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  1. Rod Murray

    Virtual Camino Planning a “25 km or less” Camino on the Invierno

    Canadian Sara Dhooma did a video series on her walk on the Invierno a few years back, to be found here- https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkWTKtiUr2peE_7XRTAgtrx1gVyK72jwT
  2. Rod Murray

    Porto to Santiago

    We did the Coastal route in Sept-Oct 2019. Absolutely wonderful! Would do it again. No too crowded. Perfect weather for walking (around 17-20C), incredible scenery, a few hills. Would do it again. You can see our little photo blog here...
  3. Rod Murray

    Trekking Pole Research

    This recent article sheds some science on trekking poles. It’s a roundup of scientific studies related to the use of poles over the last 40 years. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32980249/
  4. Rod Murray

    Need advice - Hydration Bladder

    Postscript on this September's Portuguese Coastal Camino: My wife used my older 1.5L Camelbak and I used a newer 2L Camelbak that was given to me. She filled hers and I only put 1.5L in mine, to limit weight. It was not overly hot this Sept/Oct on the Coastal route (max about 20C). We did not...
  5. Rod Murray

    First-timer looking for Advice

    Great plan! We were in SdC for only one night in 2016 so we stayed 4 nights in 2019, as there were just too many things to see and do in Santiago that we missed the first time! Museums, churches, parks, streets, food (we did a Tapas Tour that was extraordinary!) and a trip out to Finisterre...
  6. Rod Murray

    Why Do Adventure Snobs Hate The Camino De Santiago?

    Ha Ha! I did not scroll through all the replies to the initial post, obviously, before writing mine. Otherwise I would have noticed that Sarah Dhooma replied just a few minutes before I did, with her wonderful insights! Hopefull, Dixie will chime in too, beyond her Vlog which does address some...
  7. Rod Murray

    Why Do Adventure Snobs Hate The Camino De Santiago?

    Having just watched Sarah’s and Dixie’s recent Camino videos, both well known as through-hikers, there will be many of those in the Through Hike community who will want to experience the Camino. Dixie’s recent experiences on the CF really shows how a through-hike expert compares the two...
  8. Rod Murray

    First-timer looking for Advice

    A couple more suggestions, as I think I overlooked some of your questions. You asked about booking with a company. We used Caminoways.com for both our Caminos. A very reputable company. Check them out, as their website is full of information about the route as well as other useful resources. You...
  9. Rod Murray

    First-timer looking for Advice

    The coastal route is wonderful as there are few hills and the vistas and villages are wonderful. My wife and I (we are 62) just completed the Porto to Santiago route in October, and it was wonderful (our second Camino, 1st was Frances). We did book our accommodation ahead and knew where we...
  10. Rod Murray

    Walking on the coast

    It was supposed to stay a secret!!!
  11. Rod Murray

    A swift return (and a Metro question)

    Two suggestions- get your Credencial stamped at the Cathedral in Porto while you are there. Also, there’s a St James’s Anglican Church in Porto well worth the visit. The St James window is quite stunning. We attended the Thursday Eucharist and they were so very welcoming! They have a Pilgrim‘s...
  12. Rod Murray

    Reading while on the Camino

    Tried something different on this Camino, from which I've just returned, and that was an audiobook on my iPhone. (We took our iPads last time, only phones this time). During quiet stretches of walking, my wife and I agreed to put on our audiobooks and just walk. Then we'd talk about the books we...
  13. Rod Murray

    Trekking Pole Suggestions

    I use Leki branded poles with cork handles that have anti-shock springs inside that help absorb the shock of each step. They are fully adjustable in height with markings. In another thread here in the forums I provided a number of links to scientific research that showed the benefits of using...
  14. Rod Murray

    Walking Poles on the Primitivo. Yes or No.

    This webpage links to a number of scientific studies on the effect of walking poles. https://www.cooperinstitute.org/2011/02/do-trekking-poles-make-a-difference/ I searched the last of the referenced studies and the abstract is clear that there is significant reduction in impact on joints and...
  15. Rod Murray

    Can I Send My Parcel From Outside The Eu To Santiago?

    Hello Ivar! We are arriving in Porto next week to start the Coastal Camino. As we were unable to spend much time in SdC when we were there in 2016, we are planning a number of days to explore the city. We’d like to have more comfortable clothes when we reach SdC so are considering your storage...
  16. Rod Murray

    Madrid Terminal 4 connection—pass security checkpoint again?

    What not to bring on a plane from Transport Canada for those travelling from here: https://www.tc.gc.ca/en/services/transportation-security/aviation/what-not-bring-on-plane.html
  17. Rod Murray

    QUESTION: Any Great CP Coastal Route Suggestions (accommodations, food, sites, etc.)?

    Wor Worn them maybe 4 times on 3-5 km walks and they feel great! Tried different socks in them each time to see which pair will give the most comfortable walking. All seem good! I’m set to go in 3 weeks! Yes- Columbia Montrail FKT Rogue...
  18. Rod Murray

    All About Osprey

    Great insight into a great company. It’s true isn’t it that really good companies always have extraordinary people at the helm? Will see how my new Gregory pack performs over my small Deuter from my Camino Frances in 2016 and compared to my very small Osprey!
  19. Rod Murray

    LIVE from the Camino Anglican-Episcopalian Camino Chaplaincy 2019 Information

    We are in SdC from Sept 28-Oct 2 and hope to be able to participate in planned gatherings. Let us know if there are any changes to the posted schedule of Anglican events. Thanks!