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  1. Debra Garcia

    End of the day sandals

    I do not think they would be the best for some of the rocky sharp up and downs of the Camino. I am going to rely on my Altras for those areas.
  2. Debra Garcia

    End of the day sandals

    These are for when I change out of my Camino Lone Peak Altras for walking! Love it ❤️
  3. Debra Garcia

    End of the day sandals

    Look what I found for walking around the Albergue, using in the shower, walking around town etc shoes! Amazingly lightweight (pair weigh only 7 oz) and they are comfortable Birkenstock’s with cushion support and great traction soles! Mine are lavender and my hubby got black. Oh the things that...
  4. Debra Garcia

    Comfortable and lightweight women shorts /pants

    I wore my macabi skirt last year on the Camino Frances June to July. Absolutely perfect and will wear it again this year with our grandson. I ordered it online and got the slimmer fit long one and took a short version as extra. Perfect!
  5. Debra Garcia

    Starting in Leon...accomodation and first day walking

    Yes! The hobbit houses coming out of Leon! They were so cool!
  6. Debra Garcia

    LIVE from the Camino Snakes in an albergue - La Quintana

    Awesome! Hahahahahahahaha! I would have flipped out if I saw a snake on my way to the bathroom unless it was after coming down from Cruz de Ferro and then I would have just been too exhausted to care!
  7. Debra Garcia

    Macabi skirt - which colour

    I wore the darker grey long and the light gray short one
  8. Debra Garcia

    Confused about Macabi Skirt

    I walked with my hubby from SJPDP to Santiago alternating with a Macabi regular length slim skirt and a Macabi short skirt.best decision. They washed and dried like magic and I could carry as much as I needed in my pockets. The short skirt was great in the hot days and the long was perfect going...
  9. Debra Garcia

    Dithering big time over Go decision.

    I think it is part of the journey. My husband and I walked from St. Jean to Santiago in June and we are in our mid 60’s. It was quite a challenge but worth it for us. I am glad we did it. At least walk to Pamplona and see how you feel. Poco a Poco. One step at a time.
  10. Debra Garcia

    Travel from CDG to SJPP - overwhelmed & would like advice!

    We flew from London gatwick to Biarritz and then had a shuttle ride into SJPDP. See if there maybe flights from CDG to Biarritz.We were initially going to take the train from Paris down but they were on strike at the time.
  11. Debra Garcia

    Clothesline and pins

    Diaper pins are the best I also took a sea to summit clothesline and it was tiny and I used it often around my bunk bed to finish drying my clothes! Will take it again on our next Camino
  12. Debra Garcia

    Clothes washing - what to use?

    They were Breezeo laundry detergent sheets I got on Amazon and they kept our clothes clean. Most of the albergues have washing machines but often there are a lot of others in line to use them as well. Washing our own clothes by hand was quicker honestly for us and gave us spare time to do other...
  13. Debra Garcia

    Clothes washing - what to use?

    My husband and I used the laundry soap sheets and a Scrubba and this Leo our clothes clean and were light weight. Used a bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap for bathing and shampooing and a bar of Spinster Sister’s hair conditioner for my hair. Perfect! Will do the same on our next Camino for sure
  14. Debra Garcia

    Is the Botafumeiro closed for repairs in 2018?

    We finished our Camino Frances 2 weeks ago and we were blessed to see the Botafumeira twice during pilgrim mass at the Cathedral in Santiago.
  15. Debra Garcia

    Funniest Camino Picture

    I loved the self service donkey stamp!
  16. Debra Garcia

    Rain Pants?

    My hubby and I loved our cheap rain kilts! So quick and easy to put on or take off and super cheap and lightweight!
  17. Debra Garcia

    Photos of Macabi Skirts in the Field

    I am in Santiago now and just finished my Camino Frances with my husband. I brought a long charcoal slim macabi skirt that worked great for the cool beginning of the Camino and rainy days and also a short light grey macabi that worked for all the hot days. They were absolutely fantastic. They...
  18. Debra Garcia

    Too old?

    Just do it! Give yourself more time so you do not have to walk so far each day and Give yourself rest days!!! I promise there will be many older than you on the Camino as well!!!!The Camino Frances is so awesome! The weather might be better for you in September. Make sure you take the bare...
  19. Debra Garcia

    3 shoes too much?

    We used Altras trail runners for the walk and flip flops for at night. There were sections that were very rocky where hiking boots would have been good but not sure they would have been the worth the extra weight to carry