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Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.

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  1. anthikes

    Are these all the Spanish and Portuguese Caminos?

    I made this map earlier in the year and will be updating it in 2021. I tried to include all known Caminos but I suspect there might be a couple that slipped through the net?? Would really appreciate any experts out there who may know of other routes. Thanks.
  2. anthikes

    On the coastal way

    I started from Porto yesterday and currently on the coastal route. I stayed in a campsite just before Labruge last night, an Orbitur that was only €6 for a tent, but they also offered cabins for pilgrims too, not sure how much they were though. The municipal is closed in Labruge and I am hearing...
  3. anthikes

    Camino distances to Santiago in Portugal and Spain

    I have been compiling distances from various points to Santiago from around the Iberian peninsular and thought it might be useful to share my findings here. I actually had a hard time finding some of the data but needed to do so for a project I am working on, so I figured it might be helpful to...
  4. anthikes

    The VDLP guidebook and some useful advice for future hikers

    One month on from finishing the VDLP in Santiago, so I thought I'd write some useful info, and also comment on the guidebook by Gerald Kelly. The guidebook is only just that, a guide. I'd say it was a rough guide more than anything. It's clearly not updated that often and has a lot of...
  5. anthikes

    2019 VDLP Vlog from Anthikes

    Here is part one of my journey north from Sevilla
  6. anthikes

    LIVE from the Camino Some info from Sevilla and onwards to Santiago (Leaving 31 Mar)

    Greetings from Sevilla. I arrived yesterday from Lisbon on a 'Flixbus' which I highly recommend, although it took nearly 8 hours via the Algarve! Flixbus travel all over Spain and Europe. This trip only cost 15 euros. I am staying in the ever popular 'Triana Backpackers' which is proving to be...
  7. anthikes

    How long is the VDLP?

    I am currently working on a guide & map project for the VDLP, and have been using the very excellent Gronze.com site for distances. A lot of people quote the whole route to Santiago from Sevilla being around 1000km, but it's coming out a little differently on Gronze (where there are route...