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  1. Harland2019

    What is Your Average Walking Distance per Day?

    But it is true, I know from walking with my wife around clothes shops!
  2. Harland2019

    Have you encountered accidents on the Camino?

    Slightly highjacking the thread but I did fall down on another walk, the Pennine Way in the UK. I had taken a diversion off the main route due to flooding. I slipped, fell over, and was pinned face down by my rucksack, my right hand was in the loop of my only walking pole but stuck under my body...
  3. Harland2019

    Why do pilgrims carry on when it is really hard?

    Perhaps it is that many, me included and non-religious, don't ask fellow walkers if they are religious. I haven't a clue whether the young lady from Luxembourg was religious or not. But you are correct I departed from the original question.
  4. Harland2019

    Why do pilgrims carry on when it is really hard?

    There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough. I briefly met a young lady from Luxembourg last year on the way up to Hospital da Cruz, We chatted, I slowed and walked with her as she was struggling a bit on the ascent but as 2 others came by I chatted with one and...
  5. Harland2019

    Confessions of a Fat Pilgrim

    I don't know if other pilgrims have the same issue with their rucksack belt as I have. When I start it normally fits perfectly but it seems to stretch as the days go on and I have to take it in. However the next time I go on a long walk a few months later the rucksack belt has shrunk back to its...
  6. Harland2019

    That is what I am intending/planning to do, but the CF again - loved it last year and I can't...

    That is what I am intending/planning to do, but the CF again - loved it last year and I can't wait to go back and put some funds back into the local communities.
  7. Harland2019

    Getting Cash on the Camino?

    I'm a cash man as well, being 6'4" and male helps although age is against me. However walking pole without the rubber end would help if necessary! Majority of money is deep into my rucksack, daily funds in a zipped trouser pocket. In the evening all funds, camera, phone etc is held securely in a...
  8. Harland2019

    Good Old Days, my first Camino 2014.

    Thank you, brought back great memories. However I must walk with my eyes shut as there were lots of things that I didn't see. I hope to walk it again in 2022 but I'll take more time - same number of days but just slow down and take in more of the scenery.
  9. Harland2019

    Quiz No. 4!

    I think that all of them must have been built/made since I walked the CF last year as I can't remember any of them!
  10. Harland2019

    Quiz No.2!

    I met 50% of all the pilgrims from Mongolia!
  11. Harland2019

    Pilgrim "customs"?

    When putting the stone carried from home at Cruz de Ferro saying the pilgrim’s prayer:- “Lord, may this stone, a symbol of my efforts on the pilgrimage that I lay at the feet of the cross of the Savior, one day weigh the balance in favour of my good deeds when the deeds of my life are judged...
  12. Harland2019

    LIVE from the Camino Doing the Camino Frances.

    The 12 poor/terrible reviews were all before August 2018, to balance things out 10 since August 2018 have been Excellent/Very Good/Average. No I don't own the place or have any financial or other interest in the place. Disappointed however that the standards may have dropped. I'll leave it...
  13. Harland2019

    LIVE from the Camino Doing the Camino Frances.

    Yes I was "A full paying punter" but I ate the pilgrim menu, the same as everyone else. It was obviously packed out in those days with mainly pilgrims from the albergue, we all had a good time. As I said in my earlier post "Clearly things can change at this difficult time, but please don't...
  14. Harland2019

    LIVE from the Camino Doing the Camino Frances.

    I stayed and ate at Casa Sabina last year, the food and accommodation and service was first class. The owner/barman walked me over to the square where my case had been delivered in error and carried it back for me. Clearly things can change at this difficult time, but please don't write it off.
  15. Harland2019

    Thinking of walking Camino Frances in summer 2021... in need of advice

    I guess my view would depend upon why you want to walk it apart from the reason that you have become infatuated with walking the Camino. Whilst I didn't walk it until I was 72 there was a walk in the UK that I always wanted (not infatuated) to do - The Pennine Way. Having started work at 16 it...
  16. Harland2019

    O'Cebreiro aqua-lady statute...research help, request

    I wouldn't bother saying "Hola" - she ignored me!
  17. Harland2019

    A barber in Santiago.

    I must say that after not shaving or having a haircut for the entire Camino Frances I enjoyed looking like a proper pilgrim (whatever that is) when I got home although my wife wasn't too impressed!