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    COVID Airline refund on cancellation ?

    Hello Abigail, I checked the Ryanair site today and my outbound flight from Dublin to Biarritz (April 7th) was cancelled but the inbound one was not cancelled. I applied for a refund for the outbound flight only (5 seats) and it went through after a few attempts. I don't know whether or not the...
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    Cancelled Flights

    My Ryanair flight was cancelled for April 7th. I did not get an email, but found out by checking the website. The outbound flight was cancelled but the inbound flight on April 16th is not cancelled. I managed to cancel the bookings for the outbound leg and will try again when the inbound flight...
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    COVID Airline refund on cancellation ?

    I was offered to change my flights for free with Ryanair today. Travelling April 7th. Unfortunately, the next time we can get leave is the end of October and there are no flights to our destination, Biarritz on their website at that time. I would be happy to change flights to another destination...
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    Ring of Kerry Camino

    A group of 5 of us were supposed to start the Camino Frances in a couple of weeks. Clearly cancelled now. As we live in Ireland, we decided to do the Ring of Kerry instead. However, it is looking like all restaurants and hostels will be closed. I can't imagine staying in different bed and...
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    How much is the pilgrim passport in St. Jean? I got mine from Ivar for only 2 euro and it comes free with many books too.
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    Recycled poles in SJPDP?

    Yes, around the same price to send them as check them in. I do think Corelacka is correct. There is a market for second hand poles and possibly other bits and pieces in SJPDP. I'll ask in the pilgrims office and albergue when I'm there next month if anyone is doing it and report back here.
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    Recycled poles in SJPDP?

    I checked with the airline and they have to be checked in unfortunately. I also checked the prices of them in SJPDP and they were expensive enough. (unless I go out to Decathlon which is out of SJPDP). I will ask the last albergue I stay at if I can leave them there for another pilgrim. I got...
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    Recycled poles in SJPDP?

    Yes I have wondered this too but could not find any details on it so have paid the hefty price of checking in a small bag because I have walking poles.
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    Roncesvalles Albergue

    Thank you Kathar1na, You are correct, I had not fully made the booking as I had not pressed send the second time. I have done so now. Can't wait!
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    Roncesvalles Albergue

    Hello Annie, I filled in the booking form on the Roncevalles Albergue (Monastery) a few weeks ago for accommodation and dinner but I got no confirmation so I assumed booking ahead was not allowed. I'm going in April 2020. Can I ask did you get an email confirming your booking and did you do it...
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    Easter 2020

    I'm arriving into sjpdp on April 7th and starting on the 8th. I have booked accommodation in sjpdp, and Valcarlos but no further as I don't know where I'll be after 2 days with weather etc. I did part of the Camino Portugues last year over Easter and there was no problem with accommodation. So...
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    Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis - taxi assistance?

    The hostel I stayed in was Albergue Aloxa, a very comfortable place. The receptionist there organised the bike hire for me and the bike was delivered there.
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    Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis - taxi assistance?

    Ducks, I hurt my ankle near Pontevedra last year, so I hired a bike and cycled slowly beside the person I was with the next day. The bike was 15 euro to hire per day and the cycle hire shop told me to leave it locked at the next hostel and send the name to them by text. I can't remember the...
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    St. Jean Pied de Port - Estella April 2020 with Teenagers

    Gumba, This is most helpful. Thank you so much. What a memory you have. Just goes to show how memorable Caminos are. I also remember every detail of everywhere I stayed last year on the the final part of the Camino Portugues. I think I might pack sleeping bags after all, but am glad to have...
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    St. Jean Pied de Port - Estella April 2020 with Teenagers

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, depending on the weather, that might be the more sensible option rather than walking on the road via Valcarlos. After a bit of research today, I definitely won't go the mountain route because of the steep ascent/descent and the cold, even if it is open.
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    St. Jean Pied de Port - Estella April 2020 with Teenagers

    Thank you Biarritzdon. I think I will pay to bring a bag on the flight with 5 sleeping bags or buy them in St Jean Pied de Port afterall. It may be nice to stay in the traditional albergues and many, as you say, seem to offer good value dinners or cooking facilities.
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    St. Jean Pied de Port - Estella April 2020 with Teenagers

    Hello. After a successful short Camino Portugues from Vigo to Santiago in April 2019, with a 16 year old, I've decided to take the rest of the family on part of the first stage of the Camino Frances in April 2020. I will be travelling with my husband and a 16 year old, a 14 year old and a 12...
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    Vigo to Santiago

    Hi Catherine, I got the stamp in the hotel I was staying in across the road and to the left of the church called "The NH Hotel Vigo". Directly across from the church is The Hotel Atlantico. They are really good value and have a brilliant coffee shop attached. You can get a stamp at this hotel...
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    Dealing with a broken ankle

    I am just back from my first Camino and I sprained my ankle on day 3. I hired a bike and continued at walking pace. I had sprained the same ankle 4 months previously. The bottom line is, if you have injured your ankle, you are more prone to injuring it again. I had bought high top boots, but I...