of the route (Irun-Oviedo) in late June/July 2009 and brought only a liner. It was fine. I was never cold. I brought pages from the Eroski site and the CSJ gude. I didn't find the CSJ guide useful and ditched it enroute using only the Eroski guide.
  17. viajero

    One week Camino March 2013

    I walked in March a few years ago. I had a sleeping bag but a friend met me towards the end of the route (in Ponferada) and had only a sleeping sheet/liner. She was fine. All of the albergues had blankets. I think all/most of the albergues were opened and loads of places available to eat.
  18. viajero

    Checking baggage or bringing it through security?

    I have always brought my backpack for caminos as carry on. It is small and light and I have one less worry about it going astray. Also, you don't have to wait around the luggage claim and can get in and out of the airport faster.
  19. viajero

    updates--A December/January start

    I started in late Feb. this year and found very few albergues that were closed. Most were opened.
  20. viajero

    Bed Bug Sheets

    I bought an inexpensive curtain sheer. I cut it to the size of a bedsheet and treated it with permetherin. I would put this on the mattress and then my sleeping bag on top. I also used DEET for my face and hands at night. I did not get any bed bug bites but it is also possible that there...