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    My intended stages on the Camino Primitivo (14 days)

    Hi all, I'm going to be walking the Primitivo from mid to late September. I was hoping that I could run my stages past you all for comment. Including the Camino Verde (crossing from Primitivo to Norte), I'm intending 14 days. I've read through some of the forums and staged it mostly on...
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    Cathedral Closed...Is the Camino still worth it?

    Thank you for this post Ashley and everyone who has responded. I will be walking the Primitivo in September, in my first Camino. I'm flying from Australia, and all arrangements made. It's been a journey that I've felt called to do for the past 10+ years and have only enacted just now. I have...
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    Swimming in Norte and sleeping bag question. Sept 2019

    @trecile Ah yes, thanks for the reminder. I had been meaning to look out for that. Though lightweight, my Aegismax down sleeping bag still weighs more than your blanket and liner combined... @Bamboo Last year when I called Costco (Australia), they said they usually stock it just before winter...
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    Del Norte y Primitivo

    I've been using Liz Brandt's guide to plan my Primitivo pilgrimage, also starting in September. Here's the link: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/resources/camino-primitivo-to-santiago-and-then-to-muxia-finisterre-guide.225/ She updated this in February 2018. I've saved this to my...
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    Swimming in Norte and sleeping bag question. Sept 2019

    Hi @Bamboo I've been tossing up the sleeping bag question myself. I have a decently lightweight and fairly compact one, but intend on only using a carry-on suitcase for 2 weeks walking + 3-4 weeks European travel. Every bit of space counts and am unsure what to do. I plan to start in Oviedo on...
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    Swimming in Norte and sleeping bag question. Sept 2019

    Hi @trecile may I ask what your down blanket is? Your set up is enviably light!
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    Primitivo - May - reducing backpack weight

    I'd also agree that you may prefer the quilt/throw style better. For lower cost options than the cottage brands in America (though I'm a fan of Enlightened Equipment Revelation myself), are: 1) https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-pine-down-blanket?utm_source=linkshare&referer=SR4JKQ (544 g) 2)...
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    Camino Primitivo

    I'll be relying mainly on this guide, created and updated (2018) by Liz Brandt https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/resources/camino-primitivo-to-santiago-and-then-to-muxia-finisterre-guide.225/
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    Which clothes/garments to wear during /buy for the Camino?

    @sugargypsy I will have to also give a vote to merino clothing. The good ones will be comfortable (as opposed to itchy wool), does not retain odour as much as other material (the quick dry material can still have a real pong smell) and generally achieves its acclaimed temperature regulation...
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    Guide to 'O Camiño Verde' crossover - Lugo on Primitivo to Sobrado on Norte

    Hi @ksam, I'm looking to do this Green Way route primarily because of the monastery at Sobrado dos Monxes! Taking part in the Liturgies sounds like a real treat and blessing. It doesn't seem like the Primitivo has many monastery stays. Your post indicated a possible 2 night stay there... did you...
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    Camino Primitivo

    Hi Bee, I'm also going to be starting in September, but likely from 18/09. I intend to fly from London to Madrid, then catching the RENFE train to Oviedo (about 4hrs). Easyjet flies from Gatwick and Luton to Madrid. The flights to Asturias seemed pricey to me, and I don't mind catching trains...