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  1. jungleboy

    12th-century Islamic bathhouse uncovered in Seville tapas bar

    Story in the Guardian.
  2. jungleboy

    Roman architecture for beginners

    This is the latest thread in the 'architecture for beginners' series begun by @C clearly. Previous threads are on Romanesque, Visigothic/pre-Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Those three threads mostly focused on a single building type: churches. Roman remains cover many different public and...
  3. jungleboy

    COVID No non-essential travel through Castile and León until May

    @JabbaPapa mentioned this in the lockdown thread today but I think this piece of news deserves its own discussion. From this Reuters article: Hopefully @Charrito or others who are following this situation closely can jump in and give more details, but the bolded section above would appear to...
  4. jungleboy

    Alfonso X, the History of Spain, and Medieval Manuscripts

    A diversion on a very cold day on the Iberian peninsula at a time when none of us can be on camino anyway. Pilgrims will be familiar with medieval manuscripts that you can sometimes see in museums, monasteries etc on the camino. Indeed, one of the most famous objects related to the camino is a...
  5. jungleboy

    Nearly 85% Decrease in Pilgrims in 2020

    Although the 2020 full year statistics are not yet available from the Pilgrim Office, all the monthly reports from 2020 are, so I have used these to create an analysis of how the pandemic affected the camino in 2020. The biggest takeaway is this: For those interested in more information, the...
  6. jungleboy

    Christmas lights in Lisbon

    Photos taken on Christmas night in Chiado. Hopefully they bring you some Christmas cheer!
  7. jungleboy

    Gothic architecture for beginners

    With the permission of @C clearly, I am starting the Gothic architecture for beginners thread, the third in a series that also includes Romanesque and Visigothic/Pre-Romanesque architecture. This is a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ post, where you can just read the basics or go deeper behind the...
  8. jungleboy

    Autumn 2021 Camino Ideas

    Just for fun and something to look forward to while currently at home under curfew, here's a combination of ideas I've been thinking about for next (northern hemisphere) autumn, all assuming there's some sort of normalcy by then! If you want to play along, let me know what you think and if you...
  9. jungleboy

    Special albergues on the Meseta

    I'm looking for special albergues on the Meseta for an article I'm writing. These are the three that I have thought of. Can you think of any others with religious/historical/architectural significance? The ruins of the monastery of San Antón Ermita de San Nicolás Convento de Santa Clara...
  10. jungleboy

    Quiz No. 4!

    Something a little different this time. Here are five photos from the Camino Francés with questions. The photos are in chronological order to provide some clues. ¡Buena suerte! 1. Where is this mural to be found? 2. This is a fairly distinct Romanesque-Mudéjar church. Where is it? 3...
  11. jungleboy

    Quiz No.3!

    A couple of weeks ago while doing some research for this Holy Year article (spoiler alert: it pretty much gives away the answers but not the order), I was looking at the popularity of various routes and that seems like a good topic for our next quiz! According to the 2019 pilgrim's office...
  12. jungleboy

    Quiz No.2!

    According to the pilgrim's office statistics for 2019, of the 15 countries most represented on the Camino de Santiago in terms of receiving compostelas, nine were European countries (Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, France, UK, Ireland, Poland, the Netherlands). Can you guess the remaining six...
  13. jungleboy

    A little quiz

    For a bit of fun: Do you know, or can you guess, which are the SIX most popular starting points for the Camino Francés (based on 2019 whole-year pilgrim office statistics)? Three or four are fairly obvious, of course, but there are a few contenders for the last couple of spots. Can you guess...
  14. jungleboy

    Can you identify these Maragato and Bierzo villages?

    Amazing pilgrims, can anyone identify the villages in these photos? The first two are between Astorga and Foncebadón and the time stamps are just under an hour apart. The last two are between Foncebadón and Ponferrada and probably the same village because the time stamps are only 15 minutes...
  15. jungleboy

    Camino Podcast Spirit of the Camino podcast

    I am excited to announce that @Wendy Werneth and I have started a camino podcast! It's called Spirit of the Camino and is part of the larger Spirit of the Camino web platform. The first two episodes are already live - an introductory episode, where Wendy and I talk about our pilgrim backgrounds...
  16. jungleboy

    COVID Portugal’s covid status updated here

    For those considering walking the CP, please be aware that coronavirus cases in Portugal are on the rise. Yesterday (Saturday, 10 October), 1646 new cases were recorded, the most in a single day since the pandemic began (source: Reuters) and the third straight day over 1000. The last three days...
  17. jungleboy

    What does the 'spirit of the camino' mean to you?

    I searched for an existing thread like this and although I found a few that mention the camino spirit, I didn't find one where different people explained what it meant to them. The spirit of the camino is a feeling experienced on the trail that can be hard to define or to explain to...
  18. jungleboy

    Two small forum requests

    1. If a thread becomes longer than one page, on the desktop version, the option to go to the next page appears above the first post and below the last (100th) post. But on mobile, it is only below the last post and not above the first post, which makes it a bit difficult to navigate between...
  19. jungleboy

    Photos of Santiago today

    It’s our last day here before we take the train back to Lisbon tomorrow. Enjoy! Convent of San Francisco Seminario Maior Diocesano Cathedral Towers Inside the Cathedral Tomb of Santiago
  20. jungleboy

    Enormous Camino (Francés) Mosaic at Poio Monastery

    Today at Poio Monastery on the first day of the Variante Espiritual, I saw a huge and impressive mosaic celebrating various locations on the Camino Francés. It was designed by Czech artist Antoine Machourek and created from 1989-92 (unfortunately he died in 1991, before it was completed). The...