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    Yes! Another maps dot me question

    Does anyone know of a maps dot me file that works well for Camino Frances? I'm on Frances right now. When one zooms in on the map, the text should get larger. It doesn't. On these aging eyes and small screen the file is not usable. Also, the colors of the icons need to be vivid and not...
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    Injury time out

    Hello good people, I wonder if I could ask you again for some more wonderful wisdom and ideas you all have! I've just come from the doctor and farmacia. I am supposed to take ten days off. And take two types of daily medicine. And when I go back to walking, absolutely no more Norte with its...
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    Using maps dot me for El Norte

    I finally got some free wifi here in Spain and I downloaded the maps for Basque Country. But there is no marking for the El Norte camino inside the app!! I've seen some English speakers use this feature correctly, so I know it can be done. How are people getting the actual camino path to...
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    Buying hand sanitizer gel in Spain

    Is the gel form of hand sanitizer widely available in Spain ? You know, like those small bottles of Purell or something? I'm not seeing this, and no one is familiar with it. Closest thing is a liquid alcohol. And it's in a huge bottle. Algergues don't have soap or paper towels in the...
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    Where to buy Tiger Balm in Spain?

    Hey I've been using some good cream for muscle aches, but the people who loaned me the product have gone and taken it with them. The cream was something like Tiger Balm, with a hot and cold sensation. It was a yellow or golden in color, and in consistency it was waxy, like a creamy paste...
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    Where can I get a map for my phone

    for the Camino Norte?
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    Essential Camino Spanish?

    Is there a quick guide to essential Spanish for pilgrims?
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    Albergue recommendations Bilbao

    If some people land in Bilbao and then bus to Longrono for the Frances they need albergue in Bilbao. Is this allowed? Can you recommend albergues in Bilbao?
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    Is there a minimum daily mileage?

    Every albergue asks everyone to leave every morning. But does the next albergue check your mileage to make sure you actually walked from the previous "stage"? Thinking of times when the pilgrim is injured or tired. Can you just walk across town to a new albergue instead of actually leaving...
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    What identification is required for albergue, pension, etc

    So when we get to our overnight destination, we show our passport, our drivers license and our stamped pilgrim credential? And we can show a photocopy of the passport and drivers license, so we don't have to show the real thing, right? Some people have talked of laminating, but plain paper in...
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    ATM number and keypad questions

    Are the European ATM machines along the Camino Frances and throughout Europe able to process any sort of PIN number? For example, are these statements true: ATMs cannot accept a PIN with more than 4 digits. ATMs cannot accept a PIN that starts with a zero. Are there any unusual features with...
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    Sleeping bag during this heat?

    Hello Everyone, planning to join you soon on Camino Frances. What are the night time temperatures in the albergues? Is an actual sleeping bag necessary at this time of year? How about a bug sheet instead? Here's a typical Sea to Summit product...
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    Social Experience, Camnio Family

    When peregrinos start in Logroño or Pamplona, do you think they have a harder time finding a social group or a Camino "family" than the peregrinos who begin together at SJPdP or nearby? Once groups are formed, do you think new peregrinos are added?
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    Mail Something Ahead

    If one discovers the hiking poles, or the waterproof boots, or something else is too heavy... is there a possibility of mailing that gear ahead to Santiago for retrieval? How would that work?
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    Raingear on Frances in September

    What rain gear are people using? I have heard of the Altus poncho, and was going to look for it in Europe. Is that still available, or has something else come along? My raincoat and poncho have recently failed.
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    Dollar to Euro Exchange, Credit Card, fees

    So how is everyone handling the issues surrounding currency exchange? I'm kind of a minimalist and only have one credit card with my bank. My bank has no ATMs in Europe. When I withdraw Euros from an ATM in Europe, a typical American bank charges $5 flat fee for each international ATM use...
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    Arranging Transportation from Netherlands

    How do I arrange transportation from Amsterdam to Camino Frances? Just guessing, go to Paris first? Trains or buses best? Should I have planned ahead of time? Landing soon!
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    Sim Card Questions

    Hello chatty Camino people who use some technology... I'm thinking about getting the Orange Tourist Sim plan. One site explained: it's 30 days; 35 Euros; 6GB data; at 4G speed; 30 mins voice. Assuming this includes unlimited text, right? Texting is how people make plans and keep in touch in...
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    T Shirts

    Hi there! The equipment list suggests two t shirts. Presumably, these are the main walking shirts? So are people using ordinary cotton t-shirts? Or some special wicking material? Now doesn't cotton take forever to dry after washing? And doesn't the sweat just cling to the fabric for hours...
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    How Much Water are People Carrying and Drinking?

    I was told agua no es gratis en Europa. Es verdad? How are people carrying water and re-supplying? How much water are people drinking each day? Estoy en Florida. Today I walked with my backpack and nearly three liters of water and ran out. Got more though. Water really affects gear and...