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  1. Roger Hogstrom


    Nice Caceres video
  2. Roger Hogstrom

    Walking now

    I walked up to Astorga after Granja de Moruela in 2017. Stayed in Benavente,Alija and La Baneza. After La Baneza I walked to Astorga. As I remember there where albergues in all the places I I slept in. The Albergue in Alija was very nice.Met no other pilgrims. The camino was well marked.
  3. Roger Hogstrom

    COVID COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (ROUND 8)

    We can talk statistics but in the end 144115 is a lot of people.
  4. Roger Hogstrom

    COVID COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (ROUND 8)

    Spain has 144115 new cases in the last 2 weeks. Thats alarming Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) vid Johns Hopkins-university USA
  5. Roger Hogstrom

    Shifting from Garmin GPS to phone — step 1

    The app Windy maps with offline maps is very good. Always use it in Sweden and in Spain on different caminos. :)
  6. Roger Hogstrom

    COVID We Walk for You 2020

    To fast this time😬thank you.
  7. Roger Hogstrom

    COVID Camino/COVID

    :oops:Looks like fun to walk the camino with that in my head,not
  8. Roger Hogstrom

    Documentery on Netflix

    I don´t know if this is news or not.At least new to me :) Yesterday I saw an american documentery about a priest and ten men walking Camino del norte. Saw it on Netflix. Really good. The documenterys name is Footprints:The Path of Your Life.
  9. Roger Hogstrom

    COVID Helping cafes, bars, albergues and Camino businesses during COVID shutdown

    I have walked different caminos since year 2000 when I walked camino frances with my son 14 years old. Lifechanging for the both of us. At the moment the Covid-19 makes all the caminos bleed. No peregrinos, no albergues, no money in for the people making it possible for us peregrinos all over...
  10. Roger Hogstrom

    Spanish language

    Done it 3 times and met 4 other pilgrims all together. The day from Cercedilla over the mountains is a big favorite. Buen Camino .
  11. Roger Hogstrom

    Spanish language

    Two more words: Strange spanish;)
  12. Roger Hogstrom

    I am new here

    Hostel Duermevela is popular. 18 Euros in bunkbeds. :cool:
  13. Roger Hogstrom

    Was this cheating?

    I got an idea out of this conversation. I can make a pilgrimage with no walking just taxi. Expensive but I do not have to think about socks,shoes,blisters,aching knees, sweating and many more things. Wow :) Ps Does anyone know the cost for taxi from Sevilla to Santiago Ds
  14. Roger Hogstrom

    I am new here

  15. Roger Hogstrom

    I am new here

    For me too. The feeling when you see Segovia in the distance after a lot of walking over the mountain.
  16. Roger Hogstrom

    I am new here

    Hostal la Maya in the center of town. Aribel isn`t that far and is also on the way out of town when you walk to Segovia.
  17. Roger Hogstrom

    Missives from the Camino Madrid

    I have walked it 3 times and could do it again. :cool:
  18. Roger Hogstrom

    Weight saving tips

    Brush your teeth when you get home. And shower when home again.
  19. Roger Hogstrom

    Buen Camino :)

    Buen Camino :)
  20. Roger Hogstrom

    I will send it to you for free. No problem. Just give me your adress. Its from year 2017/2018

    I will send it to you for free. No problem. Just give me your adress. Its from year 2017/2018