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  1. psheehan

    TV program about the "new" cathedral in Santiago

    Amazing... thank you Ivar.
  2. psheehan

    Video Bought an Albergue - Living the Dream?

    @Robo thought you might appreciate this... a sign in an Albergue last year... 😂😂😂
  3. psheehan

    Video Bought an Albergue - Living the Dream?

    Excellent interview Susi and Rob.... great to hear your story Susi on what it is like to own and run an Albergue.
  4. psheehan

    Heading home post Camino

    What a fantastic Camino you have had @roamingpaddy Thanks for all the updates and have a safe trip home.
  5. psheehan

    LIVE from the Camino At Santiago de Compostela

    Fantastic... well done @roamingpaddy Enjoy the next few days to Finisterre.
  6. psheehan

    LIVE from the Camino Day 1 O Cebreiro to Tricastela

    Great update... Nice to hear there are a good few pilgrims walking... Enjoy and stay safe.
  7. psheehan

    LIVE from the Camino In a beautiful church

    Have a great Camino Frank... Good to hear you made it to Spain...Looking forward to your updates. Paul
  8. psheehan

    On this date in September...

    On this day 11th September in 2005 I began my first Camino... staying in the previous Albergue in Roncesvalles... amazed at the one big room for all the pilgrims.
  9. psheehan

    Interesting article ... about walking

    Excellent read... thank you.
  10. psheehan

    COVID Covid positive pilgrims arriving in SDC. (if any)

    Jomas, thank you very much for your excellent and detailed reply.
  11. psheehan

    COVID Covid positive pilgrims arriving in SDC. (if any)

    I'm curious to know, if for example you are currently walking the Camino and let's say you are not Spanish and you test positive for Covid-19, what do you do? Is there something in place by the Spanish health authority for you to self isolate and recover... or do you have to find a hotel/health...
  12. psheehan

    Video 📹If it was me, I would not walk the Camino in September

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip... do let us know what it is like 'on the ground' as you make your way along the Camino.
  13. psheehan

    Best Camino for December

    Great post Lirsy, I’m also planning on starting from SJPdP on December 1st and arriving in Santiago on December 30th for the holy year celebrations.
  14. psheehan

    Just for fun...your muddy shoes

    How about Dust... Camino Frances August 2019.
  15. psheehan

    Video A few words from the plaza today

    Thank you Ivar. As always very informative.
  16. psheehan

    August weather in Northern Spain

    My advice would be to Go... I walked sections of the Frances during August of the last 2 years... Yes, it’s hot... But very few pilgrims... lots of space in albergues which is important during these Covid times... and definitely lots and lots of water. If it wasn’t for the restrictions here in...
  17. psheehan

    Camino Lebaniego - my little video

    So beautiful... thanks for sharing.
  18. psheehan

    If you were to choose your Camino based on the food?

    Definitely Del Norte. Excellent food & wine.
  19. psheehan

    Extra Precautions - For the Frances in Winter?

    Hi Robo, Thanks for commenting on my photo. Winter walking on the Camino is wonderful. I loved the days with snow on the ground and the sun shining. As long as you have the right walking gear and flexibility in your schedule it can be a great experience.