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  1. lordhowe

    Advice on starting VdlP

    Hi, I walked in 2017 & 2019. I started both times in mid April . I found it to be the perfect time to go . Both times , quite by accident I arrived during Semana Santa . It was a nice start to my Camino. Next year Semana Santa runs from 28 March to 3 April .
  2. lordhowe

    Currently Walking VDLP - Daily Updates

    Hi John, Have walked the VDLP twice and am very envious but happy you are setting off. I look forward to reading your updates. The VDLP is my favourite after 12 Camino's. I am sure you will enjoy it. Unfortunately for us in Australia, I think it will be next year before we are allowed to...
  3. lordhowe

    Need Recommendation

    Ive walked the VDLP twice. April 2017 & 2019. Loved it. I used Maps.me .... a great help... and continue to use it everywhere I travel. I also had Gerald Kelly book on my phone along with the VDLP Premium App you can download. Between Gerald Kelly that I had downloaded on my phone & the VDLP...
  4. lordhowe

    Bed Bugs Bercianos del Real Camino at Santa Clara Albergue

    Yes... we did that.
  5. lordhowe

    Bed Bugs Bercianos del Real Camino at Santa Clara Albergue

    Maybe as C Clearly explained.... my wife may have been bitten but is not alergic. This makes sense, as we have walked 11 Caminos and I have had bed bugs 3 times and she hasnt ( but maybe she has been bitten as suggested above and just hasnt known ?)
  6. lordhowe

    Bed Bugs Bercianos del Real Camino at Santa Clara Albergue

    Hi.... we also have a double bed and the 3 bugs were on my side when I turned the light on after 2 hours of itching. Only I got bitten.
  7. lordhowe

    Bed Bugs Bercianos del Real Camino at Santa Clara Albergue

    We stayed the night of 2nd October at Santa Clara Albergue in a private room. We woke in the early hours of 3rd October to find 3 big bed bugs. I had numerous bites. We called the owners who both came straight away. We turned the bed upside down to find another 2 bed bugs. The wife was...
  8. lordhowe

    Camino Via de la plata - May rain?

    Hi... I walk in 2017 starting mid April. I am in Seville again now to start on Friday which is roughly the same dates for my 2nd via de la Plata. It is the perfect time weather wise. But at any time of year I would always take a poncho that goes over you and the pack. You only need 1 wet day...
  9. lordhowe

    Leaving Seville tomorrow

    Enjoy Dougie.... I will be 10 days behind you. The VDLP is one of my favourite Caminos. I am sure you will enjoy it. Cheers Gary
  10. lordhowe

    Hi Gerald , Hope all is going well . I arrive to Seville 17 April if you are still around ...

    Hi Gerald , Hope all is going well . I arrive to Seville 17 April if you are still around . Cheers Gary
  11. lordhowe

    Via de la Plata in April?

    My thoughts are exactly as Peregrina2000. I walked VDLP 2 years ago and loved. Just start walking. Nothing to worry about. Just nice days of walking and Albergues at the end of the day just like any other Camino. Have walked 7 Caminos and maybe VDLP is my favourite. I hope to be there again in...
  12. lordhowe

    Buying SIM card in Sevilla

    There is a Vodafone shop in the train station. Thats where I bought mine . Perhaps Google to see opening hours.
  13. lordhowe

    VDLP in mid-march, I´m spanish

    Hi Miguel I would like to keep in touch as it gets closer to your departure date. I am not sure of my departure but ideally from 20 March onwards. I walked the VDLP in mid April 2017 and loved it. I found it a perfect time to go. I have done quite a few Caminos and the VDLP would possibly be my...
  14. lordhowe

    Via de la Plata 2019.

    Hi Dave.... I have walked a Camino each year since 2012. A happy addiction. I walked the VDLP starting mid April 2017. I felt it was the perfect time to start. Just a nice number of other walkers. Varied from 15 to 40 people at different towns. Loved the walk. One of my favourites. Would...
  15. lordhowe

    When to walk the VDLP

    I started April 13 in 2017 and had a fabulous time. Dry weather. Not too hot. Good amount of walkers but not too many. 2 different albergues all to myself just when I needed it. There were pilgrims at a 2nd albergue in town. I would do the VDLP again and would imagine that anytime from late...
  16. lordhowe

    Too old?

    I think if you have the will and can put one leg after the other , you should make the most of every opportunity and go. I have met many people over 80 along the Way , who fortunately have been blessed with good health and are making the most of it . Last year on the VDLP we met a 79 year old...
  17. lordhowe

    Via de la Plata public transportation

    Download the "GoEuro" App . It gives you all the bus and train information for all towns. We have just returned from 2 months in Spain and the App was used daily to get us around.
  18. lordhowe

    VdLP scenery?

    I walked the VDLP starting April 13 in 2017 . Previously I had walked the Frances , Norte , Portuguese and other Caminos . I have loved them all but the VDLP is one of the special ones and is one I will definitely do again . Possibly my favourite ??? I love them all . The Albergues are fantastic...
  19. lordhowe

    Suddenly solo on the VdlP

    Go .... you will be so glad you did . I walked the VDLP last year starting 13 April and on day 1 met five fantastic people - all singles . We sat at dinner on the first evening saying how lucky we were to have had such a great start to our walk . This good luck continued the whole way . My...