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    Free camping with tent, is it possible? Also a question about nudist beaches

    I have met people who did wild camping on the Norte and on the Frances. It's called wild camping not free camping. Sometimes, when you get permission, it's just called sleeping in a tent. Everyone's approach was different. Some camped on albergue grounds with permission. I think it's more...
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    LIVE from the Camino Leon help

    I have noticed Koreans using some sort of small camping stoves indoors, in a kitchen lounge area, with the windows open, asking first and sharing food! I think bicyclists may have more info on regulations, and how to do this type of cooking safely, not sure.
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    LIVE from the Camino Leon help

    Did you try Decathlon sporting goods stores?
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    Fire near Leon

    How is your air quality and breathing ? My threat is getting a little sore. Eyes are dry. We need rain. They're saying Vigo is really bad. Here is another update ...
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    Fire near Leon

    Update. Two deaths have been reported. The wind has recently intensified and smoke is increasing. People in albergues and hostels need to shut windows to keep the smoke out. I just shut a bunch of windows where I'm staying, as the halls were getting smoky.
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    Fire near Leon

    Here is a link to a recent story about what's going on: https://www.google.es/amp/s/amp.elmundo.es/sociedad/2017/10/15/59e34a74ca47411b4f8b4593.html
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    Fire near Leon

    The TV and internet news said 80 fires were set on purpose in the last day or two in Galicia, if my limited Spanish is accurate. The smoke and smell in Galicia was actually kind of bad. I'm sorry I don't have better geography. Can't recall exactly where places are. For example, where are you...
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    most unfortunate, stolen I phones and tablets

    One way to deal with seminario menor and the security issue is to get a private room. It's maybe €2 more? The other approach is to charge your phone inside the locker cabinet thing. Always lock the cabinet. You can also put squeaky, wrinkly plastic bags on the floor around your bed while...
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    Advice on Camino Norte

    I used the Gronze guide on the Norte. It's in Spanish but it's easy Spanish. I think it lists whether an albergue allows dogs. Having said that, the Norte is very strenuous in parts. I don't really recommend taking a dog.
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    Very dissilusioned. Can't wait to finish

    Agreed. The last 100km is a whole different vibe. Private quarters for the last 3-5 nights? It's worth it.
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    Shin Splints, Tendonitis or Stress Fracture

    So a stress fracture of the tibia or fibula can happen from overuse? It's not just from a jump or fall or rock hopping? I Thought it was possible to get stress fracture of lower leg bones from overuse. Many years ago, a doctor told me overuse does not cause stress fractures of tibia or fibula...
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    Bedbugs confirmed, Albergue Monte Irago, Foncebadón

    The one with the teepees?
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    Still very busy?

    I just competed this section and tried to book ahead, becaus so many places were completo, which means full, or no vacancies. Sometimes the second or third choice had plenty of room though.
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    Unwelcoming Hotel In Santiago

    Yes, you want to ask for the complaint book. They will bend over backwards and try to resolve it on the spot rather than have the local tourist office find out what they did to a tourist.
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    Dinner in and dinner out?

    Maybe I misunderstand the question. There are different styles of community meals. When an albergue or hostel offers a community meal, it usually means the albergue is cooking the meal for the pilgrims. The pilgrims are not cooking the meal. This a set meal the albergue cook makes every night...
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    Yes! Another maps dot me question

    Ok, search categories! Bottom left! I will try that. Thank you
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    Yes! Another maps dot me question

    Does anyone know of a maps dot me file that works well for Camino Frances? I'm on Frances right now. When one zooms in on the map, the text should get larger. It doesn't. On these aging eyes and small screen the file is not usable. Also, the colors of the icons need to be vivid and not...
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    Injury time out

    Hola! Gracias por ayudarme! After descansar at Güemes I took a bus to Camino Frances and have been walking much shorter days on flat terrain. The knee is weak but maybe it will build strength over time. Editing this to say I'm still taking the prescriptions from the doctor too. Basically I'm...
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    Injury time out

    Thanks for explaining about this route. Actually this is a thread about an injury that has me sidelined for ten days. When I return to hiking, it's gotta be on flat surfac and only for about 10k daily. So I can't do the path from ourense this year.