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  1. RefugeInsomniac

    What is Your Average Walking Distance per Day?

    I’ve always found walking pace and distance conversations of interest, especially while on the Camino Frances. Certainly, every person has their own approach and comfort level, and in many cases, is developed while en route, accessing daily variables, i.e., terrain, weather, health, mood, time…...
  2. RefugeInsomniac

    Trying to work out the length of my camino for flights

    This online planner (https://godesalco.com/plan/frances) may help you develop a daily stage outline, based on Km per-day you find comfortable. Again, used as a planning tool, not necessarily a set-guide. Choose your Start and End Locations, then go to the next page to develop your daily...
  3. RefugeInsomniac

    Camino Podcast Episode 32 - Veterans on the Camino

    Hi Dave; sorry for the late reply - I clearly missed your message somehow. Regarding our Camino initiative, sadly it did not generate any interested parties willing to move it forward. However, it was well-received by other soldiers, and those that participated have continued their trekking...
  4. RefugeInsomniac

    Help Identify 1997 Image Location

    The similarities are rather remarkable and definitely worth exploring further. Thank you so much!
  5. RefugeInsomniac

    Help Identify 1997 Image Location

    Very interesting and I appreciate your diligence. We (family) will have much to discuss at the next family reunion. Also, this makes me want to walk another Camino... :)
  6. RefugeInsomniac

    Help Identify 1997 Image Location

    Too funny, you just pinpointed my home! The actual picture is on our wall, which I took down and took a picture of with my cell phone ( scanner is broken) and posted in this forum. We recently sold our home in Kingston Ontario and moved to Middle Sackville Nova Scotia.
  7. RefugeInsomniac

    Help Identify 1997 Image Location

    @Kathar1na I'm a puzzle fan as well and will look further into your other considerations. Thanks for all your help and support. Take care and all my best!
  8. RefugeInsomniac

    Help Identify 1997 Image Location

    @Kathar1na Good idea. The next time I walk, I will wander around this area a bit more to perhaps gain a better perspective. The direction he is facing was of initial interest to me but then thought, that it may not matter and could skew the search, based on a simple matter of him facing the...
  9. RefugeInsomniac

    Help Identify 1997 Image Location

    The photo was taken by his wife, but both passed away in 2002 and 03. My wife had intended to walk the Camino upon her retirement in memory of her father, but in 2007 was diagnosed with MS and unable to walk. My first Camino in 2013 was as a proxy for my wife, with the intent to write each...
  10. RefugeInsomniac

    Help Identify 1997 Image Location

    Thank you! I will also look further into this area and see if I can find some photos from that period.
  11. RefugeInsomniac

    Help Identify 1997 Image Location

    Excellent! I will try to find further pictures of that area from the 1990s.
  12. RefugeInsomniac

    Help Identify 1997 Image Location

    The family is unsure of his start location. I was wondering if this was a pre-Camino hike, but the family believes he talked about this picture during the actual Camino. Having said that, he took this journey over a 3-month period, which complicates pinpointing this spot.
  13. RefugeInsomniac

    Help Identify 1997 Image Location

    Logroño was my first thought as well, but I simply do not recognise this spot, but then again, suspect much has changed over the years. Also, unsure of his start location.
  14. RefugeInsomniac

    Help Identify 1997 Image Location

    This picture is of my father-in-law taken around 1997 (+/-) at the age of 78 (+/-). The family knows that he walked the Camino Frances and that he was in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port; however, do not know if SJPdP was the start point. If anyone may recognise this spot, it would be greatly...
  15. RefugeInsomniac

    Just Like They Did in "The Way"!

    As a treat, I have always enjoyed the Moncloa de San Lazaro as you walk into Cacabelos.
  16. RefugeInsomniac

    Weight Loss

    I agree. I've walked 4-times and on average lost between 15 to 18 lbs. I typically have a good breakfast, several Café con leches (Expresso with milk) throughout the day, a nice beer at the end of the days walk (to replenish lost electrolytes :-)), finished with a nice meal and a glass of wine...
  17. RefugeInsomniac

    Camino Frances App

    You may find this android app of use: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.moemke.android.mycamino&hl=en
  18. RefugeInsomniac

    The puzzling 100 km mark

    May 2017
  19. RefugeInsomniac

    Let’s talk budgets.

    I recently (Apr/May) took 8-soldiers to walk the Camino and we budgeted 35-Euro per day for accommodations and food, which worked out well. I've attached our sample budget, which we used to determine our project costing per-person, which I always rounded up; you can disregard the other info as...
  20. RefugeInsomniac

    A Soldiers Camino – Post Activity Report

    Brad Genereux, from Veterans on the Camino, a US initiative is now seeking soldiers for a spring 2018 Camino; please pass the word: https://veteransonthecamino.com/2017/10/08/preparations-for-spring-camino-2018/