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  1. Chrisp

    A little quiz

    Sarria Roncasvalles Saint-Jean-Pied=de-Port Astorga Leon Pamplona
  2. Chrisp

    Algarve Way

    I have also walked the Rota Vicentina and agree with Camino Chrissy, it is stunning. Similar to the Caminos, you walk through towns with a range of accommodation. Although you walk along cliff faces, on the beach and through sand, It definitely is not difficult,
  3. Chrisp

    Spain at 22.00 (10pm) last night...

    Amazing! Wonderful, wonderful Spain 👏😊
  4. Chrisp

    Want to walk 2-3 weeks into rome where to start ASAP

    A slippery slope indeed ...and so little time 😕
  5. Chrisp

    Want to walk 2-3 weeks into rome where to start ASAP

    Same here Tassie Kaz, we received no interest at all in our loooong journey when we arrived in Rome! I wonder how many actually walked the whole way from Canterbury when we did it in 2018
  6. Chrisp

    Camino Norte Route from San Sebastian

    I cant help with the time you want to walk but I do know you can get a credential from the Catholic Cathedral in San Sebastián for Euro 2:00
  7. Chrisp

    Il Vaticano, Roma

    Congratulations Tassie Kaz. You are totally awesome 👏 and should feel very proud. Now go and put your feet up and and have a proper holiday 😃🍾🥂🏆
  8. Chrisp

    VF - walking on the side of the highway or on designated paths.

    Agree with you completely Tim 😊
  9. Chrisp

    VF - walking on the side of the highway or on designated paths.

    Excellent response Kaz. I could have written it myself and I completely agree with you, that was exactly our experience. There were a few times though when the anxiety levels rose a bit; those Italian cars might be small but they go pretty fast 😄😄 I actually thought the drivers were, on the...
  10. Chrisp

    Plantar Fasciitis and Shin Splints

    Thanks Dave. Good timing for me too. I’m working with a physio doing some of exercises you suggest but so far not a huge success so feeling worried for next walk! By the way, I’m not a fit young male athlete but didn’t think I was an obese middle age woman either 😂😂
  11. Chrisp

    Early stage Via Francigena planning query and the town of Robbio

    Hi Tassie Kaz, Yes you must put Kazakhstan in your to ‘go to’ list. We lived there for 4-years and it would be way too unreal if you were an Aussie living in Kazakhstan too!!! Anyway, re visas for Italy, as Australians we don’t need to do anything whatsoever - go to Smart Traveller or Google...
  12. Chrisp

    Early stage Via Francigena planning query and the town of Robbio

    Hi Tassie Kaz, I assume you’re an Aussie (and Kaz has nothing to do with Kazakhstan) because I think I can help you. You will find that Australia has a seperate agreement with Italy and you can stay in Italy for 90 over and above the Schengen Visa restrictions. If you can’t find via Google let...
  13. Chrisp

    What to do with extra time?

    You You took the words right out of my mouth 😊
  14. Chrisp

    Tour de France in Lourdes

    I am currently walking the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome with my husband and the route passed through Arras. We were lucky to be there for the start of Stage 9 of the Tour de France. Very exciting
  15. Chrisp

    Why should you Over-Night before SJPdP

    Haha! A Lazy Pilgrim and funny As a ‘fella’ islander, I’d add that unless you’re travelling business class, I don’t think just 2-days is enough time to adjust to the time difference. I’d opt for another night in St. Jean Pied de Port. Mind you, I’m obviously much older than you!!!
  16. Chrisp

    Weather on Coastal Camino Portugues in mid-November

    If you’d like an alternative suggestion, try the Rota Vicentina, or the Fisherman’s Way, from Porto Covo, south of Lisbon. We did this walk to Sagres, about 200km, last November and the weather was fantastic then. Bom Camino
  17. Chrisp

    How would you rank the Caminos by difficulty?

    Me too Chris, as I ponder Le Puy to Santiago or the Via Francigena!
  18. Chrisp

    Rocking quietly in the corner.... (UPDATE post 51)

    How many people must have thought that, myself included! I just wanted to get on a return flight and go back home. Fear not, you may be going by yourself but you’ll never be alone. I met so many wonderful people from the start and it was the most fantastic experience of my life. Buen Camino...