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  1. FatmaG

    Accomodation in summer (July, August) & tourism in the Picos

    Well, all that bear stuff made me curious about the Camino Vadiniense. Does anyone know how difficult (or not) it may be to find a bed during summertime? I speak at once about 2 options: From San Vicente de la Baquera via Lebeña towards Leon and From Sin Vicente via Lebeña, Bulnes and...
  2. FatmaG

    Credencial in BAYONNE?

    I wonder whether I will be able to find a credencial in Bayonne on a Sunday, 1st of April? Thank you for your advice.
  3. FatmaG

    From Narbonne-Plage to Puente la Reina (or Pamplona) ?

    Has anyone experienced this camino? I found (at least) 2 possibilities : - Narbonne-Plage to Pamplona (via Saint Jean Pied de Port) or - Narbonne-Plage to Puente la Reina (via Somport) The 2nd alternative should take about 28 or 29 days (if everything goes well). And I guess the route via...
  4. FatmaG

    Arriving in Leon : accomodation and credencial questions...

    I am planning to walk the Camino del Salvador (& Primitivo) this year, starting mid-June. - As I will be arriving by train (probably) in Leon to start my camino there, will I be allowed to sleep on my arriving day in the Pilgrims' albergue (calle Escurial) or rather not? (I know some places do...
  5. FatmaG

    alternative way from Lugo to Santiago

    Since having walked the Camino Frances this year in May, I am longing to walk another one as soon as possible... Given my time, the Holy Year and other considerations, I would like to walk the Primitivo - possibly in May/June next year. Is there an alternative route between Lugo and Santiago -...
  6. FatmaG

    Return flight (probably Ryanair) : what about the wooden sti

    Hello everybody, I need your help again... I want to book my flight back - but to book with Ryanair (via Madrid to Brussels), I must know what to do with my walking stick (probably a wooden one) because the luggage makes part of the reservation sheet. * Does the company consider it...
  7. FatmaG

    Which kind of sleeping bag ? (Camino Francés - May)

    Hello everybody, and first of all, sorry to ask that question again - but I went back on these pages till about mid-2006 without finding a satisfying answer... I want to start the camino frances on 30 april 09 As I am an easily freezing person, I would like to know by those of you - very...