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  1. FatmaG

    Stages and Albergues

    The monasterio was indeed a great place to stay. They offered a bed, supper and breakfast, and you could join of course the evening ceremony in the little chapel juste beside. Unfortunately, they were very few and rather elderly monks, that they had to stop accodommating pilgrims.
  2. FatmaG

    To Burgos or Santo Domingo?

    Hello Laurie, I did, indeed. (Sorry, I am not very present nowadays here - quite busy with plenty of things) I admit it was hard to chose which way. But as I was (it was in 2010) in my mind in "alternative way of an alternative way" (I did not only chose to go to Burgos, but as well I chose from...
  3. FatmaG

    Best accommodation in Livinhac-le-haut ...

    I stayed there: MAISON LA VITA E BELLA Hébergement, Gîte, Gîte d'étape 90, Place du 14 Juin 12300 Livinhac-le-Haut http://etapelavitaebella.blogspot.be It is a very beautiful place, run by a young couple. Clean and at least 2 rooms without stock beds. They provide even clean (!!!) bed linen...
  4. FatmaG

    Crowds on the Le Puy?

    Indeed, we nearly met. What I pity, until now, I never met a board member walking the Camino… And as you said: a pleasant time to walk except for all the rain. But, well, it didn't keep us away from walking. ;)
  5. FatmaG

    Routes near Saint Bertrand de comminges

    It is indeed on the Piemont Way. There are actually way marks (can't remember whether the small yellow French arrows or the white-red-GR-signs). In 2011, there was even Pilgrim's albergue with a small emergency shop because there was no "épicerie" in town…
  6. FatmaG

    Crowds on the Le Puy?

    Probably ;)
  7. FatmaG

    Crowds on the Le Puy?

    @paulstmalo: yes, of course, you are right. But as I already wrote, there were not that much people walking on the GR65 at that time - or they disappeared into the wild...
  8. FatmaG

    Crowds on the Le Puy?

    Hi Luka! By a number of coincidences, I have been walking from Le Puy en Velay to Cahors this summer. I started on the 1st of July, arriving in Cahors on the 13th (via the Celé Valley). The French hosts told me that it is very calm at that period "end of June, beginning of July" (I guess it may...
  9. FatmaG

    General questions about the Piemont Way

    The walk from Narbonne-plage to Narbonne went through "le plateau de la Clape" - very hot, arid, Mediterranean landscape. It was quite an adventure because no way marking, no water and the feeling of great loneliness ... I found it a beautiful, or "wild" start but not the most beautiful part of...
  10. FatmaG

    Foix - St Girons

    Have a look here: http://vppyr.free.fr/vpp.php Voie de la Garonne and Voie d'Aure connect southern France and Northern Spain via Jacobean ways before reaching Lourdes. Around Lourdes, there are some other connections you will find at the brilliant web site of vppyr. The 'Chemin des Bonshommes'...
  11. FatmaG

    Rocroi to Vezelay: Gr. 654 or Via Campaniensis?

    Hi! I walked from Rocroi to Vezelay in several stages. I constantly switched from the GR to the way marked by the local association (randonneurs pelerins 51) : between Rocroi and Reims, I mixed the two of them. From Reims to Troyes, I followed the Via Campaniensis. Then I followed the GR again...
  12. FatmaG

    Chemin de Robert Louis Stevenson

    It's a great walk through very changing landscapes. I walked from Le Puy to Alès last July (10 stages) and enjoyed it a lot - I did meet several other walkers, but none more often than 2 times, I'd say, because I cut the stages differently than most of them. Usually, finding a place to sleep was...
  13. FatmaG

    Starting the camino in BRUSSELS (Belgium)

    Seen today in Brussels... (Why only today, I wonder) Rue du Chien Marin
  14. FatmaG

    Radio Buen Camino on El Salvador in 7 parts

    Wow, I am behind… Just watched Campomanes - Mieres… Now, either I have a real big amnesia OR this part of camino has changed a lot since 2010… I really cannot remember any motorway neither to my left nor to my right… It was all (in my head at least) a rather dull but peaceful walk. I also loved...
  15. FatmaG

    accommodation in Auxerre and..is this camino well way-marked?

    Well, it maybe used less space than other posts - but I am really confident that anyone interested in the subject will read all the answers we write with the same attention… ;) Good to know that they definitely finished their guidebook from Rocroi till Vézelay - but you still have to decide...
  16. FatmaG

    accommodation in Auxerre and..is this camino well way-marked?

    There are in fact different options: - a camino marked by the different pilgrim associations along the way. (marked as Falcon posted here) - the GR waymarkings (white and red signs). From Auxerre to Vézelay, you should follow these GR signs; it's a 2 days walk. This alternative part has not...
  17. FatmaG

    Radio Buen Camino on El Salvador in 7 parts

    My God… so much beauty. (And all the answers to our questions…) When watching your video, I'd say I have more than once missed the "right" camino, Gunnar… (which may explain my amnesia…) And to say that I stayed alone in that joyful albergue of Pajares. (A shame!)
  18. FatmaG

    Radio Buen Camino on El Salvador in 7 parts

    Great video, Gunnar. Beside, I am very grateful for the information about people, politics, background you give. Yes, again souvenirs of the camino - but I do not remember f.i. that there was so much street walking from La Robla to Buiza… At least I do remember and recognize these stunning views...
  19. FatmaG

    Need some Good Advice!

    Hi Margaret, which way did you follow? The one from the Jacobean association or did you follow your own intuition? Regards, FatmaG
  20. FatmaG

    Need some Good Advice!

    Indeed, I walked this one - first through those lovely Champagne vineyards (Reims, Epernay…), then cities like Chablis, Auxerre, Irancy with definitely most delicious wine. Nice cities, beautiful (but perhaps not spectacular) landscapes… You could perhaps start in Auxerre, follow the GR 654 to...