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  1. Heikki

    When was your first Camino?

    Hey, that was my first one, too.
  2. Heikki

    Poll Which Camino are you planning next?

    I had to change my vote, my next camino will be St. Olavsleden propably next year (2022) and Ingles next year.
  3. Heikki

    The Beauty of Ruins

    This can be found on the Norte between La Franca and Llanes. Una casa de los indianos.
  4. Heikki

    Industrial site museums on the caminos de Santiago

    Museo del Jamon in Monesterio on the Via de la Plata: http://www.museodeljamondemonesterio.com/index/index.html Museo del Ferrocarril de Asturias in Gijon: https://www.gijon.es/es/directorio/museo-del-ferrocarril-de-asturias These two came in mind. Sadly, the last mentioned was closed last...
  5. Heikki

    Your favorite little bar on the Camino?

    Not exactly on the camino, but Café Casino is the place in Santiago.
  6. Heikki

    Advice sought for Norte now- Ribadeo to Santiago

    We walked (two males) last march from Ribadeo to Santiago. We slept in Xunta albergues in Lourenza, Gontan/Abadin, Vilalba (here we had a room above a bar), Baamonde and A Cabana. Last night in Brea in a small hotel. All Xunta albergues were empty, only two of us. It was just before the Xunta...
  7. Heikki

    Handy Bottle

    Buy a half liter bottle from local shop, it costs 20-40 cents and fill it from tap when it is empty. It is washable and also very light. I usually carry two or three of these and once a week buy new ones.
  8. Heikki

    El Brusco - That hill between Berria and Noja

    It was not bad for a 62 years old male with 14 kg backbag. I’m used to hike in Norway. I wore leather gloves on my hands so I could grasp bushes to keep my balance. I did this last month.
  9. Heikki

    Camino del Norte accommodation

    We are on the Norte now, though on final stages. Only small number of hotels were open, but we found a place to sleep for every night. We have used booking.com for finding a place to sleep. Prices were 30-50 euros per night for a double. In Galicia we have used Xunta albergues and a sleeping bag...
  10. Heikki

    COVID COVID-19: Current Camino Conditions

    We have been on the Norte for four weeks now. Not many peregrinos and no sign of korona virus. We’ll be in Santiago next tuesday. I hope that it does not catch us on our way back home.
  11. Heikki

    Del Norte in 30 days?

    We went to the see the place it yesterday. It is also called Monte de San Pablo: https://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=33948 Very interesting, but mainly hillocks. We searched the other relicks nearby, but could not find anything. There are lots of thorn bushes.
  12. Heikki

    Favorite stops on the Norte?

    Thank you for the list, I’ll be on the Norte next month.
  13. Heikki

    January 2020, El camino norte route, tips

    Hi Christian! We’ll start about a week later from Bilbao. Maybe I’ll see you there and thank for everyone for tips. Heikki
  14. Heikki

    Anybody on Del Norte Nov-Feb

    Hi ! Now it seems that me and my friend Kari (he is a man) start our camino from Irun 02.02.2020. I tried it last year with my wife but we had to abort it due to illness. This time we’ll make it. Anyone walking next February-March? Buen camino! Heikki
  15. Heikki

    If You have Walked the Camino - Do you prefer boots or trail runners?

    Same as Davey, because of the weight, I have to wear boots. Heikki
  16. Heikki

    2018 Low light Photos from your Camino

    Via de la Plata 2014. First one from Caceres and second Embalse de Alcantara.
  17. Heikki

    Suddenly solo on the VdlP

    I’m no female in her thirties - far from it -but I would walk VdlP solo, and I will do it.
  18. Heikki

    Hiking poles in Bilbao

    Google: bilbao trekking tienda You get more options. We bought Black Diamond trekking poles from Bilbao four weeks ago. Not cheap but with quality.
  19. Heikki

    Norte advice

    I’m almost sixty and i’m on Norte now, just fourth day. You can do without poles, but I have to confess that they are useful when going up on a soft surface and on muddy trails and there are plenty of both of them. Pension Kokxa in San Sebastián was excellent, cheap, clean and in old town.