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  1. holhum

    100km...start Ourense or Vigo or..?

    I walked Leon to Santiago this year and would like to go back with my husband and just do 100km but NOT from Sarria as it is so busy. I want a really scenic walk that can be done in 15km stages as walking 20+ daily gave me injuries. I’m not athletic so I’m think the northern routes are probably...
  2. holhum

    Advice re my packing for June Frances from Leon? Esp. from ladies! ta :-)

    Hi all, I'm in the home stretch for packing and v. happy to take advice as this is my first Camino. This is what I have, and I'm aiming for a 5-6kg pack (before water and food and it's only a 32 litre). I'm from Australia and we don't have the range of products I've seen mentioned sometimes...
  3. holhum

    Chaco sandals pros and cons? (plantar fasciitis dramas)

    Leaving in a week (I will be walking from Leon in June after a month of other travel in Europe) and have to make a decision about the 'second' pair of shoes to take. I have pretty bad plantar fasciitis in one foot and it is too late for any miracle cures, I just need to manage it. I switched...
  4. holhum

    Rain issues...Goretex Jacket 670 g vs Rain Jacket 340g

    Seeking yet more advice....I start in Leon on 1 June and while slow, I will still get to Santiago in three weeks. I have the two options for rainy weather listed in the title. The rain jacket is just a single layer, the Goretex is padded. I am struggling with knowing how to pack for what is to...
  5. holhum

    Buying painkillers vs bringing from Australia

    Hi! I can't take anti inflamatory drugs so I was thinking codeine might be an alternative for any injuries that paracetemol won't deal with (I already have back and foot issues and I haven't even started!) I am flying via Dubai and travelling elsewhere in Europe first and I am concerned about...
  6. holhum

    Buying a paper map

    I will be walking from La Virgen Del Camino just past Leon and trying to work out my own stages, but without a map it is doing my head in a bit...flipping from section to section in my Brierley guide or googling maps then zooming in and out 😬 Can anyone recommend a good old fashioned fold out...
  7. holhum

    Starting in Leon...accomodation and first day walking

    Hi! Some advice please... 1. I fly into Madrid, stay one night and my travel agent is booking on the train from Madrid to Leon and into a posh hotel in Leon, which seems a little unnecessary, so I was wondering what recommendations people might have of where to stay in Leon the night before I...
  8. holhum

    Buying women's hiking pants in Australia

    I am struggling to find quick dry hiking pants. I am short (5 foot 4 or 163cm I think) and curvy (size 14/16) and I have tried Kathmandu and Anaconda. Pants seem to all be designed for much taller slimmer hipped/tummied ladies than me...VERY long in the legs and tight across tummy if they fit...
  9. holhum

    Buying a sleeping bag in Leon for June?

    I am walking in June, starting in Leon and as I feel the cold I was going to bring a lightweight sleeping bag as I gather not all the abergues provide blankets. I’m doing other travel in Europe first (and flying from Australia) where it won’t be needed so was thinking of maybe just buying one in...
  10. holhum

    Leon hotels

    Well the flights are booked, and I will be arriving by train from Madrid to start walking 31 May or 1 June next year. I want to stay one night in Leon somewhere where I will get a good nights sleep before starting to walk the next day. Hotel is fine for one night, then it will be the albergues...
  11. holhum

    Stages from Leon and luggage question from a first timer

    I am seeing the travel agent tomorrow to book my trip for next year, so hoping for some advice. I am doing a coach tour of Croatia, a cruise out of and returning to Rome, then flying to...Madrid?...to travel on to Leon and walk for up to 3 weeks during June. Jamming a lot in as I am coming from...
  12. holhum

    Sept Vs March for 2 weeks into Santiago

    Sept vs March? Thanks to the lovely people who responded to my previous question (I hope it isn't terribly obvious that I have never used a forum before...hope I am not breaching etiquette, and feel free to tell me if I am). I have realised that given my job as a teacher, coming all the way...
  13. holhum

    Coming from Australia, only 2 weeks to walk

    I may have a 3 week window to travel from Australa and do just a 16-18 day walk. I have my heart set on the Frances route, I would love some beautiful scenery and I do not want to rush....even though I can't do the whole thing I want it to be a peaceful and reflective time for me. I would like...