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  1. bobbogram

    Best route for French Camino

    After completing the 2nd half of Portuguese, Porto to Santiago two years ago, I flew to Geneva to rendezvous with one of my adult sons interested in the Camino culture. We walked four days west toward Le Puy with the fourth night in Charavines, France. It was a great introduction with rolling...
  2. bobbogram

    Where to Stay In Canterbury?

    Last Fall, I completed the first portion of Via Francigena from Canterbury to Bapaume, France. After a week in the London suburbs with extended family, I took the train to Canterbury with enough walking in the near future. I am lazy on accommodation selection, mixing B&Bs with modest hotels. I...
  3. bobbogram

    A 'One Word' Why?

  4. bobbogram

    The time slows down and stretches on the Camino?

    After completing the first half of the Portuguese Camino, Lisbon to Porto, my three week trek was reduced to three hours on the train ride back for my flight home. The routes shared many of the same views but at different speeds and exposures. It’s like a connecting flight at a new airport when...
  5. bobbogram

    Body found on Finisterre beach

    I presume he‘s made it to his desired final destination successfully. With so many family and friends’s passing during this past decade, there are far worse circumstances and locations to meet your end. RIP
  6. bobbogram

    The camino is boring landscapes, paved roads, traffic…

    The Camino is a life expanding experience if you are open to it. Between my career as a military and commercial pilot, I’ve stayed overnight multiple times or for a few days in dozens of international locations. Being at the Great Wall or the Taj Mahal or the South Pole is not full immersion...
  7. bobbogram

    Liechtenstein Trail

    From the NYT.... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/23/travel/this-cross-country-hike-took-5-days-thats-going-the-long-way.html?action=click&module=Features&pgtype=Homepage
  8. bobbogram

    Poll Do you walk alone or together with others?

    The Camino is like ice cream - it’s all good. I walked six weeks on El Norte with a friend and a married couple we met the first day. I’ve walked Lisbon to Santiago, mostly solo but several days with an Irishman and a young Italian woman, a day with a couple of Australians, one day with a young...
  9. bobbogram

    Poll Where do you come from?

    Most of the time in NW suburbs of Chicago near two of my six adult kids, but I’m gone half the time. I’ve lived in Indiana, Florida, California, and New Jersey. In the military I spent considerable time in Antarctica, New Zealand, Greenland, the Azores, Japan, and the Philipines. I was gone for...
  10. bobbogram

    Cellular carrier

    I’ve used AT&T the last five years on hikes - Portugal, Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland (no hike), Ireland (no hike), Istanbul (no hike), Oman (no hike). Their web page offers several plans, most places unlimited text, cheap calls, use your home data plan allowance for $10/day...
  11. bobbogram

    Recommended shoe size

    I switched to Solomon Ultra with the advice of friends who have completed more than a dozen Caminos and other long hikes. i bought a pair 1/2 size larger than my previous good pair that gave me blisters for several years. i coated my foot skin lightly with Vaseline to reduce rubbing. i trimmed...
  12. bobbogram

    Camino del Norte

    In 2015, four of us completed El Norte over six weeks, starting in San Sebastián. It seems strange to backtrack to Iran. We stayed @ an empty university dorm room arranged by the information office (circle with the small scripted ”i“), The larger cities have those. It’s a great city for two...
  13. bobbogram

    Vertigo and the VF in Italy

    BPPV is no fun, if that’s the cause of your vertigo. If your inner ears get clogged with particulate from dehydration or other cause, that might be the problem. This works for me. You do just the opposite for the left ear. It gets the particulate off the cilia (?) in your inner ear. I hope this...
  14. bobbogram

    I Need starting advice from Porto

    Having completed two Caminos, El Norte and Portuguese from Lisbon as well as portion of the French Camino west out of Geneva and the Via Francigena ten days going East out of Canterbury and several days going south out of San Bernardo, they all have their there own charms. Lisbon to Porto was...
  15. bobbogram

    An Interesting Map

    Away from the US, other nationalities confirm that I am an “American” from the USA by my accent. If someone spoke Spanish or Portuguese, I’m not sure they would ask the same question. Friends in Portugal and NZ refer to movies and TV shows from the USA as American products. My wife is Canadian...
  16. bobbogram

    An Interesting Map

    A few years ago, a Canadian commercial aircraft had an inoperative fuel quantity indicator, so they just metered in “gallons” and took off. In cruise, both engines failed from fuel exhaustion and the pilot glided down and landed on a drag race strip, a former Air Force runway the pilot had flown...
  17. bobbogram

    An Interesting Map

    As an airline pilot instructor, one of the novel Boeing 777 demonstrations for the navigation system was to circumnavigate the Earth Via the Poles vs the Equator. I’ve been retired for awhile, but they are not equal - that is the Earth is not really “round”, it’s roundish. It’s fatter at the...
  18. bobbogram

    An Interesting Map

    As for the other term........I won't even go there through fear of causing offence :( I think during the Carter years, they began a metric transition but failed. I traveled internationally for 50 years, so I don’t think too much about the metric and currency transitions that much. “Fanny”...