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  1. nidarosa

    Outdoor industry reveal new backpack volume standard

    News broke today that the US and Canadian outdoor industry associations have deviced a new backpack volume standard. This should be immensely helpful in judging the actual useful volume or capacity of your new pack! The article is here. Well worth a read! ;)
  2. nidarosa

    COVID Cancellation Blues sympathy thread

    I have just cancelled the four lovely private rooms I had dotted along my planned route this May, fully expecting to have to cancel the whole camino. I have some beds booked too but I am keeping these bookings for now, on the off chance it will happen. Even if it doesn't, I intend let them...
  3. nidarosa

    For Sale Sell/swap Purple Rain skirt size M in Europe?

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone in Europe want to buy or swap my Purple Rain adventure skirt? It is a size M, would like to swap for an L. Colour is Aqua, a bright and cheerful teal/turquoise with grey waistband, and it has two double pockets, a slip-in behind a more secure pocket...
  4. nidarosa

    Practical Pilgrim Day in Manchester

    The NW UK based pilgrim group Ultreia Mancunia are arranging their annual Practical Pilgrim Day 14 March, with presentations, talks and discussion for pilgrims old and new, and of course a tapas meal after with general camino conversations. Come along to chat, learn, ask or answer questions and...
  5. nidarosa

    For Sale UK: Altus blue poncho/raincoat XL-XXL, Royal Robbins skort UK24, both new

    Bought a blue XL-XXL Altus on my recent trip to Santiago, but it was never used. It really is large and would fit tall and broad people or people carrying large backpacks. Weight 430g incl bag and tag. Bought for €43, selling for £35 incl postage to the UK. Also had an unused iris blue Osprey...
  6. nidarosa

    Worried about some of the new 'recommended' route choices

    I have just come back from a walk from Rabanal to Santiago, and noticed some new route choices along the way - some of them worrying. In particular the new signs in O Cebreiro, which seems to indicate that the recommended route to follow is to walk on the road (!) and that the lovely walk...
  7. nidarosa

    New Osprey Tempest/Talon question

    I have recently acquired a brand new, latest model Tempest 30 I am thinking of taking on my camino in a week, but while it's still got its tags in place and could be sold on I thought I'd ask anyone who uses one: Does the new side compression strap interfere with/get in the way of the pole...
  8. nidarosa

    Top tips and gentle reminders

    Just thought I'd start a little thread of top tips and gentle reminders for pilgrims new and old, those little things that some people might not know about or have forgotten, either because they are focusing on something else, it doesn't occur to them or it simply slips their minds in all the...
  9. nidarosa

    How much to have a Purple Rain skirt imported to the UK?

    Has anyone here bought a Purple Rain Adventure Skirt from the EU/UK, and if so, how much import tax/duty/VAT did you have to pay on top of the $15 US postage? Seems it adds up to quite a lot ... need to weigh up the actual end cost before I go for it!
  10. nidarosa

    Join the quest for the perfect panel loading camino pack?

    I don't know about you but I love a panel loader. Just arrive at your bunk, unzip and remove what you need without emptying the whole top loading bag crammed full of colour coordinated drybags you can't see the colour of until you have hoiked them into the light. I still have fond memories of my...
  11. nidarosa

    Has anyone else have the lining material of their Hokas disintegrate?

    I walked the CF from Estella to Finisterre this Sept/Oct in brand new Hoka One One Mafate Speed II, with cushioned sole and Vibram for durability, and loved them. The only problem was that the rolled-over lining on the side of both shoes - where they meet, so to speak - started disintegrating...
  12. nidarosa

    For Sale Pacerpoles carbon twist-lock walking poles - UK

    Having a good clear-out before my September camino, and have decided to take my Dual Lock Pacerpoles and reluctantly sell my Carbon ones. They are in very good condition, have been treated well and in fact are decorated with milky way duct tape and a blue and yellow camino sticker on one pole to...
  13. nidarosa

    For Sale Icebreaker merino dress - UK

    I was going to put a lot of things on Ebay this weekend to add funds to my next camino adventure, but thought I'd let the good pilgrims on this forum have first refusal on some of my unused and surplus walking gear. For sale I have: Alpkit Cloud Cover purple down tapered quilt with drawstrings...
  14. nidarosa

    Sizes of Scrubba and Allurette portable washing machine

    In case you wondered, I can now tell you that the Scrubba washing machine is the size of a 13 litre drybag. It has a roll-top closure and a rubber washboard on the inside and a valve to release air from the bag before kneading the laundry in soapy water. Their smaller Allurette delicates washer...
  15. nidarosa

    Help me choose?

    I have just been for a walk in Galicia, up to O Cebreiro and from Sarria to Santiago. It was cold, rainy, windy, snowy, and I wore my Marmot Precip with layers under and poncho over and was warm and dry. Now this summer I will be walking St Olav's Way in my native Norway, 640 km through forests...
  16. nidarosa

    Celtic Camino 2018

    Is anyone else planning on doing this relatively new combo camino next year? Sometime in the spring I will be going to Dublin with a peregrina friend I met on the CF in 2014 and walk 25 km from Bray to get a Celtic Camino certificate. Then later, not sure if it will be the next day or a few...
  17. nidarosa

    Cautionary tale of the importance of travel insurance!

    This September my husband went on an adventure, to walk from St Jean to Santiago. I would meet him there and we would walk out to the sea together. He was just getting his washing when he slipped on smooth stone steps and fell hard on concrete in an albergue garden. It was late and he didn’t...
  18. nidarosa

    Cleaning Altus?

    I have had a few Altuses (Alti?) in my time but been lucky enought that I never actually used them enough that I would need to clean them as such, I just turned them inside out and aired them or let the rain rinse them. However I got my new Altus out the other day and decided it needed a clean...
  19. nidarosa

    For Sale Ladies' rain jackets etc for sale, UK/Europe

    I am selling off some camino kit which is surplus to requirement for some reason or other, because they don’t fit or are duplicates. All proceeds go straight into my St Olav’s Way 2018 account! I would not sell anything I wouldn’t be happy to receive, and some of it is brand new with tags...
  20. nidarosa

    Customising gone too far?

    Some of you will know how I have struggled to find the right pack over the years, and many of you might be struggling with it now, feeling more and more stressed as your departure date comes ever nearer. You have my sympathies, I know all about it - I once bought my camino pack blind when it...