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  1. TMcA

    Booking directly

    In 2013 my wife badly sprained her foot several days into our hike on the Le Puy route. We were forced to conclude our hike and to kind of treat ourselves we spent a couple of nights in a nice hotel in Aumont-Aubrac. When we returned two years later to continue our hike we again stayed at this...
  2. TMcA

    For Sale Free guidebooks +

    Given away on Jan. 25. No longer available. *************************************************************** At this time I have received multiple requests for these materials, so I will not be responding to additional pms expressing interest in them. I believe that they will be sent to one of...
  3. TMcA

    Are we losing our "Way"?

    In the link posted below an experienced hospitalero bemoans the changes he (or maybe she) has seen in the behavior of many who walk the various Camino routes. I hesitate to summarize the feelings and opinions in this letter, but feel it is worth a read. In Spanish, but Google will translate it...
  4. TMcA

    Best men's hiking pants for any Camino

    Sorry - these pants are, I believe, available only for men. (They have pants for women, but I am not familiar with them. https://www.cimalp.fr/pantalons-de-randonnee/pantalon-de-montagne-homme-laos-4-60.html#/taille-40/color-terre I have worn a pair of these pants for four or five years and I...
  5. TMcA

    Restaurant spluge - Matosinhos

    After our flight from Montreal to Porto we had booked a room at the O Valentim Hotel in Matosinhos. It was raining when we left Montreal, raining when our flight backtracked to Toronto, and raining when we arrived in Porto. Our room was not ready when we got to the hotel, so we wearily moved to...
  6. TMcA

    Restaurant splurge - Matosinhos

    After our flight from Montreal to Porto we had booked a room at the O Valentim Hotel in Matosinhos. It was raining when we left Montreal, raining when our flight backtracked to Toronto, and raining when we arrived in Porto. Our room was not ready when we got to the hotel, so we wearily moved to...
  7. TMcA

    Maximum ATM withdrawal amount

    I am using my ATM card from a U.S. bank to obtain euros. In Portugal where I started walking, max withdrawal was 200€. I’m now in Vigo (Spain) and will soon need to make another withdrawal. Last year I think the max withdrawal in Spain was 300 €. Is this still the case? BTW, I think I was able...
  8. TMcA

    What to do if we have to change plans and don't walk?

    We leave tomorrow for Porto and plan to start walking April 16. But... I have been troubled by plantar faschiitis for about 6 weeks and despite wearing only arch supporting footwear with insoles, going to a physical therapist, doing exercises, etc., I still have a hotspot deep in my arch. So my...
  9. TMcA

    ATM charges

    My wife and I just walked from Burgos to León. I followed my usual pattern of ATM withdrawals. First at Madrid airport (admittedly not the best idea because of risk of the machine eating my card, but my wife has hers as backup). My next withdrawal was on the Meseta and I spotted a Santander bank...
  10. TMcA

    ALSA bus - advance ticket purchase & change?

    Our flight from Montreal arrives in Madrid at 12:05 PM. The first bus to Burgos from Madrid Barajas Terminal 4 is at 1:15. Would love to make that bus but it's an extremely tight connection. The next bus leaves at 3:15. I just checked the seats available on the earlier bus and about a third of...
  11. TMcA

    May 1 travel

    We arrive in Madrid around noon on May 1. From there we hope to take the ALSA bus to Burgos from Terminal 4 of Madrid Barajas. I checked and May 1 is a national holiday. What are people's thoughts about buying our bus tickets now or as soon as they are available? If you know how many days ahead...
  12. TMcA

    Wasting water?

    Walked from Pamplona to Burgos May 20 - May 30. Hot days but cool mornings. In the afternoon arriving at a fountain was a great relief, the more so if the water was cool. Many of the fountains had a push button or similar device to activate the water flow. But... Many fountains ran...
  13. TMcA

    French and Spanish train ticket purchases and Tarjeta Dorada

    I have often recommended Capitaine Train (now Trainline) for advance purchase of train tickets in France or Spain. I have done so despite earlier online purchases of tickets directly from SNCF (France's state-owned national railway system). I was forced to use Capitaine Train because, starting...
  14. TMcA

    Bayonne - Pilgrim Welcome And Information

    The Friends of the Camino of the Atlantic Pyrenees have just announced that they will be at the Cathedral of Bayonne Monday-Saturday from 9-12 and from 3-6. They can provide credentials (pilgrim passports) as well as information about the routes that pass through Bayonne and the continuation to...
  15. TMcA

    Post Camino - Cordoba? Sevilla? Or?

    We will finish our Pamplona to Burgos hike on May 30. We will then have about 5 days of free time before visiting friends in Marbella. Last year we went to Barcelona (from Pamplona) and enjoyed it greatly. We have visited Madrid several times. Also fabulous. But this year we want to explore a...
  16. TMcA

    Paris to Pamplona

    We want to visit a friend in Paris before resuming our Camino in Pamplona. I have looked at two sites for help, Trainline and Rome2rio. The former shows reasonable and fast train travel from Paris Montparnasse to Hendaye. The latter shows train to Hendaye but the continuation by bus is "on...
  17. TMcA

    Aubrac - things to see and things to eat

    Aubrac is a kind of postage stamp village high on the Aubrac Plateau. Last spring I more or less sped through the town on my way to Saint Chély. Three weeks ago I spent more time there and first discovered a small, free museum just off the entry to the town. All in French as was the video of...
  18. TMcA

    Figeac to Gramat - September 2014

    The tourist office showed us the three streets to follow to reach the GR6. It begins very pleasantly with a more or less long straight-away through woods into more open country. The blazes are much less frequent than on the GR65, so sometimes there will be no markings at crossings with country...
  19. TMcA

    Figeac - 9/27/14

    Weather just gorgeous as it has been for the past week. Good for hiking - a little cool except for afternoons when sun has heated up. Many hikers until Conques. After that the number drops way off. We are heading north today on GR6 toward Rocamadour. Food tip: 12 km before Figeac is a place to...
  20. TMcA

    How busy - this September?

    We are considering a few weeks on the Arles route this September. Older posts suggest that there are fewer hikers on this route than on the Chemin du Puy. We are thinking of starting near Arles and walking about 16 days. Then flying home from Toulouse. We would prefer the company of other hikers...