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  1. alhartman

    Long Walks (more than 10 km) between Albergues

    These are the longest distances between albergues. The stage number is from the Profile Elevation sheet; (Gronze stage numbers are similar). Distances vary a bit between Gronze.com and godesalco.com. There may be intermediate lodging (after Burgos or Sahagun) or slightly off-camino I...
  2. alhartman

    Languages on the 2018 Camino

    From Compostela issued per 100 peregrino/a Spanish 47 English 15 German 9 Italian 8 Portuguese 6 French 3 Korean 2 Polish 1.5 Dutch 1.2...
  3. alhartman

    2005 Bed Race-- Redux

    I have been putting all my Camino stuff in some sort of order—including the emails sent home in May-Jun 2005 (my first Camino)—a real blast from the past and shows how little some things have changed. I have cleaned up some of the typos from my use of the Spanish keyboard and speeding to finish...
  4. alhartman

    Downside of Budget Carriers

    WOW Air just collapsed telling customers that all flights are cancelled. The financial press has had this subsidiary of Icelandair in financial trouble since fall 2018. Like many low-cost airlines their model was to entice passengers with ultra-low prices before slapping on extra charges for...
  5. alhartman

    NPR 5 minute audio on Camino

    Not really a great piece of journalism, but we Forum members are always interested;a one week walk from O'Cebrerio with some brief pilgrim interviews. https://www.npr.org/2018/11/10/666492843/one-mans-journey-through-an-ancient-trail-from-europe-to-spain Of course with some 20-30 million...
  6. alhartman

    Who Has Used iPhone app "Wise Pilgrim Guide"

    Specifically Portugues as I am walking Lisbon to Santiago starting the end of September. I have purchased it and compared some of the data with Portugues resources on this forum and it seems excellent. It is not designed around stages, just has information (sleeping, eating, etc) for each town...
  7. alhartman

    Sleeping Bag Needed? October

    Planning 30 Sept to 2 Nov walk from Lisbon to Santiago. Weather history seems to be pretty temperate and I sleep warm but do not know if Albergues have blankets. I am sure added warmth would be good on occasion. Any recommendations from those who have done this route in the fall. Thanks
  8. alhartman

    RENFE Stations along the Frances

    This is my list of rail stations along the Camino for those looking to skip portions, or hopscotch around, or looking for a non-traditional start, or a place to get rail access to other big cities in Europe: Pamplona Logrono Burgos Sahagun Leon Astorga Ponferrada Santiago de Compostela Others...
  9. alhartman

    Monte de Gozo Albergue--What's Up

    Just finished a short Leon-SdC walk and stayed in the much reviled (at least in 2004) Albergue. It looks like a set for Blade Runner II or some other futuristic dystopian movie. Only the top 3 Quonset huts are being maintained as the albergue (only one needed to be opened). The whole rest of...
  10. alhartman

    LIVE from the Camino Beds 28 May Santa Catalina

    San Blas Alb still has 4 of 20 beds at 6pm on a rainy day. No bed race yet. Had 4 empty at Santbenez last night so wonder if a reserved party of 4 I saw on their books was a no show.
  11. alhartman

    Beds in Santbenez Fri May 27

    At camino Frances albergue seems 3 beds left at 18:00. Fellow pilgrim said all top bunks at San Antonio Padua were empty last night. And maybe 10 days ago there was a wave that forced bed seeking by noon. But all seems to have disapated. I still see no evidence of a bed race but would follow...
  12. alhartman

    Beds Villar Mazarife Thursday 26 May

    Tio Pepe. 1 bed left at 5pm. At my 1pm checkin was 4th in line. Two nights does not a trend make, but I see no bed race. Usual rules for busy times: Stay off major guidebook endpoints and plan to quit by about 15:00.
  13. alhartman

    beds in La Virgen 25 May wednesday

    Doing a short Leon to Santiago Camino. arrived from Leon start to Virgen at noon opening and was 5th in line. At 14:00 13 of 40 beds taken. At 15:00 24/40. At 16:00 29/40 and completo at 18:00. Talked to British walker who said only shut out at castrojeriz and San Antonio but only 4 at...