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  1. Brian E

    Bus stops from Santiago to Finisterre?

    So I am one day removed from my second leg of the Camino Frances and already looking at flights, dates, vacation time I can use, etc. for the final stages this Sept. Will start from Ponferrada and looks like I will probably have 9 walking days as I can at least work Labor day in and not use a...
  2. Brian E

    Gure Lana in St Jean?

    Anyone know much about this hotel in SJPP? Looks like it might be pretty new but seems like a great little place to stay.
  3. Brian E

    Only 'change' (no pun intended) for next Camino...

    So I felt I brought the basics/usual stuff and got by fine on Camino #1. You really just don't need much. The one thing I will get for next year though is a man purse. Well, let's call it a wallet with a zipper instead to keep my masculinity intact. I didn't realize the amount of coins I would...
  4. Brian E

    Camino music/songs

    After my first Camino I found I liked to kind of zone out once in awhile with music or if I needed some extra energy or motivation. Always looking for good 'camino' songs if anyone has suggestions. I just added Thick as Thieves by Natalie Merchant to the song list for next year. Wonderful song...
  5. Brian E

    Renting a bicycle on a whim on the Meseta?

    I will be picking back up from my 2018 Camino at Burgos and end in Ponferrada in 2019. Still like my job and too young to quit or retire yet so can only typically get 2-3 weeks per Camino. As of now I have no rest days planned and a pace of about 17 miles/day. I am starting to have thoughts...
  6. Brian E

    Bombas Socks?

    For those in search of the perfect socks or best anti-blister prevention might want to research these. Just saw an ad on my FB feed. Apparently every pair sold they donate a pair to the homeless as well. I did fine with blister prevention using Omnifix tape / vaseline with 1000 mile socks but...
  7. Brian E

    Creative Camino moments?

    As I prepare to depart in two weeks from SJPP I feel ready and prepared for the most part. Then it hit me last night i have no poncho or rain cover for my pack. So my MacGyver skills kicked in and noticed a box of large trash bags in my garage. So, two quick slits for the straps and i now have...
  8. Brian E

    Beverage of choice?

    So as I near the Camino in May I am starting to focus on the real important things which includes what wonderful beers, wine, etc. await at the end of the day. All kidding aside, besides Sangria (probably the most popular drink in Spain I assume?) any suggestions on must try drinks that wowed...
  9. Brian E

    That one Dispairing Moment?

    So as I near my Camino in May I can't help but wonder how many of you had that one "What the hell am I doing here?" moment/s or question to yourself? If so, I assume it was short lived and even something you look back on and laugh about now. It just seems it would be hard to walk a partial or...
  10. Brian E

    Finalizing plans - any Paris experts?

    So I am buying the last of my equipment, transportation, hotels, etc. for a May/June 2018 Camino. All I am really left with is the question of getting in late and staying at a hotel in CDG airport and then fly to Biarritz the next morning OR get in early and head to Paris for a day and still do...
  11. Brian E

    Express Bourricot vs. Train?

    So I have started booking flights and other arrangements for a May 2018 Camino. I have decided to fly from CO to Paris and then fly into Biarritz and now deciding on how to get from Biarritz to St. Jean. I kind of like the notion of seeing the faces and anticipation/excitement of what I am...
  12. Brian E


    So I am not on here a lot but noticed that the Camino is apparently very busy at the moment. I plan on walking St. Jean to Burgos starting May 20, 2018 and honestly just assumed things wouldn't be too crazy and I wouldn't even need to bother with reservations, race for a bed, etc. I am now...
  13. Brian E

    Best time to book flights?

    Hey all, So I was going to walk the entire Camino a few years back but circumstances changed but still have longed to do it and will now take 2 weeks off work {instead of quitting and taking a nice long break was the original plan). I will go from St. Jean to Burgos in May 2018. I have started...