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  1. nidarosa

    Pacer poles

    I type for a living so Pacerpoles are a godsend for me. I didn't really think I needed poles at all, but decided to try it, and now I wouldn't dream of going for any long walk without them. I have had the alloys, carbons and now the dual lock version. Yes, they are on the expensive side but I...
  2. nidarosa

    Video: What's in my Pack? Let the debate begin ...

    Thanks for that thorough list - it isn't far off my own. I bought a €3 normal umbrella in Burgos and tied it to my pack straps to shade me from the blistering sun in Sept 18, and for Christmas I treated myself to the Euroschirm with the longer handle and the fixings, to protect from the sun and...
  3. nidarosa

    What food did you ENJOY on your Camino(s)?

    A perfect food day on the camino would be café con leche and tostadas with garlic and tomate for breakfast, lomo con huevos for second breakfast, and lentejas, which is oddly never as good when I make it myself, for a light lunch. Then a selection of tapas for the evening meal - pimientos de...
  4. nidarosa

    Maria and Ramon, Santiago

    @alexwalker People did use to raise an eyebrow when I shared this little secret with them ... I was hoping to stay with them in May 19, but they weren't there and I didn't know the number or if they still rented out rooms. I had to buy my pimentón in a random shop, and there were no tasters of...
  5. nidarosa

    Maria and Ramon, Santiago

    @alexwalker, thank you for the update! I always went to their shop when I arrived in Santiago, to stock up on pimentón and a few other essentials, taste and buy cheese and have a chat. When I arrived the last time and found them gone, the lady in the shop opposite didn't know what had happened...
  6. nidarosa

    EW....that's disgusting!

    I have generally enjoyed the Spanish food I have tried, one firm favourite is pigs' or beef cheeks, but when I decided to go local and order maragato, which I understood was considered something of a gastronomical highlight of the Astorga area, I had to give up. Not sure why, I love pork and...
  7. nidarosa

    Who wants an Ivar (Forum) pin?

    Well it would have to be something that didn't clink, I agree! I'd still prefer the safety pin option, as long as it is a decent design that doesn't come off easily. I have some with plastic backs that are almost impossible to shift, and some simple ones that fall off as soon as you look at them!
  8. nidarosa

    Who wants an Ivar (Forum) pin?

    I'd prefer a safety pin version to a one-pin metal one with a fastener on the inside - easier to fit on a hat, more secure, and those fasteners always seem to come off so the pin falls out, or the pin turns depending on the size and weight of the logo! As for avoiding making holes in packs and...
  9. nidarosa

    Really Dumb Albergue Question. Sorry.

    Thanks, @Robo, that's good to hear, I got the (colourful!) small size too, hoping it will fit on edges of top bunks and also over shower stall doors. Impressed with the weight for the versatility - aren't dual purpose items virtually weightless?
  10. nidarosa

    Really Dumb Albergue Question. Sorry.

    Thanks for the tip, that looks like exactly what I have wanted without knowing it exists! I have tried the suction cups - don't always work on the bathroom surfaces. I have tried hanging the strap of my 'arrival bag' with all my shower stuff, valuables and clean clothes in, over the corner of...
  11. nidarosa

    Pole Tip Protectors - A Serious matter - There are tips and tips

    I also use Pacerpoles, and when I went off to the camino with them for the first time in 2015, I took a pair of Leki pole tips as well, because I didn't know how long the PP ones would last. (Full disclosure: I hate pole tip clicketyclacking, so I am definitely not going to contribute to it!) I...
  12. nidarosa

    I'm off then

    Me too! Always wondered if my German friend and I ended up in the scenes from O Cebreiro, and it's time to find out!
  13. nidarosa

    Washing Your Sleeping Bag on Camino?

    Out of interest, where have you experienced this? I never have and don't understand why they wouldn't allow you to use your sleeping bag? I always bring my bag, for warmth and to avoid using the blankets.
  14. nidarosa

    Washing Your Sleeping Bag on Camino?

    @Robo Take both, use the bag as a duvet on warmer nights and only the liner in hot rooms full of pilgrims. 530g for a combo that covers hot to cold is pretty good! If you need to shave off grams I'd look elsewhere, but 7 kg is a decent pack weight. (Oh and if you get a nice silk liner it not...
  15. nidarosa

    Cautionary tale of the importance of travel insurance!

    Clarification update: I have no way of editing the original post but as most will know, the UK is no longer part of the EU and you can find more info and links in this thread: How the EHIC is now being (partially) replaced by the GHIC card. (Note: This correction has been added to original...
  16. nidarosa

    Plantar Fasciitis

    I can't stand things dangling off my pack, so I just put mine together, sole to sole, and stick them in the elastic side pocket of my pack! They fit perfectly there, I don't use the pocket for anything else, and they are easily available as soon as I enter the albergue.
  17. nidarosa

    Wimpy Merino Shirts, Or Is It Just Me

    I have exactly the same experience. My theory is that it can be the sturdy thread stitching the strap clips to the belt - the ends are often burnt to stop the thread from fraying, which makes them hard and sharp. Not enough to notice on your skin through the top, but on a knitted material all it...
  18. nidarosa

    Wimpy Merino Shirts, Or Is It Just Me

    I've been using mainly Icebreaker T-shirts for years now, both for walking and at home, and I love them. The thinner ones are blended with tencel now and are much more durable than pure merino. I normally carry an Osprey Talon/Tempest, with the mesh covered back. Yes, it rubs and yes, the...
  19. nidarosa

    Plantar Fasciitis

    Standing on a step or kerb and lowering your heel over the edge to gently and repeatedly stretch the tendon also works along the way, as does rolling your foot on a cold can of drink while resting (or tying it to your foot). And I think I'd rather bring a golf ball on the camino than a hammer...
  20. nidarosa

    AlertCops registration issue

    Hi, sorry to hear you are having problems. Just to double check - are you using the right country codes? For UK 0044 and take away the first 0 in the main number. I have registered with my UK SIM and it worked first time.