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  1. Rellrog

    Luggage Transport

    Since we are traveling for 3 months we had to carry extra luggage with us. Any idea how easy it is to send our extra luggage via the Spanish Correos from city to city. On the Le Puy in France we mailed extra luggage using the French mail service 5-8 stages ahead since the French have a 15 day...
  2. Rellrog

    Reflections on the Le Puy

    I hesitated writing this thread since I will be focusing on some negatives about walking the Le Puy Camino. It is very difficult to discuss negatives without misunderstandings and misinterpretations. I will comment more on the Le Puy in subsequent postings. All clearly was not negative. Well...
  3. Rellrog

    San Jean Accommodations

    We will be arriving in St. Jean shortly after we complete the Le Puy. We haven't decided what to do next. We originally planned to go to Irun to start the Norte. Not sure if that will happen right now. We walked the Camino Frances two years ago. We want to stay someplace special to celebrate...
  4. Rellrog

    Safety on the Le Puy

    I have been reading quite a bit recently about the amount of refugees fleeing North Africa and going through Italy and France on the way to Great Britain, Germany and Scandinavia. I am not usually one to worry about crime...and had no problem whatsoever on the Frances. However, does anyone...
  5. Rellrog

    Sleeping Bags in July/August

    We will be starting the Le Puy in late July...on our way to St. Jean. We plan to stay in gites along the way and would like to send our sleeping bags to St. Jean (with other things) for storage if possible. Does anyone think we will need our sleeping bags during this time of the year. Thanks.
  6. Rellrog

    July 29 Departure at Le Puy

    My wife and I will be arriving at Le Puy on July 27th and leaving on Wednesday the 29th. Is anyone else going at that time?
  7. Rellrog

    Luggage Storage

    My wife and I completed the Frances two years ago. This year we plan to do both the Norte and the Le Puy. Our plan is to stay in Europe for a year (with a Schengen long stay visa). Due to this long term stay we have to bring an extra suitcase with us (in addition to our backpacks) for the non...
  8. Rellrog

    Roncesvalles to Irun for the Norte

    Hi, last year my wife and I did the Frances from St. Jean to Santiago. Due to heavy snow conditions we had to go the Valcarlos as the Napoleon was closed. This year we would like to start in St. Jean and go over the Napoleon to Roncesvalles. We would then like to go to Irun to begin the...
  9. Rellrog

    The Route from San Sebastian

    Greetings. My wife and I walked the Camino from St. Jean in March and April. We are now thinking of trying it from San Sebastian, through Bilbao, and down to the Camino Frances. We plan to join friends at O'Cebreiro. Does anyone know about the route from San Sebastian...is it well marked or...
  10. Rellrog

    What would you take out of your backpack?

    I read through the topic on "big mistakes" and the winner, of course, is packing too much. My question is what did you bring that you wished you didn't? I'm in the process of doing my final pack since we will be leaving on March 12th. I notice that I'm adding items as each day goes by...and...
  11. Rellrog

    Food and Drink

    Sorry, haven't seen anything regarding food and drink as related to stomach problems. Any advice about avoiding intestinal problems because of the change in food and drink. I suspect there aren't problems in the bigger cities...but are there problems in the rural areas and small towns? Any...
  12. Rellrog

    Albergue Services and Recommendation

    My wife and I will be starting the Camino from St. Jean in mid March. We have a few questions we would like your input on. First, we were unable to obtain accommodation at L'Esprit du Chemin since they don't open until late March. Any recommedations for a place at St. Jean Pied de Port? I...