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  1. J F Gregory

    When was your first Camino?

    I walked the Frances in the winter of 2016. A very cold wet , snowy winter.
  2. J F Gregory

    Any past or future pilgrims in the Top End?

    We meet for coffee here. But stand outside the coffee shop because there's no place to set. It is worth the fellowship.
  3. J F Gregory

    Rain kilt vs trousers - Sept Oct - Portuguese Coastal

    I have never used rain pants except extremely cold wet weather. It would seem to me that Sept/Oct weather would be mild. I generally hike in quick dry pants or a quick dry kilt . I have a light rain jacket. I dont use pack covers, but waterproof pack liners.
  4. J F Gregory

    Camino Frances: Background, statistics, and prognosis for the near future.

    I am semi retired. We were supposed to begin our next Camino last October. Of course all flights were canceled from the U S. We are waiting for the next opening. Being I work part time in the medical field I have had my part A vaccination already and part B in 3 weeks. We also want to see our...
  5. J F Gregory

    Ashes to Spain?

    I carried my brothers ashes from the U S to Spain to scatter them along the Camino in my backpack I never thought to declare them.
  6. J F Gregory

    Backpacks (again)

    I have used 3 different sizes of packs Osprey 48, Osprey 38, and Zpack Nero 36 ltr. The difference is every trip I keep lightening my load. My Nero empty weighs 11 oz. Camino stuff 6 lbs 11oz. Plus water and snacks less than 11 lbs I love it.
  7. J F Gregory

    COVID Simulation inside a plane with Covid

    The government would like that.
  8. J F Gregory

    Is the Camino an addiction, an obsession or something else?

    Walking on my Camino I met a person who had been walking caminos for 15 years. He carried a backpack that met weighted probably 60 pounds. He walked from the former East Germany to Santiago once a year. He had all of his Pilgrim passports bound together. We walked together for 4 days . He...
  9. J F Gregory

    Exos 38 Question

    I have traveled with the Exos 38 on more than 10 times internationally and have never had a issue as a carry on. We are flying at the end of July . The flight we are on has told us no overhead baggage ??????. So we will carry our Zpack Nero frameless pack to put under the seat. I haven't checked...
  10. J F Gregory

    Don't forget Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad and Contactless Credit/Debit Card..

    I have just retired from the medical profession remember it is recommended to wash or sanitize after each glove use. We make and bottle our own hand sanitizer which is accessible on the outside of our ruck sacks.
  11. J F Gregory

    The wild-west days of the camino

    Coelho is one of my favorite authors. He doesn't right biographical about the Camino but fiction just as in most of his writings.
  12. J F Gregory

    Were the pilgrim tips or packing list from books useful?

    I am a backpacker. So naturally I cut camping equipment, I like sleeping on beds. Most of my research I did on YouTube.
  13. J F Gregory

    HELP! (Shoe advice) April 2020

    We have walked in April and spent 10 days in snow. Jus' Sayin. Be prepared for anything.
  14. J F Gregory

    Sending package to Porto

    Compare the cost of checking baggage to that of posting it. I have been carrying on my sticks in their case in my backpack with out any problem and I go overseas about 2x a year. Call the TSA or airlines and ask them. You can also purchase sticks less expensively in Europe.
  15. J F Gregory

    What to pack for my First Camino?

    I use a flex tech garbage bag for my bag liner. The as I use for my trash bin. The are cheap. I always 1 extra scrunched in the pack but haven't had to use it in more than 1100 miles using my pack.
  16. J F Gregory

    A 'One Word' Why?

  17. J F Gregory

    Pants or Shorts or Zip off Convertible Pants?

    I carry Pro Bass Shop zipp offs in my kit and hike mainly in a kilt. It is much more comfortable.
  18. J F Gregory

    Which is the best rain JACKET to buy?

    Vertice rain jacket from Zpack. Great reviews an only 5.2 oz expensive but with the cost.
  19. J F Gregory

    first-timer packing list starting April 11

    You will need the quilt or a sleeping bag as the albergues don't always have sufficient heat and personally I do not like using the blankets provided, some do not provide blankets. I use a 40 degree bag.