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  1. Rellrog

    LIVE from the Camino Via de la Plata

    Also envious. My wife and I stopped at Zafra in March when the lockdown occurred. We had to escape to an AirB&B in Caceres for four days...until we could book our flight back. We are dying to continue our VDLP from Zafra but looks like it will be a while before that happens...we are from the...
  2. Rellrog

    Video 📹If it was me, I would not walk the Camino in September

    Thanks Ivar...I included your link to my Pilgrims group with 400 members
  3. Rellrog

    Travel from US to Spain during COVID

    Agreed totally...I live in Northern California also. I steer clear of people between the ages of 20-40 because many of them (and I say ‘many’ not all) think they are likely immune and if they, by chance, get it, don’t care if they infect more vulnerable people. The other day I saw a young...
  4. Rellrog

    We Walk For You 2020

    Am following your journey! Good luck and stay safe!
  5. Rellrog

    Camino now

    Unless there is a lock down....I know since I was on the VDLP in March when everything stopped and we had to scramble since all the albergues and hotels and restaurants closed. We had to find an AirB&B in Caceres and hold there until we were able to book a flight back. Not at all fun and not at...
  6. Rellrog

    COVID Article on pilgrims not wearing masks in SdC

    Well said...from one of your fellow “Excluded” in California. I am dying to return to Spain to continue my VDLP pilgrimage, since we had to leave in April due to Covid-19. Despite this, I also agree that we in the US deserve to be excluded. I hope Spain takes every precaution; if that means...
  7. Rellrog

    COVID Article on pilgrims not wearing masks in SdC

    I completely agree with you...thank you for your lucid and accurate response.
  8. Rellrog

    Anniesantiago's Update

    All the best, Annie. Good news!
  9. Rellrog

    Who is walking on VdlP in 2020?

    Will actually be leaving Sevilla on the 6th of March...a slight change in plans.
  10. Rellrog

    Update on Anniesantiago

    Good news Annie, but sorry you won't be walking the VDLP in March. Since we hope to be there in March my wife and I were hoping to meet you. All the best...will think of you during the passage.
  11. Rellrog

    Minor Glitch Hopefully - Asking for Prayers

    We are all wishing you well, Annie. Hope to still see you somewhere on the Camino in March. Keep your spirits up!
  12. Rellrog

    Who is walking on VdlP in 2020?

    My wife and I will likely be starting on March 9th from Sevilla We would consider later in the week just to have company on the first few days. Heard of possible instances of theft In Andalucia and think that company would be wise. Not terribly worried since most people I know doing the La...
  13. Rellrog

    Luggage Transport

    Since we are traveling for 3 months we had to carry extra luggage with us. Any idea how easy it is to send our extra luggage via the Spanish Correos from city to city. On the Le Puy in France we mailed extra luggage using the French mail service 5-8 stages ahead since the French have a 15 day...
  14. Rellrog

    Struggling on the Le Puy

    We are completely sympathetic. We walked it from Le Puy in 2015...loved the beautiful villages, great food and good accommodations. However, I have little French and felt isolated from the other pilgrims...at least 90 percent were French walking the Gran Randonnee, not the Camino. At least...
  15. Rellrog

    American Pilgrim dies on Camino

    Sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  16. Rellrog

    Dazed, Amazed, Confused......& ‘HOME’

    Don't know where these ideas got started. We walked from south of Coimbra to Santiago (on the Portugues) and only got one stamp a day. We also walked from St. Jean to Santiago and only got one stamp per day. Never had any difficulty getting my compostela. The frantic search for extra stamps...
  17. Rellrog

    Too old?

    Walked 800km of the Frances when I was 64, 750km of the Le Puy when I was 67, and just walked 420km of the Portugues at 69. At the start I wondered how I would do with a 420km trek...well, I did very well. My wife is now suggesting the 1000km Via de la Plata. I’m game...with maybe a 2 week...
  18. Rellrog

    Speaking French on the Le Puy Route

    Definitely do the Le Puy...the villages, surroundings and food are too great to miss. The downside for me is that, although you may be able to get along with some French...ordering food, making hotel reservations, etc., my experience (ala the Frances) was diminished because of the inability to...
  19. Rellrog

    Over 65

    I walked the Camino Frances when I was 64 and the Le Puy when I was 66. I hope to do the Portugues in March...a month before my 68th birthday. However, I did train quite a bit before going and didn't develop any problems. I do not suggest tackling the Camino without training. I will say that...